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Chapter 47

Chapter 47 New Neighbor


Get up, wash, change clothes .

Yan Fei found he should have settled the matter with Luo Xun earlier . Although Luo Xun’s skin was thin, he was not a posturing person . Since the relationship between the two had been properly outlined, he would not refuse some of Yan Fei’s gestures: kiss, touching, hooking up…In short he would not react badly to some acts of intimacy but it would not be like before .

He would not mind a bit of hand holding or a quick kiss .

So Yan Fei felt at a loss, fortunately the stalemate would not last long . If he waited for a few more days, would it be a good way to eat meat? Well, it was going to be faster, last night had a very good atmosphere .

Luo Xun went to knock on the door of 1601 after breakfast to call the students, unaware that someone stared at their butt . “We are ready to move the steel plate so the new neighbors can come over and see the situation . Make sure the people do not trip on the things in the corridor . ”

“Okay, no problem . ”

“Luo Xun rest assured, we have enough people to clear the corridor in a flash . ”

There were a lot of things in the corridor but all the stuff was big, people who wanted to steal would not be able to and could only see .

Yan Fei moved the three large plates away, temporarily piled them against a wall . Would he put them back in place afterwards? He would decide after seeing what kind of person moved in . If they went downstairs often, they could not seal . Yan Fei could reinforce their house doors and windows – Luo Xun was very experienced, the two would discuss back home .

The walls of the home still needed to be left for a while, they had to be completely dry before they could continue . Luo Xun decided to take the opportunity to install bathroom and balcony tiles .

The washroom already had a toilet built in, usable though the quality was not good but it did not need replacement .

But the rest needed to be rebuilt, wrapped and tiles and other things needed to be set .

Luo Xun looked around and decided to directly seal the gas pipe- there had not been a chance to use and it occupied space . However some would be left where the cooker was placed .

The group of students worked in the kitchen for half a day, they went back to their own side to start after they figured out how to paste tiles . Their hands were much quicker; when they were almost done, they would come over and help Luo Xun .

Everyone was a novice so they did not dare make too much mortar or touch all the walls . The floor was paved with bricks so they chose a wall . Calculated the number of tiles, allocated a number of blocks then rapidly started .

With the advantage of dexterity, after 20 minutes a wall was plastered with clean, white tiles . Luo Xun checked whether the tiles were flat, if there was a need to adjust .

Yan Fei suddenly signalled . “Someone came up . ”

He hurriedly put down his things to go out the door, faintly heard voices from the stairs .

Today 1601 and 1603 left the gate open for two reasons . One so that  everyone could trade tiles when needed . The second was to listen for sound in the corridor .

It seemed that all the bad guys knew that the 16th floor had been sealed so no one malicious came up to spy on the situation . Therefore, who was coming in broad daylight?

Yan Fei had also heard the sound, always paid attention to his surroundings . Naturally the five people heard the sounds in the stairwell as well .

Li Tie and the others also ran out after putting down their work . Not long after several people climbed the stairs to their floor .

“Ah, sure enough there is no such thing!”

“You are all here! Right, this is your new neighbor . ” Seeing Luo Xun and the other people, the sergeant laughed to the man beside him .

“Welcome, welcome…Hey?” Standing in front Li Tie stared in wide eyed surprise .

“Huh?” He Qiankun also opened his mouth .

Luo Xun curiously looked and his jaw dropped, he turned and gave a glance at Yan Fei .

Wu Xin raised his hand to point at the man . “Who, who, who? His face is very familiar but what his name?”

Yan Fei calmly responded . “Zhang Yi . ”

Zhang Yi also looked at the people upstairs with surprise…what a coincidence .

“Hey? You all know each other?” The sergeant was not the same one they had met yesterday, but they had met before . Luo Xun remembered that he was sergeant Ding .

Luo Xun nodded . “We met the last time we left base . ”

Lieutenant Ding spoke up . “It was you who brought him into base? That’s good . ” That was great! He could finally get rid of the baggage!

Luo Xun and company did not understand why the soldiers who heard this walked with a bounce in their step as they escorted they guy upstairs . Zhang Yi calmy nodded to the group, one arm wrapped with gauze .

A soldier opened the door first before lieutenant Ding went through . He was surprised to see the mess in the corridor . “So many things…What are they for?”

Li Tie grinned . “Last time we went to building material store to get a batch of renovation materials . Recently painted the walls, today we are about to stick tiles!:

Lieutenant Ding looked incredulously at the group of people . “You are very skilled . You managed to go out on a trip and not only get some food but also these…”

He Qiankun’s face fell . “No other way, the floor is cement, not comfortable to sleep on . We used quite a few days to go out and bring these things back . Now the sleeping bed is too small, I almost fell from the top last night . ”

Wang Duo raised his hand . “I’ve fallen three times!”

Luo Xun was taken aback, that thing could be used as a bed? Lying on top of the thing? There was no padding, how would he sleep or fall?

Lieutenant Ding and the soldiers were incredulous . “What kind of bed do you have?” What kind of bed would make people fall off three times?

“The beauty salon had one with a small hole!” He Qiankun quickly explained .

Wu Xin patted him on the back of the head . “That is not a hole, it is to let people place their face . Did I not give a board to block that?”

“Don’t you know me? I was so heavy that last night, turning almost folded the board! Almost got splinters!” He said justly .

The soldier smiled and opened the door with some effort . “You guys…right, Doctor Zhang this room is yours . Are you satisfied?”

Zhang Yi at the back, who had not spoken after saying hello to Luo Xun, gave a slight nod . What was not satisfactory? The house was very big, the lighting was good, not luxurious but more comfortable then being outside ready to flee at a moment’s notice .

Li Tie exclaimed . “Is he living alone!?”

Base housing was very tight . It was clear when Li Tie and the others had come to base . The five of them were allocated a set of bedrooms . When they went out yesterday they inquired about news, it was common for 10 or so people in two bedrooms .

He Qiankun’s face was full of envy . “Having an ability is really good…”

The expressions of lieutenant Ding and the soldiers all distorted . Ding coughed . “…He’s an exception . ” In this case, they did not want anything horrible to happen .

Zhang Yi suddenly turned around, peach blossom eyes and a smile like spring . “They are afraid the people on base will be dead men . ”


“Dead? What dead men?” Li Tie and the others were confused .

Luo Xun quietly took a step back, that smile was too bright, a brilliant creepiness, bst hide away for safety . Upon retreating, he hit Yan Fei standing beside him . Yan Fei naturally hugged his waist into a protective hold . Luo Xun instantly felt a bit on confidence, having a boyfriend was good! Especially when the boyfriend was a powerful ability user .

Lieutenant Ding and company also silently stepped away from Zhang Yi . A few soldiers hurriedly carried things into the living room as fast as possible, ready to evacuate .

“Nothing, I accidentally hurt a few people at the base hospital . ” Zhang Yi still had a calm face .

Li Tie still did not understand . “Hurt people? Was there a bad guy who wanted to bully you?”

“Ah!” Han Li clapped . “Was it the people who framed you before?”

Zhang Yi’s smile closed up .

He Qiankun beat his chest . “Rest assured! It is absolutely safe to live here! Yan Fei can block the gate, unless we want to go out, otherwise no one can enter!”

“Yes, Yan Fei can help make the windows stronger!: Li Tie nodded . “We can also make planting shelves . Luo Xun does it better then us, we could teach you then you can grow food at home to eat!” No going out, growing vegetables at home during the apocalypse, could not be safer!

Lieutenant Ding suddenly asked . “You can grow things at home?”

“Yes! Yellow bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, peanuts and so on . When the weather is warm and the house is renovated, we can plant out!” Li Tie explained .

Lieutenant Ding hurriedly continued . “Please inform us when you succeed . In the future if there is surplus the base would like to acquire some . ”

The base was studying planting problems . They were responsible for the safety of the entire base which included food problems . However during the cultivation process, they found many of the crops had mutated and the mutation rate was very high!

Doubtful if the variant produce was edible, they were studying whether to promote home growing within the base . If these guys were interested and planted successfully, it could be used as an experimental example to promote!

Lieutenant Ding asked about the specific situation while Zhang Yi looked at Li Tie and the others . So that was what good people untainted by the apocalypse were like…

His line of sight went to Luo Xun and Yan Fei, seeing the two standing in the corner doorway . Although he had not talked with the two, the appearance of the two people standing together…

Seeing Yan Fei hug Luo Xun around the waist, Zhang Yi gave a huff, that fellow had bad intentions, sure enough that hand around the waist? It was only a few days!

Some people naturally had a glimpse of the relationship between the two before this point . The two had clearly broken through the bottleneck of initial contact period .

Lieutenant Ding learned that Li Tie had their own beans and vegetables at home and followed the group into their home to see the water implants . Looking at the tender green sprouts he smiled and patted their shoulders . “Good seed, this is hope for the future . ”

If home planting could really succeed, then pressure would be greatly reduced on the base . People could plant some vegetables in their home to supplement necessary nutrients and vitamins . With the cultivation of food crops, the base could maintain normal operation .

Lieutenant Ding was not very clear about the outside world since he was in charge of more domestic affairs . However he knew the situation was not very optimistic and that the number of zombies had increased greatly .

Although he was not the supreme leader, he understood that if the zombies became too powerful the humans would be confined to a smaller space . The base was surrounded by farmland but it was limited in scope and output . Therefore there was a proposal in base to promote the concept of home growing . He immediately understood the meaning of his superiors .

Li Tie and the other’s home used PVC pipe and water with homemade nutrients . Luo Xun had posted the information on the internet before the end of the world . Otherwise the plants would not germinate due to malnutrition .

After seeing the shelf, the lieutenant patted their shoulders . “Pretty good, don’t forget to tell use when you have results . This is a good way, we’ll promote this back on base . ”

Li Tie and the others smiled at the praise from the soldiers .

Before leaving, someone curiously looked at the wall and asked . “It’s dry, if a bit uneven, can you not use it now?”

Wang Duo laughed . “Only brushed the first time, have to brush a second time after it dries . ”

The person paused . “Brush a second time?”

“Huh? We looked at a home renovation booklet, brush putty three times?” Wang Duo looked confusedly at Han Li, who hurriedly nodded .

A few of the soldiers chuckled . “Can use after one coat! Brush so many times, how long would that take? Now is the apocalypse, no need to be so meticulous . It should adhere for a while so long as there no cracks, leaks or peeling with a coat of latex paint . ”

He Qiankun patted Wu Xin’s shoulder . “I said not so much trouble, you had to follow the booklet!”

Li Tie nodded cheerfully . “Right! It’s going to be easier! After the wall has completely dried, we can paint the floor with a brush . ” He spoke and looked next door . “There are still a lot of things anyway . We can give Zhang Yi any leftovers . ”

For the man who had been framed by his companions, who had cut his arm to lure zombies and caused indignation due to his beautiful face, Li Tie and the others had a strong compassion for him . Especially now that everyone was neighbors, they would live together in the future and naturally should get along with each other .

Li Tie and four others nodded . Lieutenant Ding’s expression shifted . “You…good relationship?”

A few people looked at each other before speaking . “It’s okay, we came back together then split up . ”

A soldier curiously asked . “He was not angry with you? Did not start…power?”

He Qiankun responded . “What? Do what with ability?”

A line of people had gone out of the room into the corridor . Did not know what to say when they saw Zhang Yi standing in the door of 1602 with Luo Xun and Yan Fei .

Han Li remembered a previous topic and hurriedly asked . “Right, what you said before . Was it the people who harmed you before?” That was why he hurt people in the hospital?

Zhang Yi had an ambiguous looks, his eyebrows raised . “No . ”


“Then someone tried to bully you . ” Wu Xin said, no made a fuss? He did not hurt anyone while he was with them, was not crazy .

Zhang Yi had a fixed expression, blinked but did not utter a reply .

Lieutenant Ding coughed then turned to the group . “In short, you are okay with Zhang Yi . About the thing, let us know when there is a result . Also, some seeds change color after, those are mostly toxic pay attention to remove them quickly . All right let’s go . ”

After saying, they looked at Zhang Yi . He was not quite clear about what exactly caused Zhang Yi and other people to clash several times but the incidents were very big, many things in the room were broken when his ability went wild . People had more than one injury and covered in blood . If they were not found in time, the bleeding would lead to the people’s death .

Afterwards, Zhang Yi did not speak, the other parties involved also refused to say anything .

Watching Lieutenant Ding and the others go down the stairs, He Qiankun was curious . “Why not take the elevator?”

Lieutenant waved a hand . “Today someone lifted things, our physical strength is not good and everyone was using the elevator . ” Went down after speaking .

Waiting until their voices would not be heard, Han Li turned to Yan Fei and Zhang Yi . “Should we seal?”

There was no response as two pairs of peach blossom eyes looked at each other .


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