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After leaving Lanxin Company, Wen Xinya immediately looked for Old Mr. Du.

Si Yiyan’s ailment was just like a rock being placed on her chest, making her feel suffocated all the time. Actually… there was nothing much for her to worry about. After all… Si Yiyan was still well and alive when she saw him at Jiayuan Club right before her death in her previous lifetime.

However, after her rebirth, everyone around her had a change of destiny. In her previous lifetime, Old Mr. Mo was already dead by now, unlike in this lifetime where he was in the pink of health thanks to Wen Xinya’s meticulous care and concern. In this lifetime, Xu Zhenyu transformed from a degenerate to a military Major. On the other hand, Zhou Tianyu had yet to become a diplomat as she did in her previous lifetime.

Likewise, Ning Shuqian, Ning Yuya and Xia Ruya were not enjoying the glory that they did in her previous lifetime.

Ning Shuqian became mentally unsound and was admitted to the nursing home. To her knowledge, Ning Shuqian’s condition had yet to improve.

Ning Yuya had taken on the path that Wen Xinya did in her previous lifetime, and had become extremely disheveled.

Xia Ruya’s family gave up on her and she left the city in a pathetic and sorry plight.

The fate of these people reminded her that she was just a Siberian butterfly which had gone through a rebirth. While she was changing her own destiny, she was doing the same for others, including Si Yiyan.

She had no idea what Si Yiyan’s life was like in her previous lifetime because they did not know each other then. However, she knew that Si Yiyan had been stuck in several dangerous predicaments after getting to know her in this lifetime. She wondered if his destiny would also change because of her.

The servant Mother Chi happily ushered her into the living room.

Wen Xinya immediately headed to the study on the second floor with the gift that she had bought for Old Mr. Du.

“Come in!” Old Mr. Du exclaimed.

Wen Xinya unlocked the door and pushed it to enter the study. Old Mr. Du was in the midst of reading some medical books and he was extremely thrilled to see her. “Xinya, come here and take a seat.”

Wen Xinya did as she was told and handed the gift to Old Mr. Du. “Grandpa Du, I brought this back for you from Russia. It’s nothing expensive. Just take it as a token of filial piety from me.”

She gifted Old Mr. Du with some 500-year-old wild Ginseng that she had obtained through painstaking means. Not only was Old Mr. Du her elder, but he was also her teacher. Hence, she had to give him a more expensive gift.

Du Shinan was pleased to receive the gift. “In that case, I shall not stand on ceremony with you,” he said.

Wen Xinya liked that Old Mr. Du was straightforward and unconcerned with trifles. Hence, she did not feel any pressure when interacting with him, for she treated him just like a friend.

Du Shinan asked, “You finally got the chance to go on a vacation. Why didn’t you stay abroad for longer?”

He felt rather sympathetic towards Wen Xinya. She was intelligent and hardworking. Ever since she returned to the Wen Family home, she was just like a sponge, absorbing all of the information she could get. Other children her age were all preoccupied with hanging out with their friends all day and yet, she did not even have the time to play at all. Her life was practically occupied with learning.

Even the studious and research-obsessed Du Ruo did not have a life as tough as her.

Wen Xinya said, “I was thinking about the release of the examination results, so I returned in advance.”

It was the same answer.

Du Shinan had also heard about the rumors of her wanting to get into Capital University and he also knew that she was stressed about it. Hence, he did not say anything much.

Du Shinan said, “Ruoruo has been suffering an emotional trauma ever since her parents divorced each other when she was still a child. Hence, she has been living a sheltered life with very little friends. It’d be good for you to take her out to see the world.”

He could not forget the look of excitement in Du Ruo’s eyes when she mentioned to him about her new friends. Hence, he was happy with the idea.

“Ruoruo is a smart and adorable girl. My friends like her too,” said Wen Xinya. Zhou Tianyu and the rest were all rather kindhearted people. Besides, Du Ruo had been occupying her time with research because she did not have many friends. Wen Xinya decided to bring her out because she wanted her to make more friends.

Fortunately, Du Ruo was pure and kindhearted. Wen Xinya was heartened when she saw her getting along well with her friends.

Du Shinan, who was old in his years, was rather glad that Du Ruo had a friend like Wen Xinya whom he felt was a blessing to Du Ruo.

Wen Xinya asked, “Grandpa Du, do you remember the medical record that I gave you previously? Have you come up with a remedy or a treatment plan? Has there been any progress?”

Du Shinan said smilingly, “I knew you had a hidden agenda for paying me a visit. That’s all you care about.”

Du Shinan would occasionally chat with Old Mr. Mo about Si Yiyan, and he could tell that Old Mr. Mo admired the latter. However, Old Mr. Mo’s face often turned sullen at the mention of Wen Xinya. Hence, Du Shinan deduced that Old Mr. Mo was feeling upset about his long-lost granddaughter getting attached to a rascal within just a few years of reuniting with her family.

Wen Xinya insisted. “Grandpa Du, you can’t say that. My main purpose in visiting you today is to give you the gifts that I had bought.”

Due to the fact that Si Yiyan had been teased by Du Shinan several times before, Wen Xinya had already become thick-skinned and gotten used to it.

Du Shinan smiled and decided not to expose her. “The research for the detailed treatment has already been completed. In another two days, I’ll be attending a Traditional Chinese Medicine symposium in Northern City. During then, I’ll discuss the remedy with the renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and after coming up with a conclusion, we’ll be able to start treatment soon.”

Not only was Si Yiyan the only son of Old Mr. Mo’s favorite student, but he was also Wen Xinya’s lover. Hence, Du Shinan had put in meticulous effort into coming up with the perfect remedy and the best one he could. It was much better than he had imagined.

Recently, he happened to chance upon the imperial beauty techniques book that Wen Xinya had given Du Ruo, after which he felt that he was being completely ignorant by despising Traditional Chinese Medicine skin care techniques. Hence, he developed a strong interest in it and began discussing it in detail with his granddaughter.

After looking through Si Yiyan’s medical record, they decided to put him through acupuncture, detox treatments, herbal baths and feed him with a medicinal diet.

Wen Xinya knew that Du Shinan had spent two painstaking months to research and come up with a detailed treatment plan for Si Yiyan. Extremely touched, she said, “Grandpa Du, thank you.”

When Du Shinan first came across Si Yiyan’s medical record, he told her that the ailment was treatable, though the process would be lengthy and arduous. However, to her joy, he sounded much more confident this time.

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