365. Accompanied with White Wings

Two days have passed since my conversation with Eldia.
I sit atop the Great Tree’s branch, right near my nest, and watch over the scenery.
There’s the forest stretching all around the island and there’s the waterfall that marks the edge of the world.
I give out a long sigh.

【“What’s with dat frownin’ face of yours”】

Partner asks as she puts her face right in front of mine, blocking the view.

You should know that there are plenty of reasons why I’m making this face.
We’re probably gonna get involved in even more problems from this point on.
I don’t know what to do with Eldia…… and there’s also the Demon King and God’s Voice to worry about.

【“No point stressin’ over it. If he comes out, we stop ‘im, so just do what you can now”】

We’re too weak to stop him though……
In any case, we still don’t have enough information.
What’s more is that I don’t know what’s gonna happen now that I’ve killed the Hero who’s supposed to deal with the Demon King.
If I could at least know about the history of the previous Demon King, then maybe I’ll find a clue about something……

For now, should we leave said dangerous lonely dragon king, Eldia, to his personal space and look for a strong and humane companion?

These past few days, Eldia would sometimes walk out of the ruins and take a peek on me from the base of the Great Tree.
Despite swearing allegiance to the Demon King, it doesn’t seem like he’s checking on me just because I have a sacred skill…… right?
He’s probably just extremely lonely.
Unfortunately, I don’t intend to get all chummy with someone who might become my enemy at any time.

Speaking of which, there’s Alo and the others to worry about.
I turn around and look at them.

Nightmare is biting at a two-toned red and white giant bee, a【〖Death Needle: Rank C+〗】hanging on a web.
Treant is throwing〖Clay Sphere〗at the Death Needle to weaken it, while Alo is just sitting at the back watching happily over the spectacle.

They too have gotten stronger.
But, the enemies we’ll face from here on out will be at least on par with Adams’ strength.

【“Ey, somethin’ comin”】

Partner says while looking at the ocean.
I look to where she’s looking.

Something big is flying in the distance.
It’s a huge bird monster with a blue body that kinda looks like a bronze statue.
Its four wings have an impressively wide wingspan.
It has a human face too.
Its hair is long and is swaying in the wind. It has red eyes and looks very stern.
Luckily, it’s not looking this way. Or, rather than not noticing us, it must just be not interested in our general direction.

【〖Neptune〗: Rank A‐ monster】
【A Siren that has accumulated tens of thousands of human bones and has been hailed as the〖Ruler of the Sea〗.】
【It boasts exceptional defensive performance and flight maneuverability.】
【It is also capable of using large-scale attacks that make use of the ocean waters. Everything above the ocean is their territory.】
【They are feared by small countries and islanders as the〖Guardian Deity of the Sea〗.】

W-Woah…… So there are other A ranks here besides Adam and Eldia.
The hierarchy here is basically: C+ are small-fries, B ranks are around medium-level, and those above rank A are the boss.
I’m so glad the forest I grew up in only had rank C as its highest.

In terms of rank, I’m strong enough to take on two Adams and live, but that description of being able to use the ocean for large-scale attacks concerns me.
Best not to get involved with it.
And besides, if Sirens can evolve into something like that, I might as well eradicate every Sirens on this island.

【“Yea, it looks delicious, but dat’s not it. Look farther”】

…… There’s nothing about it that looks appetizing though?
I bet that thing smells like iron when cooked. No, in fact, I don’t think it’s something we should even cook.

Anyway, I squint my eyes and look closer to where Partner is looking.
Farther, even farther in the distance…… I see something white approaching us.
Damn, Partner has crazy good eyesight to be able to notice something that far. I also noticed that the white ‘something’ is actually a dragon.

C-Could it be a migratory dragon? My dear mother?
H-Haha, no way, not possible.
It’s probably just a dragon who wants to land on this island.

Though, since it looks like the dragon is looking at me, I can’t look away.
As it approached closer and became more visible, I noticed that there’s someone riding on its back.
It’s a human.
Two humans.
One has a sword while the other has a big staff.
Both are women.

I got nervous.
Could they be my subjugation force?

I flew all the way to this island, while deliberately keeping myself seen just so they’ll go after me instead of the Lithuvar Tribe.
The damages I’ve done are: annihilation of the investigation team back in the Haranae desert, invasion of Haranae, the murder of the Hero who was supposed to act as a countermeasure against the Demon King, and being seen as a threat by the capital city.
In addition to that, I also took the blame of being the ringleader behind the sacrificial tradition of the Lithuvar Tribe, and for the massacre of Tallmann’s private army, as well as Tallmann’s death.

That’s more than enough reasons for the humans to come after me.
However, I didn’t think they’d actually chase me all the way to this island at the edge of the world.
They must’ve used that dragon to bring them here.
Since there are no armies coming to subjugate me…… I’d guess that the open ocean helped a bit.

That white dragon must be aroundB+ or A- if they’re thinking about matching my rank.
For them to only send two humans to hunt me down, those two must be at least as strong as Azalea or the blonde Hero, and both of them were quite powerful in their own right.

If they’re both Hero level, then they must receive some special treatment among humans.
With Eldia’s help, we can easily repel them.
I’m sure Eldia will accept my request when I tell him that humans are on this island.
I’m also sure that he’ll kill them without hesitation.

Do I humanize and show them I’m not a threat?
No, if they attack without even listening to what I have to say, then I’ll be at a disadvantage with my lowered stats.
But then, if we try to talk with them after the fight, Eldia won’t accept that and he’ll want to kill them immediately.

While I was still hesitating, the white dragon had already penetrated the sky above the island.


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