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Holding Hands

In the Holy Kingdom of Almada, in the Holy City of Tonerico, Rio and Sora were on their journey to find out more about the Divine War.

The general headquarters of the adventurer’s guild was located in Tonerico, attracting adventurers from all over the world to the nearby labyrinth. This made Tonerico one of the most famous cities in the Strahl region, and the city was bustling with people. Rio and Sora were walking through that city in search of information.

They were unable to walk side by side due to the number of people on the streets. Sora was only the size of a seven- or eight-year-old child, so she couldn’t see past the tall adults that walked towards her. Thus, she kept bumping into people every few steps.

“Hmph...” Sora nimbly moved around to avoid bumping into people, but she really just wanted to stick by Rio’s side without moving away. Every time she had to distance herself, she ran back to Rio.

“Shall we hold hands, Sora?” Rio suggested, noticing her predicament.

“Huh?!” Sora looked up at him in shock.

“There’s a lot more people here than in other cities. We should try to stick together.” He offered her his hand.

“...” Sora blinked, staring at Rio’s hand blankly.

“If it’s too embarrassing for you, you don’t have to...”

“N-Not at all! It’s just that Sora isn’t worthy of holding hands with the Dragon King!” Sora explained in a fluster.

“Then you’re not against it, right? I’d prefer it if you held hands with me.”

Rio waited for Sora to link hands with him with a gentle smile.

“I-If it’s all right with you, then...!” Sora grabbed Rio’s hand while trembling.

It’s the Dragon King’s hand! It’s so big and warm! Wah! Overcome with emotion, Sora beamed happily.

“Let’s get going then.”


Thus, the two resumed their search for information.

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