The City of Terror - Chapter 638

Chapter 638: 638

Chapter 638: Chapter 638 – Demon Prawn

On the other hand, the most important thing to do now was to gather more demon blood in order to settle the matter with the Mutated Dock .

Wei Xiao Bei originally wanted to use the Prawn Demon’s blood to attract the Crab Demons, but now, with six subordinates, the effect of attracting monsters would be higher .

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei gave each of the Prawn Demons a name in order, Prawn One, Prawn Two, Prawn Three… . .

He did not think too much about the naming as this was only done for convenience .

“King, how should we address you?”

After talking with each other for the past three hours, these Prawn Demons’ language skills had developed significantly . Although there were still some problems, it was a lot better compared to before .

Prawn Three, who appeared to be the smartest among them, hesitated and bravely asked .


Right, I wonder what name would be good?

Wei Xiao Bei thought for a bit and immediately asked, “What are the names of the Demon Kings round this place?”

When in Rome do as Romans do . He planned to listen to what other Demon Kings called themselves first . Choosing one afterward won’t be a problem .

“Toward the north, the Demon King calls itself the Small Shellfish Demon King . The one in the west calls itself, the Blue Crab Demon King . The one south calls itself the Long Band Demon King… . ”

Prawn Three’s memory was not bad . He had continued jabbering on and recounted the Demon Kings within 10 kilometers .

It could be said that Wei Xiao Bei had underestimated the chaos in this sea region .

Within 10 kilometers there were seven Demon Kings!

However, their names were simply too strange .

It was probably just them placing their tribe’s name and adding ‘Demon King’ behind .

I shouldn’t call myself a Human Demon King right?

Wei Xiao Bei was instantly grossed out by his thoughts .

He even almost vomitted from the thought of it .

“Call this king Electric Eel Demon King!” Wei Xiao Bei suddenly thought about how he could release electricity and gave himself this name .

“Electric Eel Demon King?”

From Prawn One to Prawn Six, all of them seemed a bit doubtful, but Prawn Three quickly reacted and kowtowed, “Greeting oh King, I will definitely spread the king’s name!”

Seeing Prawn Three’s actions, the other Prawn Demons regretted being slow . Such a good chance to bootlick had been stolen from them by the Prawn Three .

However, acting late was better than never . The other Prawn Demons also followed suit and kowtowed and praised Wei Xiao Bei .

One said that Wei Xiao Bei’s body was as strong as the sea, one said that Wei Xiao Bei had a huge appetite that could eat two whales at once, one even said that Wei Xiao Bei could unite the entire seas .

This round of praises made Wei Xiao Bei speechless .

Luckily, he knew that these demons had intelligence, but because they had been living in the seas, their knowledge was superficial . They did not even understand how to praise someone . They only knew how to eat and strengthen themselves .

After all, one was their foundation of survival, and the other was to protect their lives .

“Enough! You should first bring some aquatic demons to me . I have some uses for them . ”

Wei Xiao Bei immediately raised up his hand . The Prawn Demons that had just understood the meaning behind this immediately stopped speaking .

They were revering Wei Xiao Bei . This could not be helped as the previous 40+ prawns had been instantly killed by him .

It was simply like meeting a slasher that had already killed a street of people . Who would not be afraid of this?

Hearing Wei Xiao Bei’s orders, every prawn nodded their head, but something troublesome had come . After obtaining the orders, they did not immediately set out . They only stood on the spot and discussed with each other .

“I have been named by the king as Prawn One . Then, that means I am the leader . You must listen to me . We should lure in the Black Crab tribe and let the king have a killing!”

“What! Didn’t you know that six is the largest number among us? You should listen to me . We should lure in the Red Crab tribe and let the king have a killing!”

“Why? I, Prawn Three am the smartest . Do you even know how to lure them in? It’s better to lure in the Yellow Crab tribe and let the king have a killing!”


For a moment, the six Prawn Demons were arguing endlessly . Each of them had their own reasons and needed to settle on a pecking order .

However, in the end, they would add ‘let the king have a killing’ to their sentences, making Wei Xiao Bei not know whether to laugh or cry .

They were probably treating him as a homicidal maniac .

It was impossible for him to wait until they finish speaking .

What a joke it was . What he did was just confer the name from top to bottom without any thought of hierarchy .

“All of you stop! You are going to be this king’s troops in the future . Prawn Three will be the captain, and Prawn One will be the vice-captain . When Prawn Three is not there, then Prawn One will act as a substitute . Any objections?”

In just one moment, Wei Xiao Bei had settled the problem .

Even if the prawn demons had an objection, they did not dare say it out loud and immediately agreed .

Afterward, under Prawn Three’s leadership, they left in a single file toward the territory of the Yellow Crab tribe .

It could be said that the thoughts of these demons were a lot purer compared to human thoughts .

If it was a human being, even if they had witnessed a massacre in front of them, there might just be someone from the group that would encourage everyone to go home once Wei Xiao Bei was not there . There might even be someone thinking of taking Wei Xiao Bei’s position .

However, in the eyes of the demons, as long as they complied with the orders, then they would follow it as long as they were not pushed into a corner .

Naturally, if a person did not have enough strength, then it was easier for them to betray . After all, what they revered was strength!

Any creature weaker than them except for those of the same tribe was food . There were even people who would eat those of the same tribe .

After accepting the order, the Prawn Demons would feel that they now had a supporter . Even as they were swimming, their bodies were filled with morale as they swayed their feelers in high spirits .

Om the way to the territory of the Yellow Crabs, they had encountered a Sword Fish Demon and even provoked it for a fight .

However, the Sword Fish Demon did not even pay attention to them . Otherwise, with the Sword Fish Demon, at more than 10 meters long, it was impossible for it to deal with Wei Xiao Bei, but it could deal with the Prawn Demons easily .

If that was the case, everything would be a joke . The confident Prawn Demons would have been killed the moment they had set out .

With that said, Prawn Three was much more reliable . Seeing its brothers happy, he poured cold water on them . The meaning was to be vigilant as they moved to the yellow Crab Territory .

It would have been better if Prawn Three had not said that . The moment he did, all the others became terrified and shrunk back in fear .

It could be seen that they had already suffered in the hands of the Yellow Crabs before . Otherwise, they would not be afraid of their mortal enemies .

Prawn Three had been enraged by his brothers . He had to scare them some more and take out Wei Xiao Bei’s new title of Electric Eel Demon King before they continued to advance .

In front of them was a coral reef where multiple colors intersected . Aquatic plants had also covered the place like a forest, making the Prawn Demons drool .

For these Prawn Demons, a territory like this was the best place to live . With the coral reef as a barrier, it would be easy to attack and defend from, making their safety guaranteed .

However, this was the territory of the Yellow Crabs . In their fight to take away this territory, many Long Bear Prawn Demons had died here and they were unable to take control .

This could not be helped . The Yellow Crab tribe was a lot larger than the Long Beard Prawn Demons . Moreover, they have sufficient power, and in their previous fight, the Long Beard Prawn Demons had been shredded to pieces by the tribe chief of the Yellow Crabs . Even their corpses had been eaten .

This meant that the Yellow Crab tribe’s chief had become stronger .

Thinking about this, the Prawn Demons’ bodies trembled and they thought about going back .

Prawn Three was an ambitious creature . He immediately aroused them saying that they now had a supporter, saying how the enemy could easily be killed, so there was no need to worry .

Hearing Prawn Three’s words, the Prawn Demons were immediately brimming with confidence . Their killing intent soared as they charged toward the coral reef .

It could be said that Wei Xiao Bei had chosen the right captain .

Otherwise, the group would have already dispersed .

Cowardice was their innate nature . In situations where they had no confidence, they would not be able to display their true strength .

Soon, the Prawn Demons saw a Crab Demon that was currently on patrol . They immediately swarmed around him .

It must be said that the body of the Yellow Crab Demon was more than 1 . 5 meters in diameter . It had a thick shell and two large pincers . In one-on-one battles, they could easily suppress the Prawn Demons .

However, it had unfortunately encountered several confident Prawn Demons . When it raised its pincer, it had immediately been outflanked . They would pull its legs and poke its eyes .

In less than three minutes, the crab demon had been half-killed .

“Stop . Stop . Wait a moment . ”

After one of the crab’s eyes fell off, it immediately became mad and charged out of the encirclement toward the coral reef . A few of the Prawn Demons even prepared to march straight ahead to chase after it .

Luckily, the reliable Prawn Three was there and stopped his brothers . His brothers were simply idiots who tried to throw away their lives .

This place was the base camp of the Yellow Crab tribe!

Prawn One was rather impatient and disdainfully looked at Prawn Three, “You are too cowardly . If it was up to me, we should flatten this coral reef and let the Yellow Crab tribe cry… . ”

Before he finished his words, a small yellow mountain had risen from the coral reef .

To be more accurate, it was not a small mountain but a giant crab that was more than 10 meters in size!

“I had previously killed the old ones . Now, the young ones are sending themselves to their own deaths?”

An extremely oppressive voice echoed from the giant crab . The giant crab raised its pincer and charged forward . More than hundreds of crabs followed behind it .

Seeing this, the prawns were scared stiff . Their bodies trembled and they even forgot to run away .

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