Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 18 - Chapter Aft

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It's been a long time, everyone. 

The anime series is now airing, so there may be some newcomers! 

I'm happy if that's the case. 

So, this is the 18th volume of the series. I’ve entered the final chapter as planned, but I'm beginning to think that it will be difficult to finish this in the remaining three volumes. 

My plan was to continue with the embryonic phase, the clash phase, and the conclusion phase, but the content of this story is almost like the feeling of the embryonic phase. 

There is no one to blame for this. 

It's not anyone's fault, because I told you beforehand that there was a possibility that the story would be changed depending on my mood! 

Well, excuses are hard to come by these days. 

Anyway, just the fact that the war has started in this volume is a good thing. 

I don't want to talk too much about the contents of this volume, because it would spoil the story, but the setting of Kagali-san turned out like this. 

She changed a lot from her original image, but this was all due to the fact that she looked so cute as elf. 

Actually, I had been thinking of making her a character of an unknown gender from the beginning, but the moment that the character design was released, everything was decided. 

It reconfirmed to me that the power of illustration is very important. 

By the way, there are some discrepancies with the explanation in volume 13.5, but I hope you can understand that it's a usual thing. 

I wonder when it I’ll learn that it’s bad to not boil down the settings unless it is necessary. 

Really, I'll be careful next time…though it's a little too late to reflect on that now that we're entering the last phase… 

Well, that's about it for volume 18, so what did you think? 

I wrote it with the intention of making my readers happy, so if you enjoyed it, then there is no better joy than that. 

If you enjoyed it, please continue to support my work, ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.’ With your encouragement, I will do my best to expand the world of ‘Tensura’ in the future. 

See you soon. 


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