Star Odyssey - Chapter 1719

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Humans were able to walk and stand on the ground. After cultivating for a time, they could even fly and see much further than before. Androids could also walk across the ground or fly, but they were also capable of something more than humans, which was that they were able to access the unique layer of space that was filled with the light of the Technocracy. This unique layer of space was not a physical dimension, but something similar to the network of the Human Domain.. However, the Technocracy’s unique layer of space was actually tangible and could be physically manifested.

This was also how those giant mechanical claws were able to remain hidden.

A tremendous number of memories struck Lu Yin as he was overwhelmed by the android’s memories. He quickly understood that he was at the border of the Technocracy and the Innerverse, and was actually quite close to where he had entered the Technocracy years ago when the Ghost Monkey had dragged him in. Lu Yin also learned that the androids were able to directly access the light-filled layer of space, which meant that they did not need to use gadgets to send and receive messages. The network that humans believed connected the Technocracy was nothing more than an illusion.

What Lu Yin found even more incredible was that he discovered that the Technocracy was actually a unified entity that was enveloped within the Master Brain’s thoughts that connected the entire region of space. The rays of light that Lu Yin was looking at were the Master Brain’s thoughts.

Thoughts that were actually able to be manifested. Lu Yin would never have believed such a thing if he had not been able to access the memories of this android.

This actually meant that the clouds of light that carried First Edition City and the pipes that the supercomputers used to move about the city were nothing more than materialized thoughts.

Lu Yin had been moving about in other creatures’ thoughts! This realization caused Lu Yin to feel chills that covered his entire body.

What a terrifying revelation this was! The entire Technocracy was completely controlled by the Master Brain. Lu Yin would never have learned this detail if he had not Possessed an android with the strength of an Envoy, as it was impossible that any average android would be allowed this information.

Androids could not betray the Technocracy. Emperor Luo was a cyborg that had originally been a human being, which meant that he had never been an android that was completely controlled by a dominant consciousness. This had been the reason that Emperor Luo had been able to escape the Technocracy, and also why he was ignorant of the truth of the Technocracy. The true androids were not even capable of possessing a thought of escape.

Lu Yin continued browsing the memories, and he was able to access an incomparably massive base of knowledge. Through these memories, Lu Yin was able to observe the war with Sky Creation Academy, as well as the war against the Human Domain. More and more memories kept pouring in.

Suddenly, Lu Yin returned to the strange space filled with spheres of light once again.

Lu Yin glanced around. His Possession had ended, as his star essence had been consumed.

The advantage of keeping a smaller amount of star essence on his person during a Possession was that he could somewhat limit the physical distance between himself and his target, but the disadvantage was that his Possessions were too brief.

With Lu Yin’s eyes open once more, he looked down at the soles of his feet. He was currently inside the physical thoughts of the Master Brain, so did that mean that the Master Brain had already analyzed every detail of Lu Yin? The Master Brain was in control of the entire Technocracy, so why did the war between First Edition City and Sky Creation Academy?

More and more, Lu Yin felt that there was something wrong with the Technocracy. What had been Progenitor Hui’s true purpose in establishing the Technocracy? Lu Yin was becoming more desperate to learn the truth than even Hui Kong.

An android with the power of an Envoy had access to so much information that Lu Yin felt inspired, and he quickly continued rolling his die.

One pip. Useless.

He needed to wait ten days before he could roll the die again. Ten days was not long for cultivators.

Lu Yin had already seen a lot of information about First Edition City with the gadget he had been provided. Everything he had access to was various humans’ impressions of the Technocracy.

However, how could any of the humans be aware of the fact that the Master Brain covered the entire Technocracy, or that it was the Master Brain that had fought against the Human Domain for so many years and had traded with the Sixth Mainland.

Ten days quickly passed, and Lu Yin was impatient to roll his die again.

One roll. Two. Three. It was not until his fourth roll that he managed to roll a six. The moment he entered the strange space, Lu Yin had a suspicion that he would find it more and more difficult to roll six pips if he continued on. He had already seen this pattern before, as the more frequently he used his die, the more difficult it became to roll three or six pips. The reverse was also true.

There are many balls of light in the strange space, but Lu Yin immediately merged with a brighter orb. When he next opened his eyes, a large hand was falling. He was suddenly sent into complete darkness, and then returned to the strange space as he was sent back to his body. Sweat poured out of his entire body, and the black and white mist within his chest suddenly surged and increased a small bit. He had just died, and it had been an instantaneous death.

Lu Yin’s pupils fluctuated a moment. Even though it had been an incredibly brief experience, he had realized that he had felt the power of a Progenitor during his Possession. It had felt the same as when the Progenitor of Combat had appeared at ZENITH, or when Lu Yin had seen the scene of the fight between Progenitors in the Celestial Frost Sect’s ruins. When Lu Yin had Possessed the body, it had felt like the body of a corpse king that had the strength of a Envoy. That corpse king had been instantly killed by a Progenitor.

Where had that been? The most likely answer was the Starfall Sea, just outside the horizontal black hole.

Lu Yin let out a long breath. He had died without even seeing where he had been. This was the first time he had been killed by a Progenitor.

His impression of the Sixth Mainland’s three Progenitors had always been based off the fact that the Progenitor of Combat had been had been badly injured by the Rune Progenitor’s remnant power in the Innerverse, and also how the Progenitor of Secret Arts had destroyed Aeternus Nation, but had also been badly injured in the process.

The fact that both Progenitors had been seriously wounded had given Lu Yin a bad impression of the Progenitors’ strength. They were far from being able to match up to Progenitor Chen or the Rune Progenitor, and they could not even compare to the Perennial World’s Progenitors. However, this slap had been a wakeup call for Lu Yin: Progenitors were still Progenitors. No matter how weak the three Progenitors from the Sixth Mainland might be within their realm, they had each trained, step by step, to reach their level. They had all opened their three meridian points as well, as it was a requirement to become a Progenitor.

Anyone who managed to reach the level of a Progenitor would have been peerless within their realm. It was impossible to take such people lightly.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly; he had been slapped to death by a Progenitor. That corpse king had also been unlucky. What had the creature been doing in front of a Progenitor? The creature had not even struck the Starfall Sea before it had died.

Lu Yin continued rolling his die.

He watched as the die slowly came to a stop at one pip, and then a piece of grilled meat fell out. Lu Yin pursed his lips, and the meat was instantly reduced to ash. He needed to wait another ten days.

He had no idea when the First Protector would return, but Lu Yin was hoping it would not be far off from when Little R1O completed making his androids.

Ten days later, Lu Yin again raised his hand to continue rolling the die.

Lu Yin had no idea if it was good luck or bad luck, but on his very first attempt, he rolled Possession.

Lu Yin entered the mysterious space, and he did not hesitate at all before merging with a close and relatively bright orb, hoping it would be someone who was rather close to the Technocracy.

Lu Yin opened his eyes as soon as he Possessed the new body. He was met by a very familiar scene: he was not in the Human Domain, but in First Edition City.

Lu Yin had not expected to be able to Possess anyone in First Edition City. He had actually Possessed an android, so it could not be considered an actual creature.

Lu Yin looked down a transportation tube at the city that was held up by the cloud of light and his eyes darted around. If anyone from the Technocracy saw him at this moment, they would be stupefied. This was because Lu Yin had Possessed an android that was missing a dominant consciousness. It was merely a tool that could be used at any time that had the strength of an Envoy.

The city master held complete control of First Edition City, and the city controlled half of the Technocracy. Under the city master’s orders, countless androids had been assembled. Some of the androids were kept in First Edition City for the dominant consciousnesses to use, while others were sent to be used as combat units.

Lu Yin had Possessed a top combat model android that had the strength of an Envoy.

The die’s Possession ability could allow Lu Yin to Possess the body of a biological creature or something similar. He had learned this after Possessing Tian Hou, as it had meant that even something with a body that was closer to a black hole than a biological creature could be Possessed. After that, Lu Yin had also Possessed a mechanical ant, so an android was not really out of the question.

He had previously believed that he merged with the consciousness of an individual when Possessing their body, but he had come to understand that it was the vessel that he Possessed as well. As long as there was a vessel, he could Possess it.

There was no dominant consciousness present in the android, so it was nothing more than a tool. However, since it was able to be controlled by a consciousness, it was able to be Possessed.

Lu Yin was unfortunate that there was no dominant consciousness in the android, as it meant that there were no memories available. This Possession was wasted.

He turned his head and looked around. The android was somewhere high up in First Edition City, but Lu Yin was unfamiliar with the location. He had only been to a few places near the center, and the city was too big for him to have seen everything.

Aside from the android that Lu Yin had Possessed, there were three others in the same location, and it seemed that they all possessed the strength of Envoys.

It was not unusual for the same person to own four different androids with similar strength.

Lu Yin moved the body, and walked it forward, as he wanted to look around. It would be best if he could find something useful, but as soon as the android moved, a nearby alarm went off and strands of metal shot out from all directions to bind the android in place.

Lu Yin felt that this was a problem, as he had apparently been discovered. Not knowing what else to do, he moved to the room’s door and punched, creating a deafening noise. Given the fact that the android was as strong as an Envoy, the void was shattered all around.

The alarm suddenly grew even more intense, and Lu Yin took the chance to evade the binding strands of metal approaching him.

The android he had Possessed was located in a lightform structure that was very high up in the city. Lu Yin’s attack on the door had torn the void, and it caused the lightform structure to generate sparks and grow chaotic.

There was a transport tube nearby, and a row of supercomputers—no, a row of dominant consciousnesses exited the tube close to Lu Yin. There was the slightest flicker of light, which was an indication that the dominant consciousnesses were thinking and communicating with each other.

For them, seeing the Possessed android was like a human seeing a corpse rise up and move.

Lu Yin frowned. The star essence that he had set aside for this Possession would not last long. Thinking quickly, he raised an arm up high, and slammed it down. In front of him, the face of a massive bear suddenly appeared with raised arms. It was the vice city master.

Not only did Lu Yin’s android fail to injure the vice city master’s bear-shaped android, to Lu Yin’s shock, the lightform structure cracked beneath his feet, and he fell.

The vice city master looked confused. “What’s going on? Who’s using the android? Are they trying to rebel?”

Suddenly, the bear’s expression froze. It seemed they were receiving a message. After less than a second, rage overtook the bear’s face, and its gaze turned malevolent. Unbelievable as it was, this android had gone out of control, but how was that even possible?

There was no such thing in the Technocracy as an android going out of control. Could it be a cyborg that had once been a human? No, as how could such a thing be in this place?

The bear form of the vice city master looked down.

Half of the android body that Lu Yin had Possessed was completely shattered. He took a moment, and then looked up, meeting the vice city master’s eyes. They each saw the shock on the other’s face.

Lu Yin was amazed at the vice city master’s strength, as the bear had not even attacked Lu Yin. All the bear had done was block Lu Yin’s attack, and yet the android with the strength of an Envoy had been shattered. This was an unimaginable level of power.

As for the vice city master’s heart sank as it looked down again at Lu Yin. The bear shouted, “Who are you?” as it charged down.

Lu Yin forced the half-destroyed android to raise itself up and release as powerful of an attack as possible. The next instant, the vice city master was there, pressing a paw to the back of the android Lu Yin had Possessed.

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