Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 21 - Chapter 4.15

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The "Control Room" was aware of this situation.

Everyone who witnessed this scene is silent.

The raging destructive storm shows no sign of abating.

It is fortunate that this was a subspace. If this had been in the labyrinth, it was unimaginable how many layers of people would have been involved.

Um...are you in trouble?

Ramiris said, revealing his true feelings.

The 'discarded 30 layers' at the center of the destruction disappeared in an instant when it was touched by the Energy of Destruction. If such a heinous technique were used on the ground...

The planet would disappear, and the solar system would be swallowed up.

Indeed, it is a destructive power that completely surpasses even the power of Velgrynd. The four top-ranked players in this world, the Quartet Skill, produced unimaginable results through synergistic effects.

In such a silent "Control Room", there were some people who came back to the room, talking happily with each other.

They were Diablo and Benimaru.

"Well, it was a very enjoyable experience," they said.

"Yes, it was. My body was screaming, but when it came time to do it, I felt more full of energy than ever before. I'd like to do it again, but I'm afraid I won't have the chance anytime soon."

"kufufufu. Carrera said something like, 'It's so much fun to break through the hierarchy,' and I finally understand why he said that."

"-That's true. Testing the limits of one's strength is an experience rarely experienced.

Finally, Zegion joins in, and the atmosphere seems to be quite lively. Ramiris couldn't stop his body from shaking, a far cry from the temperature in the Control Room.

His anxiety had turned into anger.

Ramiris was flapping around the room, declaring 'absolute prohibition' to Benimaru and the others who came back to the room.

In the midst of all this, Dino, who was so tired that he didn't want to do anything anymore, was with Shiretto.

Pico and Gracia were also sitting on the parlor sofa, looking as if it was a matter of course.

Shuna gently offered tea and sweets to them.

"Thank you for your hard work."

It is a man's nature to be charmed by a smiling face saying so.

Dino, as usual, felt that his hard work had been worthwhile and his efforts were rewarded.

Unlike Benimaru and the others, Dino had fought only by himself.

Therefore, Dino was proudly lying on the couch as if this was his reward.

He relaxed gracefully and asked Shuna for another cup of tea.

By doing so, Dino is relieving his fatigue.

Benimaru complained about Dino's naturalness to him.


"Hey," he said.

Why are you so relaxed?

"No, because, you know, my work is finished, right?" Dino answered in a very lighthearted manner.

Benimaru asked irritably, "Then why are you so relaxed?

"Then why don't you go back to your house?"

Hearing this, Dino looked at Benimaru with a puzzled look on his face.

Seeing Dino like that, Benimaru was more puzzled than Dino.

"What? Well, after the battle, we can no longer say 'Tomo' when we write 'strong enemy,' right? If that's the case, then there's no other place for us to live, right?"

Dino said briskly.

It was so refreshing to see that they were thinking only of their own convenience.

He even winked at him lightly, which made Benimaru's irritation reach its peak.

So, he was saying back to him in a harsh tone.

"That's not the point! You guys were enemies just a little while ago, weren't you ? "

Dino is a demon lord, so it was rude to talk like that, but Pico and Gracia didn't complain. They don't respect Dino that much.

Dino himself doesn't seem to be bothered by it either, and he simply lets it slide and gets Ramiris involved.

"What? We already made up. Right, Ramiris?"

"Huh? Well, yeah. If you want to work again, I'm willing to hire you!" Ramiris' mood had returned. Remembering how he and Dino had made up, he was smiling.

They started to enjoy the sweets together, but it was too early to tell.

Remember, this is a "Control Room".

Although the crisis in the labyrinth is over, there are still many hardships around the world.

Even Souei is still flying around to gather information, and all is not well. Yet, as if to say 'I have nothing to do with it anymore,' Dino and his colleagues were taking it easy on others.

The same was true for Pico and Gracia.

No, it was worse.

They were devouring the cake together, ignoring Dino's conversation.

"This, this! It's so good ! There are three of them and I can have the other one, right?"

"Pico, don't panic. This last one is the one I've been after.

What? What are you talking about? I declared it first, so it's mine by right?

An ugly fight broke out as they fought over the cake prepared by Shuna.

Dino joined in the fight.

Or rather, he was a party to it.

"Hey ! That's not what's left, it's mine! You don't have any right to it ! Dino shouted and rushed to get the cake for himself, but his insistence was not heeded.

Friendship is powerless in the face of cake...

The Tempest members were left with this thought.

Benimaru looks at them and sighs.

I love cakes myself, but this is terrible, I thought.

"I'm against spoiling a bad guy, Shuna, but please prepare another one for him.

Benimaru was the first to give in.

He thought that the conversation was not going to move forward. It was a terrible thing to say to Dino, but it could not be helped because he did not have the dignity of a demon lord.

Shuna smiled and nodded.

Unaware of this, Dino and the others continued to fight with each other, showing their true nature.

Friendship is such a fragile thing.

Although it was a cute fight compared to the global battle, the three were staring at each other, not willing to give an inch.

The fight continued until Shuna came in with a new one.

In the end, after finishing the cake, Dino and his friends agreed to join Benimaru.

They seemed to realize that it would be foolish to disobey their brother Shuna, who is the authority over food.

In any world, he who controls the kitchen is strong.

And so, a temporary alliance was formed.

"I may look like this, but I'm a demon lord, and I was never bought off.

"That's right. We'll have to get at least three in a day.

But we won't be able to eat this cake if the world dies. We have to cooperate with them.

And so, a deal was made.

After that, Dino and the others were to be hired by Ramiris, but that would depend on the negotiations.

Whatever the case may be, they will be hired only after protecting this world.

The reason why they joined Benimaru's command was because they thought it would be the most efficient way.

Like Diablo, Benimaru did not doubt their victory.

They are trying to protect this Cardinal World, believing that Rimuru will return.

They are trying to protect this Cardinal World on a global scale, beyond the framework of nations.

Even Dino had to admit that it was a great feat for such a young man.

Seeing Benimaru and the others, Dino also thought.

Mai might come back safely, too, he thought.

Dino did not expect that the earnest girl colleague would show the spirit of self-sacrifice.

It is true that she helped me, but I could not repay her kindness.

Dino was not satisfied with the situation and decided to at least cooperate with Benimaru and his colleagues. Otherwise, he would never have made a move.

Dino thinks.

(When Mai comes back, we should treat her to this cake.)

To do so, as Gracia had said, he needed to keep the peace in the world.

Dino did not really want to work, but he thought 'what the heck'.


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