Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 21 - Chapter 4.16

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Mai Furuki was drifting in the unknown space beyond which she had jumped with all her might.

Probably, it was the space between dimensions called subspace.

He has lost the coordinates of his position because he has jumped disorderly from the labyrinth of Ramiris.

This was the result of the 'automatic adjustment of the viable space' by Mai's authority, though we are lucky to be alive.

Unaware of this, Mai was grateful for his good fortune.

At the same time, for some reason, she had a craving for cake.

Someone may have heard rumors about Mai, but why she remembered the cake is questionable.

Cake was a rare luxury.

Baked cheesecakes and pumpkin cakes were the mainstream, and

shortcakes with fluffy sponges were never seen.

There may have been some if you looked for them, but the sweets stores in the imperial capital were too expensive for Mai's salary.

Yuuki brought me sweet potatoes as a souvenir, and it is a secret that it was the best reward for me.

(Even Yuuki-kun was killed by Jahil...).

Perhaps because he remembered Yuki for the last time, Mai was soaked in such sentimentality.

When she was wandering in the empire without knowing anything, Yuuki picked her up and took care of her. Since then, she has lived desperately, dreaming of the day when she can return to the world where she used to be. Now, she has stopped being human and has gained enough power to live in such a mysterious space without dying, but even so, Mai's wish has never been fulfilled.

Mai has gained the Ultimate Skill 'Terra Martell', and now she knows more about reality...

The probability of Mai being able to return to her original world is infinitesimally small.

In theory, it is not impossible. However, it was impossible for Mai. The reason is that crossing the dimensional barrier requires an enormous amount of Energy.

Moreover, it requires complex and bizarre operations and a huge amount of 'positional information on time and space'.

This is precisely the reason why we can understand Mai's despair in the current situation...but on the contrary, this is the reason why Mai's safety was ensured.

Mai was still in Vega's grasp. But she is not frightened. She knew that under the circumstances, she would not be killed immediately.

"What are you laughing at?"

Vega, who still had Mai in his hand, asked in a grim voice.

"Nothing. I just wanted to eat some cake.

"You look like you can afford it. You can't just run away by yourself, can you?

"Escape? That's impossible.

I can't... ah?

Vega looked at Mai with an expression of incomprehension.

Then he smiles as if his face is distorted and threatens Mai.

If my body is killed, my body will have the Ultimate Skill 'Evil Dragon King Azi Dahaka', right? If that happens, you'll be the first one I'll eat.

If you do so, you will get Mai's 'Instantaneous Movement'.

Thinking that he would be stronger and would be able to return home, Vega smiled smugly.

In fact, at this point, Vega's body had been destroyed. Vega has 'Evil Dragon King Azi Dahaka' in his body, but he is unaware of it.

This is a very funny story, as it proves that Vega does not understand his own authority at all.


Mai is unmoved by Vega's threats.

I can't do it!

"Don't get smart with me! If you're talking about sealing my body without killing me...

Oh, that's not what I'm worried about.

Mai also considered this possibility.

If the main body of Vega is killed, the 'Evil Dragon Spawn' in front of Mai will become the main body. Since he knows that, he might try to seal it. I thought so, but I denied my idea right after that.

The reason is that it is highly dangerous.

The rate of evolution of Vega is extraordinary. Considering this, I thought that it would be better to destroy it where it can be destroyed.

In fact, that is what happened, and Mai's prediction was correct.

And Mai's confidence was the same reason why he was made to understand that his wish would not be fulfilled.

"Is it a gamble whether you can take away my power or not?

"You fool! I'm sure of it.

Mai also thought 'maybe so', but he remained silent and continued to say "But, I can't read your location.

"But you can't decipher the location information, can you?


"To move in space, it is necessary to calculate coordinates. The coordinates of the current position and the location information of the teleport destination are required at the very least.


If you kill me, you won't be able to get that information.

Mai's power - the evolved 'Terra Martell' was also capable of 'Spacetime Leap'.

However, as mentioned above, it requires a great deal of information. There is another method of leaping toward the wavelength of the target person, but it could not be traced if the person was in a different dimension. Even if the time axis, positional coordinates, and other information of the target point were known, if there was a dimensional wall separating them, Mai could not overcome it with his power.

This is the reason why Mai gave up the idea of returning to the original world.

In some cases, the wall can be overcome if the dimensions are adjacent to each other.

However, since the height of the wall varies from dimension to dimension, there are cases where it is impossible no matter how hard one tries. The only way out is to search for the "Underworld Gate" and repeat the dimensional search.

Mai has an almost infinite life span, but even so, we can only conclude that it is impossible. The time axis of each dimension is different from the other. If the time axes are synchronized between worlds, there is no time difference even if the dimension leaps. In reality, however, such a phenomenon could not be expected.

Even in the same universe, space continues to expand at a speed exceeding the speed of light. The correlation between time and space is beyond the scope of Mai's understanding. Moreover, the probability of arriving at the time and place of his beloved brother's life was so small as to be almost zero.

If Mai had more powerful Energy, it would have been possible to leap through time and space. If Mai were a "True Dragon", such a leap would have been possible.

However, it was impossible for Mai.

That is all there is to it.

In addition, Mai himself could not decipher the information of his current location, perhaps because he jumped as fast as he could. Even if he could have escaped from Vega, it was hopeless for him to return home.

It is not a story to be hidden, so Mai explains it frankly.

Of course, Vega could not understand it.

"What? I mean, what is it? I mean..."

"I'm saying that without my cooperation, you won't be able to use your powers anyway."

Mai's intention is to delay Vega's decision if he is strong-armed.

In fact, he succeeds.

However, Mai himself understood that it was only a way to buy time.


Vega was troubled by Mai's assertion.

He could not deny it.

To begin with, Vega could not say that he had mastered even the Ultimate Skill 'Evil Dragon King Azi Dahaka'. As Mai said, even if he took away Mai's power from Vega, it would be a waste of his treasure.

At this time, Vega finally realized.

He knew that he had 'Evil Dragon King Azi Dahaka' in him.

But Vega cannot do anything.

(Damn ! I don't think I can handle complicated powers. But... what are you going to do?)

) He didn't like the idea of Mai licking him like this, and killing Mai and taking away his power would be meaningless if he was stuck in this situation.

Vega was not sure.

At this point, he and Mai would be left alone in this unknown subspace. He would have to rely on Mai to jump from this point. We would have to wait for Mai to recover her energy and then 'Spacetime Leap' at random. In such a case, we have to cooperate with Mai, and we have to check her mood every time.

To tell the truth, Vega thought it would be a hassle. If he had continued to think about it for a long time, he would have ended up with the conclusion that he would eat Mai.

It would be hard to keep catching Mai, because it would be the end if she escaped. Then, it would be better to take away the power and manage on our own.

But, however.

Vega lost his chance before he could find the answer.


Oh, no, what ?

Was it Mai who realized it first, or was it Vega?

A powerful and unparalleled space-time storm had suddenly appeared on the spot.

The laws of subspace are beyond human knowledge.

It is unknown whether or not we will be able to get caught in the space-time storm and survive.

"We'd better run away."

"I don't need to be told..."

Vega could not finish the sentence.

Mai was no different, for a new space-time storm was brewing, centered on Vega, who was now exuding more and more power.

"Kya !

"Whoa ----? "

It was the main current of Energy, so powerful and unmatched that there was no way to resist it.

Vega's hand was off Mai.

It was an opportunity, but Mai was not ready for it.

Light danced.

As soon as Mai was caught in the vortex of space-time, even her consciousness, which is a spiritual life form, became dazed.

'You told me not to give up, I'm sorry, Yuuki-kun-' Mai let go of her consciousness.


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