Revenge Consulting - Chapter 13

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The car leaves the parking lot and enters the busy road.

“So,Why are you all against the leaders? ”
“We are the ones who lost something of value to the leaders. Family, friends, lovers, wealth, dream · · · ·. It is our goal to interfere with their every move so that they can’t steal what is ours. ”

She said while looking out of the window.

“But realistically, we cannot do anything to the leaders. Even if we disclose their misdeeds and calls in the press and suppresses the involved people · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Leaders won’t budge. ”

‘It’s not effective.
The scale is small and so it is hard to catch the weakness of the leader.
Even if you catch them,at the end it is the leader who controls the media and so the leaders can easily cover it.’Ryushin thought.

“We’ll get off here.”

The car stopped at the port of Incheon.
Where numerous container boxes can be seen.
Then Ryushin was guided to the meeting place where he entered a container box.

“Good!You all are okay!”

A young man gave a big smile.
Shortly thereafter, the young man came to Ryushin and handed him a hand shake.

“I heard that you saved our children. Thank you very much. I’m Lee Ji-joon, chairman of the conference. ”
“I am Lee Nakhyun.”

The chief and Ryushin glanced at each other.
Dark circles with roughly matted hair.
Even though Ryushin had a sullen impression,his neat figure and clear eyes gave quite a deep impression.
While the chief was surprised by Ryushin,Ryushin smiled as he saw chief’s eye.

‘Proper gesture, quiet tone · · · · ·. Moreover, the eyes that are not shaky. It is a perfect blend. ‘

Although the chief wore a modest pair of jeans and a T-shirt with a jacket,he looked dignified.

As they started talking.
The atmosphere between the two people sharing the conversation was rather peaceful.

“I think I should start by apologizing to Mr. Nakhyun. Thank you very much for your help.But This is going to be a big mistake in your life. ”
“I don’t care.”

The chief was worried for him.As the opponent was a gang who acted in Incheon.
The gang was involved in drug trafficking .
The name of the gang was ‘Kaspas’.

‘Maybe Kaspas might have decided, Lee Nakhyun as their next target.’

While the chief looked worriedly at Ryu.
Ryushin made a serious face and while singing a song inside.

‘I’ve killed all of them.’

After a moment of silence, Seha, who brought Ryushin, spoke to the chief.(TL:Seha the big oneesan)

“So we should reward Mr. Nakhyun for his help,shouldn’t we?”

“exactly······. You have saved our members, so I will give you the reward. ”
“But Mr. Nakhyun is a stranger to us, and he could be spy from our enemies. ”
“That too is possible.”

Opinions were divided between the members.
Their voice was not high, but the atmosphere was rather heavy as fierce disputes were raised.
At that time, the chief gathered everyone’s attention.

“I would like to invite Mr.Nakhyun.”
“Yes? Chief,but we have met Mr.Nakhyun for the first time today! ”
“Jeon Hee signed up after a thorough verification!”(TL:Some recent member of their group)

Some men started to oppose the idea.
But Seha who stood beside the chief supported his opinion.

“Verification for him is not required.He defeated 20 gangsters to defend the students on the site.He have the courage and justice that one cannot find in an ordinary person.
“That’s right ….”
“Mr. Nakhyun, tell me your thoughts.? ”

When Seha called Ryushin, everyone’s eyes turned to him.
But Ryushin had no interest in justice or courage.
He was only worried about how to handle the situation with this organization.

‘If I hand these guys over to the Leaders,I can make a solid presence.’

However, the problem was that even if I pass them over,it’s not good enough.

‘Until now, in my experience, my bad luck is gone only by disposing of the evil ones.’

Ryushin already understood a little about grasping the chains of unhappiness which was bound to him.
The bad luck of the wicked never returned to Ryu.It is only by resolving the unhappiness of the good people was he able to deal with his misfortune.
Ironically, Ryushin understood that he had a common fate with the good.

‘The moment I sell them out to the leaders, I will be driven to misfortune .’

Ryushin felt nervous about his decision.
Nevertheless, there was no apparent change in his appearance.
As everyone was waiting for his decision.
Ryushin arranged all of his thoughts and opened his mouth to speak.

“I will not join your group.”

Seha was disappointed.
As well as the other members who were looking forward to it, even the chief nodded his head heavily.
It was a natural answer when you think about it. Anyone who knows how to live will say no.
The most anticipated person, Eunbin, was dropping her head heavily.

“But I think I will be an assistant to your group.”
“When a situation occurs, when your group is in crisis or has to deal with difficult things … · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·. Give me a call. ”

Ryu says comfortably while leaning back on his chair.
‘As far as this identity is concerned, the revenge consulting work will go on in the name of Lee Nakhyun.I have to deal carefully with these identities. ”

It’s hard to expect a comfortable life with this identity,It is only an identity to thoroughly punish the wicked and clean up his bad luck. As,For the leaders, Lee Nakhyun will be a target to kill.

“I am doing the job of revenge consultancy.”
“Revenge … Consulting? Do you mean counseling or helping people who are seeking revenge? ”
“Indeed. The situations that can not be solved by law, can certainly happen to anyone. I help people by helping them with their revenge. ”

It was so controversial,that everyone in the meeting was confused.
But Ryushin had already done everything he could to deceive them.

“As you know some graduates have certain abilities · · · · ·. So my ability is that,I can exercise the force called effect. ”
“My effect absorbs bad luck to grow stronger. The more I solve the misfortune of others, the stronger it becomes. ”

The confusion in the room turns to shock!
The chief who rarely spoke anything till now asked him to confirm what he said.

“There is an effect related with luck · · · · ·! Is that true? ”
“That is correct. So I am doing business that only I can do. As a consultant to design and advance revenge. ”
“Indeed······. If that’s the case, it’s convincing why you saved our children.

This lie is better than saying that he was simply a nice person and so he helped them.
Ryushin’s idea was overwhelming. Now everyone in the meeting had doubts about Ryushin.

“But it’s relative to bad luck? You can not absorb the bad luck of a bad person? For example, seek criminals just before being arrested …! ”
“My bad luck has nothing to do with the wicked. If it was such a thing, I would have to help all the bad guys at a time. ”

After hearing his reply even the protesters were silent.
The persuasive power of Ryushin was getting even more pronounced.
“If I help the wicked,the power weakens rather than becoming strong.”
The power to see the light only when it helps the good!
And the existence of justice descended from heaven.

“Because of revenge consulting. It is a job that will never be without clients. ”
“As a consultant, I can’t join you. Your actions are very gracious and just. But it does not fit me. You and I have something in common, but we can not see it all the same. ”

As he said, what they do may be similar, but there are values ??that can not be regarded as the same.
The chief who understood it, nodded.

“good. That’s enough, Mr. Nakhyun. So we will be your main customers. ”
“That’s good.”

The moment when the chief asked for a handshake once again, and the Ryushin who was about to shake the hand.
Suddenly, the whole area of  the harbor lost color.
An incredible phenomena, Battlefield!
Everyone was surprised and got out of the container box, and Ryushin followed.

“No······! We must have been tracked! ”

They don’t know what to do.
It was a gang of gangsters armed with heavy baseball bats and sashimi knives.

“It is a problem to leave survivors too …”

Seha grasps her fist, and the chief also throws off his jacket with determination to defeat the gang.
Just then.
Ryushin steps forward.

“Mr. Lee Nakhyun!”

The chief called him.
While Ryushin said.
“Prior to the full-fledged consulting, I would like to confirm a few things. Are they enemies of someone? ”
“······Yes. Drug dealers, gun traders, even murderers. ”
“Are there any members of your group who have been affected by them till now?”
“Yes. some.”

The gangsters were getting closer and closer.
Ryushin stood at the halfway point of the two groups, and while having a free-spirited smile.
And finally, the head of the gangster and Ryushin confronted each other.

“It’s you. He’s the one who killed our kids! ”
“Let’s kill him first”
Ryushin laughed.
Rather than being angry at the fact that Ryushin laughed at the gangsters,the gangsters got a chill down their spine.

“It is an exquisite coincidence.”
“The target of the first commission is the organized gangster. Wahahahahhahah.So,how do you all wanna die?”


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