05 Realm of Ambition

“…… It’s a unknite ceiling”
No, I didn’t say it wrong. I just combine “white” and “unknown”. It’s true.

{Do you understand words, small one}
No, like I said I’m just combining words! And don’t call me small!

{Do you understand words, small one}
Huh, is this going to keep repeating until I say yes like that legendary crappy ga…[1]

{Do you understand words, small one}
“Yes, yes, I understand I understand!”
{You only need it say it once, small one}
Shut up! And don’t call me small!

I can’t help but retort in a dream, but it feels very real and it’s right after going through something dreamlike. For now, let’s progress like it’s reality. If it is a dream then like a dream there’s no problem, but if it wasn’t then afterward would be scary.

“Em, I’m, Yamano Mitsuha, please call me Mitsuha, and are you God?”
{Hm, you don’t seem surprised, one who’s called Mitsuha. Well, fine. Actually, there is a matter which must be told to you for which I have appeared. And I am not something like a god. I do not have a name}

What {it} said in brief summary was something like this.
{It} is a lifeform that existed since ancient times, though rarely encountering them, there seem to be some similar beings elsewhere. And although {it}self doesn’t know but probably on some world during ancient times an organism evolved to exceed the body into something like spirit or energy, sublimating into such a lifeform. And with neither a body nor the concept of death, {it} has no desire or purpose, only existing.

However, at a time {it} came to know crossing worlds and remembered the interested of learning what {it} doesn’t know.
Interest! The desire to learn!
The consciousness of {it} trembled. Something it’s exist…

“Yes, yes, let’s cut it there!”
{Like I said you only need it say it once}

Anyway, {it} crossed various worlds, observed, and learned the concept of enjoyment. And while drifting around in a world relaxing was suddenly attacked by intense discomfort and confusion. Learning that it was a sense of “pain” found in living beings with bodies a while later.
Pain! Confusion! What, what is this? Interesting! Interesting!!

But in the first place, why is {it} in pain without a physical body?
After an examination various things became clear. Apparently, it seems someone has “torn away” a piece of itself. The ordinary creature’s body nearby {it} was entered and {it}’s spirit energy seems to have been absolved as strong thought energy within them. Afterward, {it} felt someone has gone to another world but due to feeling pain for the first time {it} was still confused and couldn’t confirm the destination, completely losing sight of it.
Then while it stayed in that world continuing {it}’s observation, once again sensing the presence of part of itself, {it} tracks the world transition again and this leads to now.

“Oh, is the culprit me?”
{Yes. It seems like that. However, I do not mean to blame another. It seems to be a coincidental accident, and there is nothing to be particularly troubled about. Considering gaining the new knowledge of pain it is enough to thank you}

Oh good. Apparently, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

“Them, what do you have to say?”
{Yes, it’s about this. Actually, the part of my spirit energy body that has been torn away has been integrated with the strong conscious body of Mitsuha spirit}
“Eeh, is that something bad?”
{There is nothing to worry about. There are no adverse effects on Mitsuha’s body or spirit. However…}
{The ability to cross worlds seems to have been granted}
It’s because of that!!

In the end, rather than becoming able to cross worlds because it was torn off, it seems to be that to cross worlds and grant Mitsuha’s strong wish of “I do not want to die” from that time, a part of {it} was dragged on to transport her. And this world that is destination seems to be the world where {it} stayed before Earth.
So, some of it has already completely merged with Mitsuha and if someone tries to separate it forcefully it seems that Mitsuha will not get off so easily.
…Please leave it like this.

{I only thought of teaching you your circumstances and about crossing worlds in thanking you. If you have anything else you’d like to hear or any requests, say it. The part of me within you still have some leeway}
Requests, requests huh … …., Oh, that’s right!
“Em, can you help me learn languages?”
“Oh, the language? Yes, it is necessary for world migration. Fine. Let’s scan and transfer the language from the knowledge of the people you talk to. It will only be linguistic knowledge, let’s not read other knowledge and ideas. I worried about Mitsuha’s brain having a lack of capacity from transferring too much knowledge and reading everything is no fun.”
Don’t, Don’t take too much capacity! I’ll become an idiot!

… But, well. Let’s obediently follow the higher lifeform’s recommendations.
“Thank you for your consideration, ah, do crossing worlds have any energy consumption, burdens, or restrictions?”
{There is a burden, about as much as Mitsuha usually moving to the next room…? If you do it several hundred times in a row or so, you may feel a bit tired and you will run out of breath.}
Oh, it’s true that I would run out of breath if I make hundreds of round trips to and from the next room.
Ew, only that much!

{Is there anything else?}
“Well, no, not particularly…”
{There is no desire. Then, it seems that there is still a little power to spare, so let’s add a small healing function for that amount }
“A healing function?”
{Yes, it’s a very weak one, so it’s not going to heal immediately on the spot, but will gradually and surely recover. In other words, it is something for wounds that are likely to remain as defects or scars, after taking some time they will neatly heal. Like that scar on the left arm, or would you like it to remain as it is?}
Oh, that will certainly help. It’s already an amazing ability!
{Yes. having a handicapped body after a long life would be cumbersome. Leave it to me. It won’t take much effort}
{I feel that your attitude has changed}

After that, it left after it simply operating something.
“When this planet has rotated tens of thousands of times, I will come to see your state. Until then, I live in a lively way. ”
After thinking about {it}’s last words tens of thousands times it is more than 100 years! I wouldn’t be alive anymore! Wait, by rotate did it mean not spin but revolution. Well, either way, I will not be alive.

The conversation with {it} seems to have been the done with {it} interfering directly with Mitsuha’s spirit while sleeping, After the {It} is gone, she automatically shifts to sleep. Mitsuha verge of falling asleep pieces together her thoughts.
“Oh, I didn’t die…”

……A familiar ceiling.
On the familiar bed, a familiar little girl was asleep and was covered to her feet. Um, Colette-chan contacted her parents to have me moved like before. Sorry like always.
Somehow, something like a bandage is wrapped around my body. I wonder if they use some money for that….

So, about from now on.
Apparently, what I thought was a small rural village in a developing country, seems to be in a different world. Base on what is seen here, their civilization is considerably below Earth’s. Also, I seem to be able freely and easily move between the earth and here.
…… I won!!

Apparently, there is no need to worry about going on to college or finding employment.
On this world, there will probably be gold, jewelry and other things that are valuable on Earth. And on the other hand, how much value will Earth’s things have in this world….
But Mitsuha had good sense. If you do something too unreasonable the natural progress of the world will be hindered. When something more advanced is brought in and popularized while the underlying parts are missing, it’ll collapses after some time. If something strange is brought in, the existing economic system collapses, a certain industry is destroyed, then unemployed and suicidal people will appear and start holding grudges.[2]
And the “things that depend on the existence of Mitsuha” that will cause havoc when Mitsuha is gone is a definite no. Besides being conspicuous will get me targeted, there is no doubt. Until I have some reasonable backing I ought to be straightforward. Well, when it comes down it returning to Earth should be enough, but that is only the last resort.

It is only Mitsuha’s thought process inside her head that’s disappointing, her outgoing behavior is that of a very decent and sincere woman. Therefore she is someone who is liked with many friends from both sexes. However, she’s currently in a ronin state while most of her friends went on to college or started working so their relationships are estranged right now….
Such a Mitsuha is determined to save money without bothering people.
Often her friends find it surprising but Mitsuha is very cautious under normal circumstances.
She will boldly risk if necessary, but when it isn’t she is very cautious. Perhaps because she grew up watching her brother.

And Mitsuha thought. Perhaps, her teleporting ability might suddenly disappear someday. The possibility is not zero at all. Then, the earth and here, so as to not worry if she has to stay in either world when that happens, she has to urgently secure an enough money to not be troubled for live for a lifetime in both! According to Earth numbers, 1 billion yen for both. A wealth of 2 billion yen in total. With one billion, even if there are some economic fluctuations she will be able to live decently without inconvenience until the age of 100. Even if you can’t be crazy luxurious, it’ll be like an annual income of 10 million for 100 years. That’s enough. After that, it’s fine if you don’t make much money, it’s ok to have fun leisurely with hobbies while doing whatever work you like at home. Like writing a novel or haggling on online auctions.[3]

I do not know if this is the Kingdom, the Empire or the Republic, but I’ll earn 2 billion and win in life!
Fu ha ha, Fu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! !

The ambition of Yamano Mitsuha begins here.


  1. But Thou Must!
  2. The reason for the prime directive?
  3. Mitsuha is dangerously close to thinking like a NEET! Also I don’t know what Hankura is, I think it’s haggling but all I find when I google it is a way to level up handicap skill in Mabinogi.


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