Chapter 105

We finally caught up with the main unit around noon .

We have advanced with a speed of about 30~40 km/h, that is, about half a day for the main unit to advance . The main unit have carriages that are loaded with various cargo, so they can only go at a very slow speed . Unlike us, they also have to take breaks frequently .

Well, If you look at their progress state, it looks like they are the people who have been doing their best .


We went off the road as it was going to be lunchtime soon . The three of us were invited to eat together with them and I accepted it .

It has been six and a half days since the main unit departed from the Dalisson Kingdom’s Royal Capital, Mathrica . Despite the fact that the food was shared to us by the relief units, the fresh ones were almost gone, and with the exception of some vegetables and root vegetables that can be kept for a long time, it was time for the dried meat and the preserved food’s turn . Sabine-chan and Colette-chan knew that and frowned but, they did not complain about it . Yeah, it seems that they have properly learned from last time with the merchant .

It would have been normal to stay in the middle of a town or stop by a village to stock some ingredients, but apparently the main unit did not even stop by in any village, as they have already lost three days .


Well, even if they only want to replenish some stock, they have to negotiate with the villagers and check the actual items, hence it won’t be enough to just stop by for an hour or so . The other party might start a sales battle with a faulty profit, and there is also a possibility that they will trick another kingdom’s aristocrat who won’t go back to their village without reservation, such as lifting prices, pushing poor items, and such . It will be even worse if the village chief or the likes comes out as it might get a bit more complicated .

So it would be better to ignore a small village and go straight to a slightly larger town .


Audyst: “Viscount Yamano, how was it? From now on, how about you go together with us…?”

While eating, the Earl and the advisor, Klarge-sama recommended so but, we won’t be able to act freely if we agreed to that . I can’t transfer and I also feel constrained if we always go together as delegation members, even in the city where we are currently staying . In any case, they might have decided to seek action from us… .


Mitsuha: “But if we advance with a very slow speed, Big Lorry will have a problem . Let’s say, if the carriage keeps running slowly at 1/10 of its usual speed for days, the horse will get annoyed and become strange, right? It’s the same as that . ”

I don’t know if the horse will really be annoyed, though . It might even be thinking, “I’m lucky that I can do this at ease!” . But, well, it seems that the context of my words were successfully transmitted to them as they reluctantly agreed .


Well, I think that it won’t affect that much even at low speeds, though . But there’s a big problem that I can’t tolerate,…… . that is, “I cannot stand the frustration”!

Who is able to withstand driving at 10 kilometers per hour!?

Yup, I absolutely won’t go together! Besides, if I have my time and waste it on such things, it’s much better to see another kingdom’s towns and play with Sabine-chan or Colette-chan . I also have to settle my businesses on Earth and my territory .

Indeed, if I’m away from home for months, the police officers and my neighbors who have been taking care of me might become worried, and even worse, there’s also a possibility that they might request for a police search as well . I need to go back once in a while to show them that I’m fine .


Well, I have somehow managed to persuade and escape from Earl and the others who kept pestering me .

Saying “It’s dangerous for us” as a persuasion method seems to be a serious wound for the Earl and the others . After all, we were the ones who have helped them this time . It seems that they could not say “Please accompany me to protect us” . Yup, they are nobles and they have their pride as a man, after all .


The rest is a briefing session for the next kingdom .

We heard about the schedule of the main unit’s arrival at the royal capital and promised to contact us with the communicator device several days before that . If they could not reach us by calling once, they have decided to send a message through the Royal Palace instead . That’s because the communication device in the royal palace has an ample amount of spare capacity due to the solar power, hence someone will always monitor it during the day . If one is unlucky, maybe he has to monitor overnight . No, I won’t contact in the middle of the night, you know? …as long as it is not an emergency situation, it’s… . . wait, they’re preparing for that “emergency situation”, huh? Then, It can’t be helped .


After ending our business talk, the Earl, including Klarge-sama, who is an advisor, proceed to gather some information from various chats and gossips, offered negotiations and proposals, and such…

And, it was a situation where it looks to be in an ugly state as everyone is trying to interject each other so that the other party can accept and hear their suggestions even though they talk elegantly and have polite wording . It’s a situation where you cannot say anything……


Some of the offers are quite favorable for my territory . However, those are only to earn my favor if I disregard the profit behind it . In other words, the value of the offers will end up gone when I’m not around anymore .

When you have good influence power, they will draw closer to you and when you are in your hardest time, they will not help you at all . They are the type that I don’t want to associate with the most .

However, there are 『some offers that will surely benefit both parties』 and it will be worthwhile to think about . Hence, I said to them that I will reply later and I need to note this… . Anyway, excluding me, they can not do anything until the other party returns home .


Excluding the Earl and Klarge-sama who will still have another opportunity to be in the same carriage with me again just like when we left this kingdom’s royal capital .

Perhaps because this was their chance, everyone was quite persistent . The Earl had a blatantly unpleasant face, but everyone here was working hard for the benefit of their own territory . It seems he can’t complain about it as he’s also trying to do the same thing .

But, you see, we don’t care about thattt!

After finishing our less appetizing meal, we left without having our break .

No, it won’t rest at all if I’m here, my heart that is!!

Mitsuha: “Everything, check! Mitsuha departs!”




And we finally arrived at the next kingdom’s royal capital!

Too early?

No no, there’s only a slight difference between the rural towns around here . Hence, we stayed in some towns and looked around but omitted the towns’ details . Anyhow, it’s not as if we will always get caught by kidnappers nor entangled with thugs . Even if we are traveling as three children .

Really, what’s dangerous for us would probably only be kidnappers, and there’s a possibility that they might not risk themselves by aiming a girls trio . Hence, I always stayed with Sabine-chan and Colette-chan .


Well, in any case, we have arrived at Sakuon, the royal capital of Courson Kingdom which is the second kingdom that we will visit .

Then, I transferred the contents of the sewage tank as always at a place where the royal capital can be seen in the distance and drained the water remaining from the water tank . After that, I transferred the two of them to Wolf Fang’s home base as I need to place Big Lorry in my house in Japan .

Yup, I need to finish my businesses on Earth right now as we still have plenty of distance from the main unit .

I can’t leave Sabine-chan and Colette-chan, so of course, we transferred together .

There might still be some danger if I take them to Earth, but it’s still much better than leaving my sight from them .


Mitsuha, Colette & Sabine: “””We have come~”””

Captain: “O-oou…”

As always, Captain drew back slightly due to our sudden appearance .

No, I actually teach not only Japanese but also English to Sabine-chan and Colette-chan .

When I thought about it, I realized that it would be difficult for them to only speak Japanese when they were forced to migrate to Earth . Yes, at this late hour .


However, in order to watch Japanese DVDs, the two of them have already remembered Japanese quite a bit . Therefore, I reluctantly decided to teach both of them Japanese and English . Well, sorry .

That’s why the two fast learners are already able to speak in broken English . Would it be better to give them lots of the original English DVDs, such as Disney? Damn, even though I struggled with English when I was a student!


The reason I came here this time is to have a round-table conference with the representatives of each country after a long time .

Speaking of representatives of each country, it does not mean that the leaders will deliberately come to the meeting and will only send personnel who has an adequate level of practical work experience . This meeting is not a formal kind of meeting, but it’s only an informal information exchange meeting instead where we will have a mutual understanding of each other by discussing certain things . The promises we made will bind us, but it’s not a big deal such as connecting treaties .


Mitsuha: “Is the preparation okay?”

Captain: “Yeah, all the attendees have already arrived at a hotel in the city . No suspicious movements nor suspicious persons have been spotted . The security has been reinforced by hiring a friendly mercenary group . Hence, if some special forces from a country are attacking, we would be able to fight back . ”

Yes, the captain replied with confidence .

Yeah, well, there won’t be any idiot who would do that in a place where representatives from different countries are gathered . Moreover, me, who is someone that they are looking for, is difficult to catch . It would be more difficult than an amateur tries to catch an eel with bare hands, maybe .


The round-table conference will be tomorrow, because…

Mitsuha: “Well then, let’s go to the sweets shop in town!”

Colette & Sabine: “”OOOOOOOHH~~!!””


And then, the three of them wrecked their stomach .

Everyone had eaten too much!!

And the effect of their reflecting is too weak!!!!


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