Chapter 107

Mitsuha: “Ah? No, it’s nothing . I just remembered a sad thing…”

I somehow managed to deceive them and continued talking .

And after looking at my expression which somehow looked a little unpleasant, everyone was competing with each other for the sake of inviting me to their country .

Perhaps they thought that I remembered something when I was in my home country .


Mitsuha: “In any case, I’m having trouble getting to know a lot of people because I won’t be able to enjoy visiting some places freely by then .

I like to look around different cities as an ordinary girl . So, if I cannot move around freely due to everyone knows me, there is no more meaning to come to this world anymore…”

Diplomat A: “N-no, everything about Nanoha-sama will of course be confidential!”

The country’s representatives became flustered because of my words . Well, they are thinking that they can get huge profits from me and they are not the type who counts one’s chickens before they hatch, so it is natural for them to hesitate .

With this, I can expect some degree of secrecy because if I’m careless about this, it would be a total loss for me .


After that, I talked about various things, though it’s not particularly about treaties or appointments . I have explained that I don’t have the authority to make arrangements between nations, refused being a mediator, and announced that I won’t become a taxi for them as well last time . Hence, there’s not a lot of place to strike at me . There were many requests for 『samples of minerals, plants, animals, and such』, but they won’t get it that easily as this is my strongest card .

Every country had said that they want to invite me to their country by all means, but I’m not someone who is a good-natured person and doesn’t have a sense of danger, you know?

I won’t nonchalantly go to a place where it looks like a hell on earth together with Sabine-chan and Colette-chan, or even alone while leaving the two somewhere .


And when I thought that I could finish this soon .

Asian Diplomat: 『Princess Shrine Maiden-sama, please somehow visit our country…』

Mitsuha: 『It should be clear that I have refused everyone . 』

The Asian representative from a certain country brought back the topic even though I have already explained it over and over again .

Asian Diplomat: “As expected! You are a person from our country, yes!? If so, you have a duty to follow our instructions!”

…again, he said something outrageous . Are you a complainer?!


Mitsuha: “Haa? What exactly are you talking about…?”

Not only me, but also the representatives of other countries looked astonished .

However, the representative of that certain country doesn’t even have a slightest glimpse of worry on his face .

Asian Diplomat: “Your hair, eyes, and the color of your skin . Those are the traits of the people from our country! And you also have carelessly responded to the question in our native language not too long ago . Those are the proof that you are our people!”

Haa… .


Mitsuha: 『He said so but, what do you think?』

Middle-eastern Diplomat: 『It’s laughable . That is truly amazing, you see . 』

Asian Diplomat: “Eh?”

The complainer looked absentminded after seeing me spoke with the representative of a certain Middle-eastern country by using their country’s language .


Mitsuha: 『How about everyone over there?』

African Diplomat: 『Wouldn’t it be better not to call that country next time?』

I spoke with the representative of a certain African country by using their country’s language as well .

Asian Diplomat: “Eh……?”


Mitsuha: “I can talk in everyone’s native language thanks to translation magic……

And much like in this world, of course there are many different races in our world as well . Women like me, women like two of my escorts, and black people as well…”

No, I don’t really know whether there are yellow people and black people or not as I have not seen them before . Though, they might be on the other side of the continent or even on another continent . I will ask Sabine-chan later .


Diplomats: “””””Translation magic!?!”””””

Oh my, you guys bite on to that one instead… . ?

I have thought that some of the people here had already noticed that I could speak any language, but there are still a lot of things which they didn’t know, huh?

Though even without translation magic, it will soon be the time for small computers that can be put in the chest pocket while translating at the same time . It might be like so in just a few years… .

Return my six years of suffering from studying Englishhhhhhhhh~!!

……Haa…Haa… .

Well, it’s not that surprising as we already have a small wearable translator that can translate without internet connection and ili instant translation device, yup .


Huh? the Japanese representatives are looking pale . Don’t tell me, were they thinking about claiming something like that as well? Wasn’t that nice to see there are other challengers too?

This might squeeze out the possibility of a strange approach coming from Japan . Lucky!

I’m doing a blog in Japanese by using 『Viscount Yamano』 as my name there while I use 『Nanoha』 in here . Hence, I don’t have to worry about the relevance . I also have not mentioned anything about my territory here, and if it’s a blog, it will be treated as a fantasy playing by them…… . for everyone other than the four who I had invited, that is .


Alright, this is a good place to leave off, so I will now end this meeting!

But, well, it’s not good if they came all the way here and go back empty handed, so I distributed one picture book each to everyone as a souvenir . The picture books have the same type . If I don’t give them a little bit of service here, they would likely don’t want to come for the next meeting and so on, right?

In addition, the compelling force for some various rules will be weakened if they don’t want to be invited to the next conference .

If there are already something like that on earth, I’m sorry! I will make it up for you guys again next time!

Ah, the complainer of course didn’t get any souvenir and there won’t be any plan to invite them to the next conference as well .

Hearing that, the complainer turned pale . Well, if he brings this result back to his country, will he be fired from his position? Or rather, he might lose his head… . physically if he handles it poorly .

Yeah, let’s pray that he will only be fired from his position .


And thus, 『DWRT 2』 has finished without a lot of achievement for all the participants .




That night, three girls appeared at a hotel at the nearest town from Wolf Fang’s home base .

…It’s not as if they’re in leotard suits, nor do they have an advance notice card designed for a cat .

When one of them slightly knocked on the room door, they slipped into the open door and closed it immediately . Of course, the Wolf Fang members are currently guarding outside of the door, at both ends of the aisle, in front of the elevator, and such .

And inside the room .

Mitsuha: “Sorry I made you wait . ”

Diplomat: “No, no! I’m really grateful to you for choosing our country . ”

A talk between Mitsuha and the representative of a certain country was about to begin .



The same thing was repeated several times that night and Mitsuha had held secret talks with several countries individually .

And the result .

Mitsuha: “Alright, with this, I can acquire a citizenship in multiple countries! In addition, I got a national level of treatment which let me avoid taxes, military service and other obligations! The first stage of securing a hideout for my escape destination in case of emergency is done!”

There were also talks about getting a noble rank in some countries .

It was a great service as it’s obvious that there will be court rank awarding for her given that her status is a princess in her so-called homeland and a viscount title in the kingdom where she’s currently living . Mitsuha also decided not to hold back and received it, as she has already known enough about the authority power of the titles in that certain country .


With this, the preparation for securing locations in several countries, such as the countries where Wolf Fang bases are located, large countries and small countries, has start to advance favorably . In the meantime, I plan to make several bases in the other world to prepare for war, civil war and other national level crisis .

If possible, it would be better for Sabine-chan to escape to another kingdom rather than Earth if Sabine-chan was exiled from her kingdom .

It might be a waste of preparation, but it is better to have more options .



After the secret talks finished, Mitsuha and the others parted ways with Wolf Fang members and transferred to her home in Japan . It is safer and comfortable to stay here rather than the town where representatives from different countries are still there and a possibility that various people will come with a special mission, even though it’s near Wolf Fang’s base .

Because it was a little too late for the children to go out for a meal, we immediately went to a convenience store right after transferring back home .

There’s a possibility that someone might see us if we transfer directly to a nearby convenience store, and I could not know when will I meet an acquaintances if I walk there while still in top secret clothes .

…Well, the clerk at the convenience store is already acquainted with me .


Mitsuha: “You can buy everything you like as I have made you two kept being by my side for today . ”

Sabine & Colette: “”Yayyy~!””

Mitsuha: “Ah, you can only buy one ice cream!”

Sabine: “Eee~! Boo! Boo!”

Indeed, it seems that Mitsuha have also learned a little .




Mitsuha: “Sa, Sabine-chan, are you done yet?”

Sabine: “Don’t rush me!”

Colette: “Mitsuha, please, let me go ahead! I-I can’t… . ”

Mitsuha: “EEEEEEEHHH!?”

No matter how much ice cream was restricted for them, they still bought side dishes, sweets, and juices for a portion of ten people and over-eating it . In the end, it’s still the same as ever .

Although there are multiple stalls in department stores, hotels, and Wolf Fang’s headquarters, Yamano household only has one toilet .


And Sabine-chan’s voice could be heard inside the toilet .

Sabine: “With this, There’s nothing to be worried about on how much I eat, yes…?”

Mitsuha: “Shut up! Just hurry up and finish your businesssssss~!!”


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