Chapter 478: 478

Chapter 478: A Trivial Matter Like Walking The Dog

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Curly Hair instantly realized he had inadvertently exposed himself again . He drooped his head and carefully glanced at Fang Zhao .

Fang Zhao’s eyelid had merely twitched when Curly Hair had cried out . Calmly glancing at the two thunderstruck bodyguards, he reprimanded Curly Hair, “Go reflect on your actions . ”

Curly Hair felt wronged . His tears started flowing again .

This was just great . Who knew how many more tests he would need to take in order to earn another personal terminal?

With tears flowing down his face, Curly Hair cast a slight glance at the two bodyguards rooted in place before walking listlessly towards a corner . He faced the wall while thinking about the day’s events .

The already stunned Yan Biao and Zuo Yu felt their limbs shake and go cold at the scene .

This scene… was really familiar!

Similar scenes in the past flashed through their minds .

Had there been disturbing events behind each time Curly Hair faced the wall?

After a while, they shook off the stiffness . Yan Biao couldn’t rein in his curiosity . “Boss, Curly Hair, he…”

“It’s just as you two saw . He can talk and transform,” Fang Zhao replied .

The two of them finally calmed down with a “Oh, so it’s like this” look on their faces .

But, deep down, they were thinking, What the hell?! Talking and transforming?! How can this damn thing be called a dog?!!

Zuo Yu probed, “Boss, will he… have digestive issues after eating the assault mecha that tried to kill us?”

Fang Zhao replied calmly, “No . ”

The two of them weren’t surprised at Fang Zhao’s response . Their imaginations ran wild .

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened!

Who knows how many such occasions have occurred in the past?!

They could forget about running away now that they were aware of such a secret . Furthermore, in a way, Curly Hair had saved them this time . Was Fang Zhao considering whether to let Curly Hair “dispose” of them?

At this sort of time, both Yan Biao and Zuo Yu felt their survival instincts kick in .

“Boss, don’t worry, we won’t shoot our mouths off carelessly . We didn’t reveal a single thing at the spaceport! We won’t say anything no matter who asks!” The two of them gave continuous assurances in turn .

There was a brief pause before Yan Biao asked awkwardly, “So, boss, what’s the reason why you are always asking us to watch him?”

“To stop him from eating wantonly,” Fang Zhao replied .

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu suddenly felt a great deal of pressure . Why did they suddenly feel like they had a responsibility of saving the world placed on their shoulders?

“Oh, right . Didn’t you have something to say to me before the performance?” Fang Zhao seemed to have thought of something and looked towards Yan Biao .

“No, nothing . ” Yan Biao shook his head .

Fang Zhao then turned to Zuo Yu .

Zuo Yu shook his head hurriedly . “No! I also have nothing to say!”

“Mhmm . ” Fang Zhao then mentioned some things to take note of before letting the two return to rest . Even if their tolerance level was very high, the two of them would need some time to adjust after experiencing the recent events .

On hearing that they could leave, Yan Biao and Zuo Yu both heaved a long sigh of relief . “Yes, we will take note . ”

“Uh… Boss, what should we say to Nanfeng about this matter?” Yan Biao asked .

“For the time being, nothing . He just has to maintain his current enthusiasm for work,” Fang Zhao replied .

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu felt ashamed hearing that . They understood that this was saying that they didn’t have any work enthusiasm .

Actually, that was indeed the case . They didn’t have much enthusiasm for their work . They did have some at the beginning, but the times when Fang Zhao needed their protection was really too little . The majority of their time was spent studying, training, taking tests, chauffeuring and walking the dog . It was no different than a life in retirement as bodyguards . They were currently in the prime of their lives and had ambition too . No other bodyguards would be willing to have this sort of lifestyle a couple of decades early! Thus, their passion and enthusiasm for their work had gradually diminished .

But, things were different now . Their responsibility was monumental .

Being a bodyguard, chauffeur and others was considered easy . The most dangerous was walking the dog!

Should they even call it dog-walking? It should be considered saving the world!

Holding the leash was like wielding a battle banner!

They had to be ready for war at any moment!

The two of them reflected deeply on their previous attitudes and voluntarily requested for a salary cut .

“Boss, we will definitely work seriously!

As the two bodyguards were about to leave Fang Zhao’s quarters, they encountered Nanfeng coming over with a big bag .

Nanfeng noticed their pale faces and asked, “Were you two reprimanded for being unprofessional?”

“Mhmm . ” There was a heavy atmosphere .

Nanfeng’s expression changed . He came closer and lowered his voice . “Salary cut?”

Nanfeng relaxed a little and patted the two of them on the shoulder . “Salary deductions are but a trivial matter . It’s alright as long as you guys aren’t fired . Where else can you find such a relaxed and high paying job?”

Nanfeng didn’t notice the complicated expressions Zuo Yu and Yan Biao had . He sent Fang Zhao a message saying that he had work matters to report . After receiving permission, he quickly lifted the bag and entered the room .

Nanfeng saw a familiar scene when he opened the door: a tear-stained Curly Hair facing the wall .

Nanfeng cried out in exaggerated fashion . “Oh my! What’s wrong, Little Curly Curls?”

It was clear that he had been punished by Boss again . However, Nanfeng pretended to be oblivious . Chiding the boss was out of the question . He absolutely couldn’t berate the person who paid him such high wages .

His heart ached for the dog worth nearly 300 million . Nanfeng could only rub Curly Hair’s head to comfort him before going over to report to Fang Zhao .

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu who were watching this scene: “…”

This scene was way too familiar!

The two of them felt that they had been really lucky to have actually managed to survive safely time after time!

In the past, Yan Biao and Zuo Yu never bothered to find out what Curly Hair had done wrong and simply ridiculed Nanfeng . Wasn’t it just a dog worth over 200 million?

But now, the truth was rather mortifying .

If the three of them were to really encounter danger, Curly Hair would surely protect Nanfeng, who was always good to him .

Meanwhile, the oblivious Nanfeng was speaking to Fang Zhao .

“Boss, look, the spaceport just sent over dog food as a reward . All of these seem like good stuff…”

The room door closed, blocking the sounds from inside .

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu exchanged a glance before silently returning to their own quarters .

At this moment, the two of them really felt fortunate to still be alive .

Strictly speaking, it had solely been Curly Hair who had allowed them to survive today’s attack .

As they recalled the past, the two of them felt that those two innocent little dog eyes now hid an ominous glint .

The two pondered hard . How were they going to walk the dog in future?

After today’s experiences, they could no longer view it as “walking the dog” .

After mulling for quite some time, Yan Biao said, “Do you still remember when Boss just moved to his new place? That house by the beach . There was once when Nanfeng went over to find Boss in the morning . ”

Zuo Yu thought back and nodded . “Right, I remember now . He even sent a video in our group chat praising the dog . ”

They weren’t sure if their room was bugged . Thus, they didn’t say anything explicitly and only tried to recall the incident in their heads .

What had Nanfeng said in the group chat that time?

[As expected of our 300 million dog! He even glitters like gold under the sun!]

It wasn’t from the sunlight!

That damn thing can turn into metal!!

[Both his burp and fart linger for some time . And, on closer inspection it even smells like smoke . ]

The two sank into a dazed state as they recalled the stuff Nanfeng had said .

Back then, in the video Nanfeng had sent in their private group chat, they had seen the scene of Curly Hair coming out from the ocean . Now that they thought about it… Who knew how long he had wandered in the ocean and what he had done?!

Zuo Yu had a horrified look on his face and took a few quick breaths to calm his flustered emotions . “Say, that burp and fart…”

What had he eaten to produce that sort of scent?

Perhaps, Nanfeng hadn’t been brainlessly exaggerating . Were the two of them the ignorant ones? They hadn’t been able to see the truth .

The two of them shuddered thinking about the scene of the shiny metallic silhouette attacking the assault mecha .

They couldn’t help but replay it over and over in their minds .

Now that they knew, peacefully walking the dog was the same as saving the world .

They felt glad that the world had survived another day .

Before the two could rejoice, Nanfeng came over with the dog in his arms .

The two bodyguards felt their hearts thumping . Their bodies tensed instinctively .

Nanfeng didn’t enter the apartment and instead stood at the door . “Oh, I’ll be heading out for a bit . We will be leaving Planet Yin in two days . I still have some procedures to handle . You guys, be mindful of Boss . ”

“Understood . But… what are you doing with him?” The two bodyguards were anxious .

Nanfeng was puzzled . “Walking the dog, duhh! What did you expect? Riding him into battle?”

When a dog is feeling down, it’s obvious that the dog needs a walk! Does such simple logic have to be put so explicitly? How do these two not understand yet?!

Nanfeng glanced at these two disappointedly .  These two can’t even do a trivial matter like walking the dog properly . No wonder the boss deducted their salary .

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu’s minds were blank . They gave Nanfeng complicated looks .

They held sympathy mixed with some envy .

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