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Tsundere Sleeping Beauty

This is a tale from a hypothetical world.

In Japan, in a high school of a certain city, student council president Sumeragi Satsuki and treasurer Amakawa Haruto were gathered in the student council room after school.

“It’s great how the next play has been decided,” Haruto said as he poured tea from the student council’s teapot.

The members of the student council, including Satsuki and Haruto, often collaborated with the drama club to hold various plays at the school and local events as volunteer work. Their next play was to be a rendition of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. But Satsuki seemed dissatisfied or sullen about something, as her expression was gloomy.

“It’s great how the program was decided so smoothly. But I think Miharu’s more suited for the princess role than me,” she muttered.

Indeed, the main character of Sleeping Beauty, the heroine and princess, would be played by Satsuki herself. It seemed that she thought herself unsuitable for the role.

“Haruto, you want to see Miharu play the princess too, don’t you? Since you’re playing the prince, I’m sure you’d prefer Miharu as the princess,” Satsuki said with a pout.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think you’d be a good princess too. I think it suits you perfectly,” Haruto said truthfully with a wry smile.

“Wha...” Taken aback, Satsuki blushed. “D-Don’t say that straight to my face,” she protested in embarrassment.

“It’s the truth though.” Haruto scratched his cheek with his right index finger somewhat shyly.

“...” Satsuki narrowed her eyes at Rio.

“Uh...” Haruto faltered with an awkward look.

“Here I am trying to swap roles with Miharu, yet you’re saying things like a flirt without even realizing it... And with such an annoyingly pretty face too,” Satsuki mumbled under her breath so that Haruto couldn’t hear.

“Satsuki...?” Haruto hesitantly peered into her face, wondering what she was saying.

“Hmph. I see. So you want to see me as a princess. You’d prefer me as the princess, you say. Since you’re so insistent, you better take responsibility by playing my prince, right?”

Although Haruto hadn’t gone as far as to say either of those things, Satsuki smirked boldly as she made it sound like he had.

“Aha ha... Please go easy on me...”

“No. Just so you know, my Sleeping Beauty has more thorns than others. If you make a sloppy performance, I’ll prick you with my thorns. You can’t change your mind later and say you’d prefer Miharu after all. You better be prepared,” Satsuki said, then jokingly poked Haruto’s shoulder, imitating a thorn.

“Take that!”

“Hey. That tickles, Satsuki.”

Haruto twisted his body to avoid Satsuki’s hand, but Satsuki’s thorns extended after him, pricking him energetically. It was a quiet and peaceful moment after school.

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