Star Odyssey - Chapter 1718

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A day later, another person entered the place. He stepped right on Yu Zi’s back before taking another step, only to also fall unconscious.

When Lu Yin’s time was about to run out, he told the First Protector, “Senior, this junior is returning, as my time is up.”

The First Protector stood. “I can’t stay here any longer. Well, this old man will also go somewhere else.”

He then stared at Lu Yin. “Don’t leave First Edition City. Wait for me there.”

Lu Yin replied, “If Senior’s not there, how could I go to Sky Creation Academy? I will definitely find a way to stall for time.”

Lu Yin’s body disappeared from the Nine Cauldrons Region after he finished speaking.

After Lu Yin left, the First Protector had no reason to stay there, so he quickly left as well.

The fourth cauldron shattering was guaranteed to create major waves in the Sixth Mainland, as it meant that not even a Cosmic Imprinter was enough to stop Lu Yin. Would they need to send out Empyrean Imprinters after this?

Lu Yin appeared back in First Edition City, where he put away his prayer mat and exited the room.

The Cloud Valley Master’s first disciple looked nervous when Lu Yin stepped out, and the Envoy quickly spoke up as soon as he saw Lu Yin. “The vice city master’s looked for you several times! If you don’t come with me to meet them, then their suspicions will be raised.”

“Why would the vice city master look for me?” Lu Yin asked. “By the way, have the finals for the android competition started yet?”

“They’ve already started, but don’t worry about that right now. Come on, we need to go see the vice city master,” the Sixth Mainland’s representative urged.

It was not long before Lu Yin was meeting with the vice city master along with the Cloud Valley Master’s first disciple. In the past, the vice city master had not shown any interest in Lu Yin, but recently, they had been specifically requesting to meet with Lu Yin.

“Vice City Master, this is Ah Qi,” the human Envoy politely introduced Lu Yin.

Lu Yin bowed. “Ah Qi greets the vice city master.”

Lu Yin’s appearance had been altered by the First Protector, so it would be difficult for anyone to see through his disguise.

The vice city master stared at Lu Yin. “Who do you represent?”

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered. “The Daosource Sect’s Protector Madam Hong.”

The vice city master’s voice dropped lower. “Why do you want to go to the battlefield? Specifically, the one where First Edition City fights against Sky Creation Academy.”

Lu Yin had already guessed why the vice city master was looking for him, so his answer sounded perfectly natural. “First Edition City is unable to support us in the Outerverse because of your war with the Sky Creation Academy. I want to go to the battlefield to try to stop this war.”

The vice city master let out a mocking laugh. “All by yourself?”

Lu Yin replied, “I understand that such thoughts are practically dreams, but in order to complete the mission that we’ve been given, all I can do is risk my life in an attempt. Even if stopping the war is impossible, stalling it would still be fine.”

The vice city master gave a disdainful snort, ignored Lu Yin, and redirected his attention to the human Envoy. “Take care of your people and don’t do anything unnecessary. You can visit the battlefield if you want, but don’t hold anything against us when you die.”

The bear then turned around and left.

The Cloud Valley Master’s first disciple heaved a sigh of relief. His face had gone pale, and he glanced over at Lu Yin. He had heard of this youth even in the Sixth Mainland, and he was aware that Lu Yin excelled at stirring up trouble. Even the vice city master had personally stepped forward to deliver a warning.

The man felt that his life was on the line.

Lu Yin also let out a sigh of relief. As long as Little R1O’s research team won the competition, he would be able to visit the Technocracy’s battlefield.

As far as the vice city master was concerned, Lu Yin was merely a loyal member of the Sixth Mainland. He was nothing more than an ambitious young man who was desperate to complete the mission that he had been given. In short, the vice city master saw Lu Yin as a stupid human being.

After the meeting with the vice city master ended, Lu Yin looked up above the city. There was a huge display in the sky broadcasting the android competition.

This android competition was essentially the Technocracy’s equivalent of how humans battled for supremacy, but instead, it was a competition between androids.

Little R1O was the dark horse and challenger in this competition, and without Lu Yin’s help, he would have been resigned to an upcoming loss.

But because of the materials that Lu Yin had provided, in just a month’s time, Little R1O’s android had changed dramatically.

Lu Yin could not help himself from admiring the fight that he saw on the screen between the two androids.

Little R1O’s android was overpowering the former champion team’s android. Even though the former champions had an odd android with powerful weapons, Little R1O’s design was even better.

Lu Yin had seen many odd methodologies from the Technocracy, such as the lightforms that formed giant beasts, or mechanical creatures that were controlled like the beasts in the Beast Tamers Flowzone.

Lu Yin was unable to understand most of the Technocracy’s techniques, which was due to the sheer technological gap between the Human Domain and the Technocracy. He could not even understand the purpose of many of the Technocracy’s weapons.

On the other hand, any battle techniques could be recorded down by the Technocracy as long as the technique was witnessed.

The android competition was very exciting, and the rewards were extremely generous. The competition had taken up the entire city’s attention, but as far as Lu Yin was concerned, the battle was a bit dull. This was because even Little R1O’s most powerful android was only as strong as an Enlighter. Still, this was quite impressive. After all, how long did it take for a human to cultivate to that level of power?

There are many research teams throughout the Technocracy, but how many of them were able to design an android as strong as an Enlighter? Most such teams represented First Edition City, as it was so powerful that it would be a force to be reckoned with even in a fight against the entire Human Domain.

At this moment, the only thing able to rouse Lu Yin’s interest was the fight between First Edition City and Sky Creation Academy.

“Have you ever met the city master ?” Lu Yin asked the Cloud Valley Master’s first disciple.

The Envoy shook his head. “I haven’t ever seen them. The first time I came here, I was led by Bluedome Elder. His Excellency has met the city master, but I was not allowed to meet them.”

Lu Yin looked up. It would be great if he could see runes in this place.

Lu Yin had no idea just how large a wave he had stirred up in the Sixth Mainland by shattering the fourth cauldron in the Daosource Sect’s ruins. They had decided to force the Great Eastern Alliance out of the Outerverse and take complete control of the Outerverse. However, the Great Eastern Alliance would be allowed to retain their full territory if Lu Yin handed over what he had obtained from the Nine Cauldrons.

If Lu Yin refused to cooperate, then the Sixth Mainland would drive the Great Eastern Alliance out of the Outerverse. If he agreed, his Great Eastern Alliance would be preserved.

This meant that the Sixth Mainland was willing to trade a massive region of the Outerverse for a single battle technique. This was an incredible offer.

Naturally, they did not expect Lu Yin to agree, so the Sixth Mainland was simply waiting for the Technocracy to send androids to support them in their attack on the Human Domain.

In addition to the threat that the Sixth Mainland posed, the Great Eastern Alliance was also being targeted by the major powers of the Innerverse. At this moment, the Great Eastern Alliance was facing a situation that closely resembled what Madam Hong had predicted when she had spoken to Lu Yin. The difference was that the Great Eastern Alliance was not as weak as it had been in the past, and Lu Yin was in control. The Innerverse powers were completely ignorant as to the Sixth Mainland’s true power.

As for the Sixth Mainland, they were clueless to the fact that Lu Yin was currently sabotaging their cooperation with First Edition City.

No upsets occurred in the android competition, and Little R1O eventually won.

After his victory, he immediately went to find Lu Yin. “Ah Qi, I won! Haha, I won! And it’s all because of the materials that you provided! Ah Qi, thank you.”

Lu Yin looked at Little R1O’s excited face on the display, and he happily replied, “Congratulations, friend!”

“Ah Qi, didn’t you still want to see the battlefield? I’ve already submitted an application to the vice city master, and they agreed to allow me to assemble an independent army,” Little R1O stated. Personally, he did not care about the battlefield at all, but he was very concerned about gaining First Edition City’s support.

After his victory, Little R1O had received a great amount of materials from the vice city master, and it was enough to assemble an entire army of androids, though not a large one. At best, there would be a hundred. On top of that, due to the scarcity and rarity of the required materials, the androids would only have the strength of an Explorer. Still, this was enough. While First Edition City was forcing Little R1O to fight on the battlefield, they did not expect him to achieve anything. As for Lu Yin, he just wanted to witness and see the battlefield for himself.

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. “When do you leave?”

“You’ll need to wait a while. I want to first put together a hundred androids, as I won’t have an army otherwise,” Little R1O replied.

Lu Yin nodded. He had no idea when the First Protector would return. “Take your time and don’t worry. I’ll wait for you.”

“Alright. I’ll let you know when I’m done. Ah Qi, thank you,” Little R1O repeated before hanging up the call.

After the call ended, Emperor Luo’s eyes flickered red. “The war between First Edition City and Sky Creation Academy is absolutely brutal, and the androids will all be shattered. If we really want to go there, then we’ll have to determine Sky Creation Academy’s location in advance. Otherwise, we might stumble into a monitored region when we try to move over.”

Lu Yin already understood this. Their original plan had been to travel to the place closest to Sky Creation Academy via the route that Emperor Luo had once used to escape from the Technocracy. The First Protector would carry all of them through the true universe, and they would then work to search for any traces of the Neohuman Alliance. If they found a large number of corpse kings near Sky Creation Academy, that was proof enough that the Neohuman Alliance was working with Sky Creation Academy.

The plan was not perfect, but it was the best that they had been able to come up with to investigate Sky Creation Academy.

However, no one was aware that Lu Yin had never held any real plans to go to Sky Creation Academy. As long as he could reach the Technocracy’s main battlefield, he would be able to carry out his plan.

Whether or not he could travel far enough to reach Sky Creation Academy or even investigate the potential presence of corpse kings was completely irrelevant to Lu Yin.

All Lu Yin needed to do was wait for the First Protector to return and for Little R1O to finish producing his androids.

Lu Yin did not expect this to be a short wait, so after thinking for a bit, Lu Yin brought out his die to try to roll six pips. There was nothing faster or more accurate for gathering information than Possessing people and browsing through their memories.

He quickly set up a Channeling Diagram sourcebox array around himself before lifting a hand and bringing out his die. After tapping it, he watched as it slowly came to a stop on two pips. Useless. Again.

The second roll was three pips, and Lu Yin waved his hand to dismiss the two screens of light. He continued, and his third roll landed on six pips. Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. He had already set his cosmic ring aside before rolling, only keeping a small bit of star essence on his person, as he wanted to be sure that his Possession would be limited to people within the Technocracy. This should work out!

He entered the strange space filled with balls of light. Some of them were dim while others shone brightly.

Lu Yin saw a light that was too intense for him to merge with, and he continued on searching for a ball of light that would accept him.

Once he reopened his eyes, everything he saw made him feel as though he was in a dream.

The starry expanse of outer space was the same as ever, but there were countless rays of light that stretched into the unseen distance. Inside those rays of light was an enormous mechanical claw. An unbelievably far distance away, there was another one. Shockingly, there were massive mechanical claws at regular intervals.

He was in the Technocracy, and Lu Yin had Possessed an android with a power level of over 600,000.

When normal people looked about, the Technocracy appeared to be no different from the Human Domain. However, the Technocracy had an additional means of surveillance, which were these enormous mechanical claws that were concealed within the Technocracy’s space. Thus, anyone who entered the Technocracy would be discovered.

The androids were able to see an additional level within the Technocracy, as they were able to sense more layers of space than humans. Thus, androids were able to perceive a layer of space unique to the Technocracy, and this layer contained the gigantic claws that carried the light of the Technocracy.

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