Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 21 - Chapter 4.17

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At that moment, the sky storm had passed, and Vega was patiently surviving.

"ku ku ku, it was nothing!

They say you forget the heat of the moment, and Vega was just like that. That's why he repeats the same mistake over and over again without any remorse.

"Damn, I lost Mai. She might be dead now after being hit by such a powerful rush of Energy.

Vega thought that it was a pity that he could not take away Mai's power, though he did not care if she died.

But Vega is a 'lucky' man.

He thought that the fact that he had survived this time was proof of that.

However, he was wrong.

After all, Vega's luck had already run out.

The fact that he let go of Mai was an unshakable proof of that.


-There was a place where no one knew.


There was nothing there.

No sea, no sky.

There was no heaven or earth, no top or bottom.


Vega finally realized his position.

In that place, not even a star shone.

There was no light, so there was no color.

Nothing existed. It was complete nothingness.

"Hey, hey, hey..."

Vega finally realizes that this is not good.

Because there is nothing, there is no indicator.

Even if he tried to move, he couldn't tell whether he was going forward or backward.

There was no magicule.

There was no sign of hitting anything, even though the magicule from Vega was spreading.

Perhaps, not even time was flowing.

Suddenly, fear welled up in Vega's heart.

He realized that he was completely alone.

There is nothing to do.

There was nothing he could do.

"Hey, hey, wait. What's going on? Is there anyone else here, you son of a bitch ?

Fear turns to anger.

"Damn it ! What the hell did I do?

Vega barks into the empty void.

He shouts with all his might.

But no one responds.

There is no response.

Since there is no one, he cannot bluster.

There is no point in blustering, but Vega tries.

"Don't you dare lick me ! I am the immortal Vega! The strongest and immortal in the whole world!"

After shouting that much, Vega suddenly felt empty.

He was afraid.

Yes, Vega is immortal.

He remembered that.

"Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute..."

I tried to make a big explosion around myself, as if to release all Energy.

But nothing changed.

Vega was successfully resurrected.

And in time, everything was back to normal...

Vega had its boastful, inexhaustible Energy. So no matter how much energy he released, it would come back inexhaustible.

It is the result of eating Insect Lord Zelanus.

Nowadays, Vega resents this.

After all, Vega's body is immortal and its energy is never exhausted.

It means that he can't even kill himself.

"What? No way, wait...wait...wait..." No one could hear her voice of resentment.

And then it turns into a lament...

In that lonely, empty place, unable to even finish himself, Vega bites his own stupidity.

Alone and lonely, forever and ever...


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