Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 21 - Chapter 4.14

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The escape point that Benimaru connected with 'Spacetime Manipulation' was at the "outer edge" of the labyrinth.

There is a good reason why it is called the outer edge of the labyrinth even though it is inside the labyrinth.

It is a space-time gap.

The labyrinth is adjacent to the other world, that is, subspace, and is in contact with many other worlds (other worlds). Therefore, if the outside of the labyrinth is the Cardinal World, the inside of the labyrinth is called the "outer edge.

The four members standing at the extreme end of the labyrinth are Benimaru, Diablo, Zegion, and Dino.

At Benimaru's suggestion, they were about to set off a huge firework. The reason there were only four of them was that the others did not have 'Spacetime Manipulation', which allows them to act in the future.

Zegion, having been entrusted with the power by Zelanus, had evolved 'Spacetime Manipulation' to become 'Spacetime Domination'. Diablo told Michael that he was going to be the one who would be in charge.

Diablo had already obtained the power of 'Spacetime Domination' because he was disappointed that he had fallen behind Michael in 'Time Stop'. Benimaru, too, had been training under Diablo's tutelage, and in a very short period of time, had developed 'Spatial Domination' into 'Spacetime Manipulation Benimaru was finally able to handle it.

Since even Benimaru had only just learned to handle it, it was no wonder that others could not handle it.

Even Pico and Gracia had only 'Spatial Domination', making it difficult for them to maintain their existence in the subspace.

The space ahead was that dangerous.

Benimaru and his team tried to challenge the difficult task, but before that, they did not forget to restore the functionality of the labyrinth.

You did a good job, you guys! I believed in you !

I believed in you!

This is proof that they are back in the labyrinth, and even if they die here, they are assured that the "Resurrection Bracelet" will bring them back to life, so everyone's faces are filled with relief.

However, even Ramiris's labyrinth law does not apply to those who will be engaged in the mission that is about to begin...

So, are you really going to do it?

Ramiris seems to be saying, "Why don't you just leave it as it is?

After all, what Benimaru and his group were going to do now was to attack the discarded 30-levels with all their might. Benimaru had explained the plan to me via 'Telepathy Net', but he did not seem to be enthusiastic about it.

Benimaru and Dino and others seemed to be determined not to allow Vega's revival.

The 'Evil Dragon Spawn' that Mai took with her is still there, but that's about it. What we are going to do now was just a distraction.

It is because of this understanding that Ramiris is against it. Even so, I understand the feelings of Dino and the others, so I will not stop them. From the evacuation site that is adjacent to the other world, we could see the discarded 30-level part of the building.

If we just leave them there, they will be swallowed up and blown away by the other world.

In the subspace, there is always a phase fluctuation. It is not predictable, and if you are caught in it, it is impossible to predict what kind of other dimensional space you will be transported to.

Even the flow of time is distorted in this other world, so that even if you had 'Spatial Domination', it would not be realistic to return to the same point from where you were jumped.

Velgrynd achieved it, but it was an exception by a combination of coincidence and miracle.

It would have been better if he had been transported to another dimension (Another World) where human beings inhabit, but it would not be surprising if he had been transported to the end of the universe where there is nothing, or to the middle of the great destruction before life was born.

No matter how spiritual life forms may be, survival in such a place is hopeless.

Knowing this, Ramiris seriously advises us.

'Good thing? You must protect yourself with the 'Barrier' and keep your lifeline. Otherwise, if you are swallowed by subspace, you don't know where you will jump to, do you?

Dino nodded strongly to Ramiris' warning.

In fact, Benimaru, Diablo, and Zegion are connected to the "Soul Corridor" via Rimuru. Of the four members who are going to make a mission, Dino is the only one who does not have a firm connection with the others.

"Well, that's it. I and Pico will support you, don't worry.

"Well, I was shocked that we didn't have a bond..." "Don't worry about it.

Don't worry about it!

I don't care! We're friends and we trust each other. It's weird that there are things like Soul Corridor that don't make sense.

Dino thought that he was right, but he was feeling a little sad.

Anyway, it was necessary to tighten up from this point on.

In the subspace, there was no foothold, so we had to rely on our lifelines.

As Ramiris said, it was a very dangerous act.

Nevertheless, Dino was unusually motivated.

The best thing for Dino, needless to say, is to 'not work.

This does not mean that he cannot work.

It just means that he doesn't want to.

Therefore, when Dino got serious, he worked fast.

If he had to, he would finish his work as soon as possible.

Dino was the first to jump out into the subspace.

Zegion arrives at Dino's side.

Benimaru was the most inexperienced, so he was still in a position close to the safe zone.

Diablo is at the far end, the most dangerous position, before he knows it. From Dino's point of view, the arrangement looks like an equilateral triangle.

From the others' point of view, it was a tetrahedron with the four of them at the top.

Now, the preparations were complete.

The next day, we were to perform a ritual that required more than four people to perform.

Ramiris suggested that they do it anyway, to which Diablo agreed, saying "kufufufu, that's interesting.

Zegion silently agreed, and Benimaru, who had proposed the ritual, and Dino, who followed him, agreed later.

In fact, the ritual itself was as dangerous as the place itself.

(Diablo aside, Zegion and Benimaru? Great - the amount of magicule is growing again...)

Zegion... having witnessed the earlier battle, I don't want to understand, but I do.

But before I knew it, even Benimaru had become as strong as the real Dino.

I wondered what was going on, but I didn't have the energy to rush in.

Dino decided to concentrate on the mission.

Be careful!

came the anxious thought of Ramiris.

Once it is confirmed that everyone is in position, it's time to get to work.

Two people, connect the dots in one dimension.

Three people, two dimensions drawing a plane.

If there are four people, it is three dimensions forming a space.

Each person stood at the top of the tetrahedron with the target in the center. In other words, what we are about to do now is to strike each person with his or her own secrets toward the center of the tetrahedron, which has been completed to enclose the 30 levels of the discarded labyrinth.

It will be - far more than a stacked magic circle, a spatial magic circle will be formed...

(It's going to be unimaginably powerful. (It's going to be unimaginably powerful.)

Dino gulped down his spit.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how crazy it sounded. Dino was so enthusiastic that he got involved in the story, but when he cooled down before the actual performance, he began to think, 'This is a bad idea. However, the other three members except Dino were surprisingly enthusiastic.

'kufufufu, it's been a while since I've given it my all.

'Yes. I'll take this opportunity to know my limits.

'Yes, you're right. My body is in shambles, but for some reason I think I can do it.

Hearing this conversation on 'Telepathy Net', Dino thought.

First of all, Diablo.

Don't you dare!

Second, Zegion.

You have no limits!

Then, Benimaru.

If your body is in such bad shape, why did you make this proposal?

They must be crazy! Dino wanted to shout with all his might.

But it was too late to say anything.

He thought it would be useless, and if he was not good at it, it would only make the atmosphere worse.

Dino is a surprisingly considerate man.

So, the countdown began, with Diablo and the other executives of Tempest making me feel like I'm not good enough for them.

You know what to do, don't you, Dino? We'll adjust our timing accordingly,' said Diablo. said Diablo.

Benimaru and Zegion had no objection.

They were confident that the three of them could perfectly synchronize their timing, but it would be too much to ask Dino to do so.

Therefore, as soon as Dino released his technique, the three of them followed him.

Dino did not complain about this.

In fact, he was relieved that he was not asked to do something so reckless as to match the timing on the spot with such a difficult ritual technique.

I'll give it my all! I'll give it my all!

Dino responded, his spirit sharpening.

At that moment, Dino's six pairs of twelve black and white wings shined. Dino's twin swords - the Golden Sword (Excalibur) and the Dark Silver Sword (Kali Vaughn) - converged with immense power.

Fallen Crusade !

The white light blade and the black shadow blade intersect beautifully at the center of the tetrahedron, leaving an afterglow.

And - at that very moment, the flowers in full bloom burst into bloom at the same time.

Prominence Acceleration !

'- "End of the World Requiem" -'

'- "Devastator Storm" !!! '

Benimaru's "Prominence Acceleration" is the strongest and most powerful of all.

Diablo's "End of World Requiem" is the ultimate illusionary elemental catastrophe magic, which reproduces the collapse of the world and causes localized destruction. It is a combination of Skill, Art, and Magic, and needless to say, it was Diablo's original and the most powerful and worst secret.

And Zegion's "Devastator Storm", which was also Zegion's most powerful spell, has been transformed into "Dimension Storm" by incorporating the power entrusted to it by Zelanus, and has become even worse. Zegion's most powerful technique, "Dimension Storm," had evolved into something even more vicious.

Each of them demonstrated their maximum power.

The numerous superb techniques that were unleashed every inch of the way reached the center of the tetrahedron at exactly the right moment, just as if they were covered by the techniques unleashed by Dino.

In the labyrinthine waste section sitting there, a colorless polar light bloomed, beautifully coloring the subspace.

It was beautiful and worthy of being presented.

However, the hidden power of the light was the greatest since the creation of the universe, and it produced a destructive force of utter disaster. The inside of the tetrahedron, which was constructed so as not to miss its power, is filled with the disasters of destruction.

--Quartet Skill: Breakdown Nostalgia.

The power of the four artists combined into one, creating the ultimate destruction never seen before.

Needless to say, Dino was terrified when he experienced it up close. I thought it was too dangerous to try it on a spur-of-the-moment basis," Dino later said.

It was the moment when a saga was born.


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