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Chapter 147

A line of five people, each holding a crossbow, water gun and ammunition clips along with a backpack . Yan Fei was controlling metal so it followed wherever he went . Each of them wore waterproof raincoats, helmets, gloves and rain boots, armed to the teeth .

The group carefully approached the iron door separating the 14th and 15th floor . They heard no movement outside as they quietly opened the door . Once they confirmed that there was still nothing, they continued forward .

For safety reasons Yan Fei walked in front with a shield erected . His ability had increased to four, he did not know the exact effect of his level up but is was much easier to handle more metal .

In fact, Xu Mei and Zhang Yi had also risen to level four but Yu Xinran and Song Lingling had not found matching cores . Their ability had plateaued and only needed to appropriate nucleus to go further .

The group opened the door and walked step by step through the stairwell . THere was unknown liquid, maybe blood near the completely broken windows . The cold wind blew through and everyone felt a burst of cold . When they reached the 14th floor, everyone was ready to check out the situation . Yan Fei carefully looked outside, suddenly a metal shield flew in front of him!

*Whomp* The loud echo in the almost silent hallway served as a signal of war . From some other rooms there was the sound of strange footsteps and flapping wings .

“”Pay attention and guard the corridor, priority to clearing out the zombie birds!” Luo Xun explained as he heard the sound .

Before they came down, Yan Fei had made large, dense shields that could be carried . Luo Xun and Song Lingling held their respective shields facing the corridor . The others were heavy firepower to clean up the zombie birds .

With Yan Fei in front, they soon figured out the situation of the 14th floor . The doors of 1401 and 1404 were wide open . A few zombies were lurking in the hallway and rushed out hearing noise . Although 1402 was closed, there was movement inside but it was definitely not a human voice .

As for the closed 1403, there was no movement so the situation was unclear .

*Wham, wham* Luo Xun felt something hit his shield . Song Lingling also felt the impact, the pair squatted to brace the shield .

Luo Xun pulled out his improved water gun, waiting for a chance to shoot the mushroom juice . He also mouthed to Song Lingling . “They move very fast, get up fast . ”

Song Lingling peeked over the shield, the corners of her mouth twitched . “They look hungry…”

Zhang Yi’s wind had increased the lethality of Xu Mei’s fireballs, which were whizzing through the hallway . His wind abilities were more precise so he could ensure that while the 14th floor hallway was also filled with wind, nothing got caught on fire .

Of course, the smoking zombie bird corpses that hit the walls did not count or the ones blown away .

As for Yan Fei, as long as he had metal in his hand and the opposing side was not metal based, it would be easily dealt with . For example, he manipulated the metal in front of him to pierce directly in the zombie heads . The zombies mistakenly underestimated the thin metal that suddenly crushed their heads…

Before the apocalypse, the game over screen of zombie games would be “The zombie ate your brain” but now that Yan Fei was absolutely decimating the zombies the screen would say “Human crushed your head…”

The three who leveled up last night cleaned out the zombies very fast . It was not long before all visible zombie birds were gone . Of course, Luo Xun and Song Lingling had blocked many with their shields but there were more that tried to squeeze past .

At this time Luo Xun and Song Lingling stood in the corridor and sighed as another hit the block – fortunately the elevator room corridor was relatively narrow otherwise they might have lost a few heads .

The shields in their hands had become severely deformed and the two started to attack the undead birds with mushroom juice . The battle on the 14th floor was finally over and the others rushed to assist Luo Xun with the zombie bodies in the hallway . Yan Fei immediately blocked the open houses with metal to solve their security problems, and also helped process the zombie birds .

It was nearly an hour before they cleared all the zombie birds that rushed into the hallway . They checked the two closed homes, confirmed that everything was calm and the ragged windows were sealed . They did not want to just clean the floors, also wanted to make sure that no more crazy birds came in through the windows behind them .

The base began work clearing the zombie birds, they were a very scary threat flying in the sky but once they were on the ground, half the danger was gone . They became similar to the other zombies that could only walk on the ground . The only difference was that human zombies were more stable on the ground since birds were birds and not meant to walk around .

Because of the gun firing sounds and fighting, some of the zombie birds were lured away which helped some people who were desperately fighting against the zombies .

After just one day and night, most of the zombie birds were cleared from the base . At the same time, the base population had once again plummeted .

Luo Xun’s team dragged their tired bodies back to the 16th floor . After clearing the zombies in their building and digging out the nuclei from their kills, they met other teams in the area who had ventured out to fight zombies . Most were people who were unable to move into the new town .

Unlike Luo Xun’s group, these people beat the zombie birds but their combat effectiveness and efficiency were low . Their main purpose coming out was not the nuclei but the spoils from the destroyed homes due to the zombies .

Many people saw the Otaku squad’s prowess and wanted to win them as allies . The group of five silently reviewed whether they were too kind while they were clearing out the zombies . While they were working, empty houses were sealed after the zombies were dead before turning around and walking away .
As for houses where there were signs of other living people, they did not knock on the doors as they passed by, let alone finding allies to fight with .

But while those people were clearing up zombies, in addition to accepting ‘inheritance’, they could also receive a ‘lifesaving fee’ from anyone who ended up alone with zombies . They could not only take some nuclei but also any other needed supplies .

It was winter, everyone was short on food . Although people suffered a big loss after getting attacked by zombie birds, the losses could be mitigated if they went to other’s homes for food .

“You’re back? How did it go?” Noticing that Luo Xun and company had returned, the group of students ran out with their weapons and asked in concern .

“Most of our building and the one next door had been cleared, the rest of the neighborhood is less cleared but there should be teams in those areas as well . There are basically no zombie birds on the nearby street but be careful when you go out . ” Luo Xun explained while petting Puppy who was wagging her tail .

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and spoke of other topics .

Wang Duo said, “At noon, someone ran to our floor and seemed to want to pry open the door . When they heard us they ran away . We watched the balcony for a while and did not see anyone leave, it must have been someone in our own building . ”

Wu Xin angrily scolded, “What kind of person was that? Brother Luo and the others cleaned up the zombies in the building and when people come out, they don’t want to help fight zombies but come up to break in!”

Luo Xun, Xu Mei and Yan Fei exchanged helpless smiles . Zhang Yi had an indifferent sneer, “Whatever, you’ve never seen those people help fight zombies in their homes and they are no different than robbers . ”

The group could not help but complain . The alarms that had been quiet for two days suddenly started ringing across base . They nearly forgot that this time there were not only those horrible zombie birds that could fly directly into base but also the base was surrounded by who knew how many zombies!


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