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Revolution’s Start and Shifting Shadows  

After taking the castle, tying Lord Findolph up, and giving a big victory cheer, Tsukasa and the others got to work treating the wounded.

That said, most of the people in the courtyard who ended up needing Keine’s help were from the opposing side.

None of the Elm villagers had anything worse than minor scratches, so after some basic first aid, they were free to enjoy their reunion with Lyrule. Tsukasa watched them for a bit, then called out to Masato, who was resting against the courtyard wall.

“Good work, Merchant. That was some splendid commanding you did.”

“It was lucky we were able to pull off a surprise attack like that. I think the whole thing rattled Prince pretty bad, though. He’s been puking his guts up over there in the corner since the battle ended. Shinobu had to go look after him.”

“He might not look it, but he’s got a strong heart. I’m sure he’ll be fine before long.”

“Man, I hope you’re right. But hey, we got Lyrule back. All’s well that ends well.”

“This isn’t over, and you know it. The real battle hasn’t even started yet.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Masato said, sighing. “You got a plan for what to do next?”

Tsukasa gave him a curt nod. “At a minimum, our goal is to form an internationally recognized independent nation. Merely having the nobles and the commoners reach some sort of compromise…would be pointless, I suspect. At the moment, though, we don’t come anywhere close to qualifying as a nation.”

“Yeah, true. We couldn’t even take over a single castle right,” Masato replied cynically. He glanced over at the massive hole they’d blown in the ramparts.

Most of the enemy soldiers had already fled through the aperture. Given the current strength of Tsukasa and the others, even so much as holding the domain wasn’t particularly realistic.

“Our first order of business needs to be gathering allies, either by negotiation or by force. Don’t worry, though. I have an idea.”

“Classic Tsukasa, always on the ball. Whatever your plan is, I’m sure it’s a good one.”

Masato then clearly motioned to change the topic. His expression went serious, and he followed up on what Tsukasa had told him when they’d met up to cart off Findolph’s unconscious body.

It was about what had happened to Lyrule.

“So about that, uh…trance thing Lyrule went into. Does that mean she’s the one who summoned us here?”

Tsukasa shook his head.

“…No, I don’t think so. The Lyrule with us right now probably doesn’t know anything about that. But…that doesn’t mean she bears no connection to why we’re in this world. Once the mayor wakes up, I’ll need to ask him more about her heritage. Also, I think we were right. The Seven Heroes definitely have something to do with us.”

“They saved the continent from an evil dragon, right? …I wonder what happened to them at the end of Winona’s husband’s story.”

“I don’t know. We can speculate all we want, but as far as we know, they vanished without a trace.”

“…Man, that sounds like something straight out of a JRPG.”

“Well, if this were a video game, I suppose that would make this ‘evil dragon’ or what have you the end boss we need to beat.”

“It sounds simple when you put it like that, but…it might not be a literal dragon we’re talking about.”

“What do you mean?”

“Take a look.”

Masato turned toward Tsukasa and flipped something his way.

Tsukasa caught it and laid it flat atop his palm. It was one of the gold coins of this world, emblazoned with the Freyjagard Empire’s Dragon Crest.

“…Ah. You’re right, that’s definitely a possibility,” Tsukasa muttered in agreement as he pocketed the coin.

Masato cried, “Hey, give that back!” but Tsukasa ignored him.

“Either way, we’re not going to find any answers just thinking about it. We’re missing too many pieces of the puzzle. Right now, the best we can do is just deal with each problem as it comes up. With any luck, that’ll lead us toward the road back to Earth at some point. In the meantime, though, I’ve got a job for him.” Tsukasa looked toward the still-unconscious Lord Findolph.

“Oh, speaking of jobs, you told Prince you had one for him back before the battle, right?”

“I did. What about it?”

“What’re you gonna make him do?”

Tsukasa leaned in a little closer.

“Oh, it’s simple, really. I’m going to have Akatsuki…become a god.”

“…Say what?”


A few days after Tsukasa and co had taken over the Findolph domain, Alessio du Inzaghi seized an opening to flee the castle and made his way to the largest military power in northern Freyjagard: the Gustav domain.

His aim was to seek the help of Duke Gustav in retaking Findolph. Gustav held both the highest knighthood rank, Platinum Knight, and the title of Imperial Prime Mage.

Now, however, Inzaghi’s freshly severed head was rolling over to Gustav’s feet with his face frozen in an expression of agony.

“One of the empire’s prized Silver Knights shamelessly abandoning the domain he protects and the men he commands in order to survive—how wretched. How utterly inexcusable.” Gustav’s voice dripped with loathing. He hurled aside the sword he’d used to behead Inzaghi, wiped the splash of blood from his face with a silk handkerchief, and cast off his bloodstained jacket. Then he called over a maid.

“Burn everything in this chamber and have the flooring replaced.”

“Yes, my lord.”

The one-eared maid bowed deeply. Gustav had found the mole on her right earlobe unseemly, so he’d lopped the whole ear clean off.

This country was His Majesty, the Emperor’s garden. And a garden must be pruned to maintain its beauty. Nothing ugly could be allowed to exist in it, not even for a moment.

Such was the ideology Gustav lived by. In his eyes, rebels were akin to weeds polluting that garden. To state it flatly, theirs was an existence he would not abide.

“Filthy weeds. I, Oslo el Gustav, shall burn them to the ground.”

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