Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 21 - Chapter 5.01

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Chapter 5 - The Point of End

I opened my eyes to a dim light.

I was, as I recall, in the middle of a fight with Milim, when Feldway interrupted me, and then I--

<You are awake? >>

Oops, Ciel-san talked to me.

If Ciel-san is okay, that means I'm still alive.

I feel relieved for a moment, and then questions come to my mind one after another.

I whisper the biggest question.

"Where am I?

My vision suddenly blurred, and I had no idea what had happened.

When I was puzzled, Ciel-san explained to me in a nonchalant manner.

<This is the world of the end. It is also known as "the end of time and space. 


<<We were sent here by Feldway to do a space-time transfer.

Ciel-san says.

Ciel-san says that Feldway's "Chrono-Saltation" was allowed to happen while I was dealing with Milim.

Adding Time Stop to Time Stop does not change the effect.

However, if you multiply them together, you get a drastic change.

It was "Chrono-Saltation" - a technique to block the flow of all time and to only It was a technique that blocked the flow of all time and showered it on the subject alone.

The stronger the flow of time, the stronger the repulsion of space to be fixed. The stronger the force of the repulsion, the more the object is buried "beyond time and space".

And this is where I ended up, here, at the end of time and space.

A place where the end of time and space meet in the distant future. At that point in time, I had become an existence that could not be ignored, a being that could free Milim from Feldway's control.

<<Feldway must have avoided a head-to-head fight with the Master, who had become a transcendent being who could rival or possibly surpass him>>.

In other words, Feldway does not think he could have killed me either. Since I can't be easily defeated, I will be sent to another place so that I won't be in the way. At first glance, it seems to be a postponement of the problem, but I thought it was a very rational way.

Because the truth is, I don't know where I am anymore...

This colorless, wide-open space doesn't make sense to me, even if it's called "the end of time and space".

No time has passed in this place. And yet, unlike the "Suspended World", I could not even perceive the expansion of space even if I manipulated the "information particle".

<<Yes. In this place, the flow of time has stopped. The expanse of space has come to an end, and according to the law of entropy, we have reached the point of emptiness.

Has it reached?

You sound as if you have seen it?

<<Yes, I have. In Feldway's "Chrono-Saltation", we are transported to the far reaches of space-time. There, the life of the stars had long expired, but the world had not yet collapsed. I assume that Feldway's power was limited to destroying the Cardinal World universe.

We do not know exactly what happened in that time line, because when Ciel-san was jumped, the whole thing was over.

We don't even know what happened to Ivarage or how he moved, but what we do know for sure is that the world was not destroyed.

I don't know if that was what Feldway wanted, but it doesn't matter to me.

<- After that, I wandered around in a universe where not even a star twinkled, and watched the end of the world.

-I couldn't quite understand what Ciel-san was talking about...

You mean to say that the destination of the jump was "beyond time", and from there time passed and you reached "the end of time and space"? I had no idea what he was talking about, like he had witnessed the end of the world.

I mean, there was no way he could survive in such a state.

I thought "If I'm going to tell a lie, I'd better tell a better one", but then I remembered that Ciel-san does not tell lies.

Sometimes I was deceived, but it was not a lie but a story that I misunderstood or was made to misunderstand.

Does that mean that this place is really the end of the world ?

<< Yes, that's right.

Ciel-san nodded his head in a very casual way, as if to say, "This is a problem, isn't it?

As for me, I'm not so worried about it.

As my understanding catches up with me, it becomes clear how bad the situation is.

It seems that Ivarage has gone on a rampage to 'do Feldway's bidding and destroy the world' while I'm away, and I can't say I'm happy to hear that he didn't destroy the world.

Well... is that okay?

<<I've been beaten. I didn't think they would play such a trick on us....

Are you kidding me ?

Did you get screwed?

I didn't think I would get hit by the same move that Feldway used to jump Velgrynd.

I guess I was a little overconfident that Ciel-san would not be able to do the same move.

I can't believe that Ciel-san admitted defeat.

<< No, I didn't admit it. I guess it's a draw this time, isn't it? >> No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, you lost when you said you were beaten.

<< No, it's just my imagination.

It's just my imagination.

<And now, what do you want to do after that? >>

What do you mean?

<<Because it has been a long time, the Energy of the 'Nihility Collapse' has accumulated enormously. Veldanava seems to have lost 'Nihility Collapse' by creating the world, but it is not a problem because Master has 'Imaginary Space'. >>

What is wrong with that?

I think it's full of problems...

My 'Imaginary Space' seems to be infinite, filled up enough to rebuild the world tens of thousands of times, but not filled yet.

I was wondering what that has to do with it, when Ciel-san made an outrageous statement.

It is possible to recreate the memories of all the people involved in <<Master>> and the world environment to intentionally create a world as close as possible to the one that existed back then. What do you think? >>

What do you mean?

Ciel-san asked me, and I was absolutely dumbfounded.

I understand.

After all is said and done, there is nothing more we can do.

Yes, this is the end.

This is the world after everything.

All the people I loved in my time, Benimaru, Shuna, Shion, Tempest, Diablo, the demons, Guy, the demon lords, Milim, Ramiris, Hinata, and so many others, they are nowhere to be found in this world. -I finally understood.

I mean, it's like defeat.

<< No, that's not true. Master is alive and->

I'm alive.

I guess I can make it all happen again and live peacefully as if nothing happened. If Ciel-san says he can do it, then there is no doubt about it.

But that would have been meaningless.

I'm not happy to be the only survivor in a world where I couldn't protect the ones I loved. If I didn't have friends with whom I could feel all the joys and sorrows, it was as if I had lost the meaning of life.

Even if they have the same memories, even the DNA is exactly the same, it is impossible to claim that they are the same person if I have created them with my own hands.

My nerves are not strong enough to keep on living with him in the same way as before.

A world where I can easily start over if I don't like something from a godlike point of view - that's just a trick.

It must be a hellish world, far from what I wanted.

Ciel-san seems to think that he can rationally build a new world that I want, but such a world is not possible.

It is true that it is the right answer from a superficial point of view.

It may make sense in terms of numbers, and there may be no problem at all.

However, I was not satisfied with it.

There is no convenient reset button.

Reality is not like a game.

If you laugh at me for being emotional, laugh.

You're going to resurrect your dead friends as if by magic just to relieve my loneliness?

I would not do such a thing even if I were dead.

I'm aware that I'm selfish.

But that's why I can't allow myself to create a world that only suits me.

In such a world, my very existence will rot and die.

Rather than comfort myself by clinging to the past, it was better to choose proud loneliness.

<As I thought. I had expected that Master would answer in this way.

Then don't make unnecessary suggestions, hmm?

I almost shouted in anger, but Ciel-san, on the contrary, seemed to be very happy.

I felt as if cold water had been poured on my hot heart.

This reaction, as if I had done the right thing, was something I remembered before.

It was something I remembered Ciel-san used to show when he was playing tricks...

I was right.

Ciel-san made the most outrageous statement of the day.

<<As I was about to say, Master is not defeated. We can go back in time now and defeat Feldway.

Ciel-san tells him calmly.

Go back to the past?

You mean we can defeat Feldway now ?

There is no way to do that, I thought.

Chloe seemed to be able to 'Time Leap' to read her future memories, but that was just an ability to go back to her past self.

Besides, it cannot be used while time is suspended.

In this "end of time and space", no time is flowing, so even Chloe probably can't go back to the past.

-Ciel-san whispers to me

<I' ve developed a 'Spacetime Leap' for this kind of thing.

...Time, Warp?

Like combining time distortion and space distortion to enable any kind of movement?

<Yes , that's pretty much correct.


Isn't this a mess?

I'm not talking about something that disturbs the laws of physics.

It's a very versatile right that is unparalleled in the Spatial Movement family.

Mai's 'Instantaneous Movement' was great, but this is even better than it.

<The Ultimate Enchantment 'World Map', owned by Mai Furuki, was recovered from Michael when he absorbed it.


Why didn't you tell us such an important story until we were in this situation ?

I was so indignant, but Ciel-san's response was cold.

<<I explained. But the Master was distracted by the conversation with Raine and didn't listen to me.


Suddenly things are getting a little weird.

When you say you had a conversation with Raine, was it during the painting transaction?

No, I'm sure...I had some negotiations with Raine after absorbing Michael, but...

Maybe this is my fault, but wait a minute.

Why did you try to give such an important explanation at such a critical time ?

It's definitely harassment, isn't it?

<No, sir . I swear.

I was absolutely stunned.

I'm even more suspicious when you use inversion to deny it.

I can't help but think that your attempt to test me this time was just a retaliation for that time...

But I can't help but feel that pursuing this matter is a suicidal act.

More important now was how to get back from here.

I decided to turn my eyes to the future, as if I were turning away from an inconvenient truth.


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