Revenge Consulting - Chapter 2

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“Now this is beautiful …”

With bloody hand and face,the man looks around the place where the blood flows like a river.
Teachers were scattered with the majority dead, many having their limbs deflected at odd angles.
The strength of the teachers is high enough to control dozens of students easily.
But even such people could not stop the man with innumerable reincarnations.
His name is Ryu-shin.
It was the name of the devil who even made the teachers of the reincarnation school tremble.

“You …. I want to ask you something. ”

Ryu-shin caught the neck of the single surviving female teacher and raised her up.
She seems to be young, but her skills were excellent, so to Ryujin she was a formidable adversary.
She said while grieving.

“Hey. Please leave me. ”
“Uhh ….”
“I’m am not like them.”

Ryu removes his hands from her neck and holds the female teacher’s wrist.
Then he dragged her body and began to head somewhere.
It is not the return gate to Earth, but towards the dead entrance gate!
(TL: There are two gates return and entrance, Similar to Exit/Entry gate)
“Ugh ………!”

At that time, the female teacher started to resist.

“Stop it, bitch!”
“Gate ……… Dead Gate(Entrance gate), 2414! What the hell …Do you want to die!
“Shut up! There is no such thing as life already! ”

Ryu-Shin is the strongest graduate who has achieved the best results ever.
He had the ability to crush the terrain with his bare hands and had extraordinary abilities.
It was not enough for him to resist death, but he was fed up with continous cycle.

“What is the your purpose? 2414! ”
“Fuck, I’ve done a hundred times reincarnation, a hundred times! Every time I enrolled, I killed tens of thousands! But none of them graduated like me! ”

Ryujin already knew.
The reincarnator does not come to this school twice again.
So, Ryu-shin wanted to know why only he was coming back to the reincarnation school.
He adjusted himself and looked down at the female teacher.

“Why do I keep coming back to school? Why am I reincarnated and Why is my death always because of an accident! ”
“Wow, you were killed after your reincarnation?”
“Yes, two years! Would you like to live a life like that if you like it? I’ve done it a hundred times now! ”
“No way······.”
(TL: Time travel slowly as compared to reincarnation school,explained later.)
However, the female teacher could not understand Ryu’s words well.
She muttered in a low voice, forgetting the pain in her body.

“Graduates will be reincarnated with graduated spec ………!”

Graduate Spec. It means attack power.
If Ryujin was reincarnated as he was originally, it would have been a success no matter what.
But he never lived that life.
Each time he was reincarnated with ordinary talents and looks, and he lived without seeing the stars.
Every time, it was just as if it was predestined.

“Do not lie! I would not die if I could use “Doppelganger” or “Time Freez”! ”
“That······. Is that really true? ”

The teacher ‘s words once again scratched the nature of the problem.
This time, he leaned on the woman’s neck.

“This is someone’s manipulation! I do not want to come to this place like this again! Life is eternal life where there is only competition, fuck! Is it hell or hell? hem!”
“Ugh ………!”
“So tell me, bitch! Before I get rid of you! What secrets are hidden from me? Whenever I buy my life, I have to get caught in an accident, as if my path is set in stone! ”

That was not what the teacher knew.
As if he did not want an answer, he leaned on the teacher and sneered again.

“Yes, I do not need it! I’m tired of living too much, so I’m curious to know even if it gets me killed! ”
“Now, wait a minute, 2414! If you do not want that kind of life, you can always die by the hands of other students! ”
“Give me such a life? Now I see it sounds more crazy than me! ”

I gradually get closer to the main gate(entrance gate).
The teacher desperately shivered her limbs and tried to escape from the man.
However, Ryu-shin’s hand, which grabbed the teacher’s wrist, was as heavy as a rock.

“I only took one hundred times to realize that I have a reincarnation ………!”
“· · · · ·?”
“When I graduate, you all would have sent me back to the Earth through the return gate. But you teachers always used the front door only when they brought in new students. ”
“So,you want to say?”
“Yes! I’ll see what happens if I go over the main door, KAHAHAHAHAHA! ”

Ryusin was already completely crazy.
His old personality was fine, but after many reincarnations,his old personality has completely worn out.
The female teacher then realized the seriousness of the situation properly.
But it was already late.
He leaned against the wall and looked up at the main door of the school and smiled ‘a bloody smile’.

“Now, let’s see what happens when you open this, teacher lady!”
“You cant! please! Do not open the front door, 2414! If you are not a teacher, you will die if you leave the front door! ”
“Do you think I’m deceived this easily, you idiot? Even if I die, I will not lose! I did it because I was prepared to lose it anyway! ”
“2414, please!”
“Stop me one more time,and I will smash you face!”

Ryu-shin raises his fist and pushes her.
The teacher sat down halfway with a great fear.
But she is caught by the throat and can not flee at will!

“Now, it’s a fun time! It’s better than reincarnating anyway! ”

And, Ryu-shin pushes the front door hard.
It was the first act to break the world of reincarnation schools from within.
It was just like a phoenix breaking out of the egg!
Ryuchun took the first step after pushing the door and the world shattered like a glass.

“Whoever it is, whatever the circumstances! Give me eternal death! Please let me rest a little bit, you son of a bitch! ”

The moment Ryu Shin and her teacher escape from the door.
The sky and the land turn like the pattern of the Taiji.
The school was crushed by the flow and disappeared, and the consciousness of the man and the female teacher began to distort.

“Come on!”
And, Ryushin awoke from the dream.
The cold wind awakened all of his senses.
In the reincarnation school, which is the boundary between Earth and afterlife, is a place where I always feel the burning pain even though I am strong.
So it was a bit unusual for this wind to be cold for him.

“Where am I?, I do not …”

There are only trees that are covered with thick branches.
Even though it is midday, there was no crowd to come and go.
Ryu-shin has spoken out in this vivid landscape of the world.

“Fuck, this is another!”
(TL:another ->another reincarnation i.e back to earth)
Ryu-shin, who leaps up without knowing anything,turns round and round.
Then he gets filled up with the anger that was going up and kicked the base of the tree.

“Why does the whole world move in the opposite direction of my thoughts, why?”

The tree shattered in pieces.
Ryu-shin, who was captivated by despair and points to his forehead,and sits down on the fallen tree’s trunk.
‘By the way, a female teacher came in by chance.’
She lost her consciousness and was lying in a odd posture.


In the beginning, the female teacher was just insurance.
If I can not pass through the front door by using force,then I was just going to use the female teacher.
I do not know if it would be a success to bring her with me or not, but it is a success if she is fine after returning.
But that’s it. Now, the female teacher has no useful value to Ryu-shin.

“All that’s left is suicide.”

No matter how many times you reincarnate, you will never commit suicide.
Ryu-shin took seriously the last method and fell into depression.
After some time of brainstorming.
Ryu looked at the tree where he sat.

“Wait a minute.”

Ryu-shin stood up in amazement.
He was shocked when he looked at the tree that he had lightly touched.
(TL: Ahm!Lightly touched lol)
‘Until now, every time I made a reincarnation, I could only use the power of ordinary human. But how did my kick caused the tree to break?”

Suddenly his heart started to beat faster. The power to smash the wood casually!
He picked up a stone and held it for a while, and the stone is grounded finely and flows down between his fingers.
Laughter burst out with joy and frenzy!

He remembers what the teacher said to him.
“I mean, did you reincarnate with your graduated spec?”
“ha ha ha ha!”

A roar like a roar rushes through the mountains.
Ryujin can not only use his physical strength, but also his other abilities with ease.
‘Time Freez’ beyond absolute time.
When you activate it, everything around you slows down, and only you,the caster, move at your own pace.
When he opens his fist, the fragments of the stone slowly drift in slow motion.

‘Time Freez can also be used …! Now it’s not an accident that can stop me, I am walking nuclear power! ‘


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