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A Certain Night’s Dinner

Downtown in Chiral, voices stood out on the busy street which passed by the palace.

“Wow! This is delicious! It might even be better than the food at the palace!” Rafinha exclaimed.

“Yes, Rani. I can see why this restaurant is so popular lately.”

“This meat pie is just perfect! I love a good roast, but this just takes it to another level! And the crust is so crispy and delicious!”

Rafael was there too, and his smile was just as bright as Rafinha’s. “I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything this delicious before! Thanks, Rani! Thanks, Chris!”

Inglis and Rafinha had just returned from Ymir after the knights’ academy’s break, but Duke Bilford, Rafael, and Inglis’s father were also in the capital, so they ended up having dinner together.

Inglis chuckled. “I’m glad I brought along a special ingredient.”

Since this was a special occasion, the restaurant had allowed her to bring her own ingredients for their chefs to cook.

“Mister Dragon’s meat sure is delicious!♪” Rafinha said.

Great chefs could draw out the best from ingredients and transform them into truly mouthwatering delicacies. And when Inglis and Rafinha had returned from Alcard, they’d brought both a tail cut from Fufailbane and a large amount of jerky they’d made. The fresh tail had been served at the victory banquet, and what was left over had also been made into jerky, so she still had quite a bit on her hands.

“Yeah. If it’s this good, I hope more dragons show up!” Rafael said.

“And, hey! Did you know that if you eat a lot of dragon meat, you’ll get dragon lore? It’s this power dragons have! So dig in and get stronger!”

“Really? Then I need to chow down! Chris managed to take down the Prismer, but that doesn’t change my own inexperience or my duties as a holy knight. I have to get stronger!”

“Me too! I’m the only one who hasn’t gotten dragon lore, so I need to eat more of it!”

The siblings’ pace increased even more.

“Hey, wait, Rani! That’s my meat! No fair!”

“That’s fine! You’re still little, so you don’t need as much!”

Rafinha had already returned to her original size. Only Inglis was still in the form of a six-year-old.

“But that’s not fair!”

Rafinha continued, “And I hate that I’m the only one that hasn’t gotten dragon lore yet! Even though I’ve eaten just as much as Chris! Leone’s and Liselotte’s Artifacts both evolved, and Lahti didn’t even eat that much before he was able to transform!”

“I think Lahti’s especially suited to it.”

“Well, I’m gonna make up for that in volume! Gimme!”


Suddenly, Inglis’s father, Luke, called out to her. “Inglis, Daddy still has more, you can come have that.”

“Ah! Thank you, father!” Inglis hopped up into his lap and stretched her hand toward the dragon meat.

“This takes me back. You’re adorable, Inglis.” Luke happily stroked her hair.

“Dad! Give me your meat too!” Rafinha swiftly snatched some meat from Duke Bilford’s plate.

“I’m jealous. I wish I had been able to see my little Rafinha again...” Duke Bilford let out an envious sigh.

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