Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 796

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Hearing the words of Kong Hutao, Lin Mu was happy. That was exactly what he wanted, as he had another idea in his mind. The beasts in the plane were isolated and were far stronger than most beasts in the Great Zhou continent.

It wasn't that there weren't any strong beasts; it was just that they were scattered across the world. But in the minor plane, they were all confined to the same place and would not be able to move.

'I might be able to make use of them later. The beasts should certainly respond as long as sufficient rewards are provided. And even if they don't and push comes to shove… I can just force them out onto the battlefield.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

With this in mind, Lin Mu made up a temporary plan for now and decided to go ahead with the current situation.

'The beasts are an untapped power that barely anyone in this world uses. They only use them for resources and only a few turned them into tamed beasts. Little Shrubby is just one of them who is the best example of their power.

The Grey egg is still dormant and I don't know how long it'll take to hatch. Perhaps I can use some other beasts in the forest for this.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

"You might not be able to make the same level of connection you made with Little Shrubby. That is a deeper connection that is far harder to form. Only beasts that are raised from the start or those that stay with you for a long time can form connections at that level.

Even if you tame the other beasts, they might only obey you as long as you give them sufficient rewards or satisfy their condition. Though if you consider reward, you do have an advantage that many other beast tamers would kill for." Xukong replied.

"Of course, the beast Qi will be indispensable. That will be my key to convincing the beasts. I don't think they will deny me once I give them Beast Qi in exchange." Lin Mu said.

"Most beasts will probably comply, but there are always some beasts that are either too smart or crazy to do it. That Demon beast you fought is one of them." Xukong replied.

"Ah yes… that troll beast. It really was something else, though it was quite strong as well." Lin Mu said as he remembered the beast.

A few seconds later, another thought came to his mind.

"Senior Kong Hutao… the pseudo immortal beast that attacked the western continent, just what beast was it?" Lin Mu questioned suddenly.

"Oh? That beast… it was actually an unknown beast that we don't know of, though it certainly was different from most other beasts we've seen. It had a tall stature, being over a hundred meters tall.

Its skin was rocky and rough, while tusks jutted out of his mouth." Kong Hutao went on to explain the entire appearance of the beast in detail as well as its powers to Lin Mu.

But the more Lin Mu heard of it, the more he was shocked. He wasn't shocked because of the beast's power or strength but rather because it was familiar to him.

"Senior Kong Hutao… this beast you're talking about… is it perhaps this?" Lin Mu asked as he withdrew the corpse of the Troll beast from his ring.


The heavy body of the Troll beast fell on the ground with a loud thud, shaking it slightly. Kong Hutao's eye went wide the moment he saw the corpse.


"Are you sure? This one is far smaller," Lin Mu reminded.

Kong Hutao suppressed his shock and the bad memories that came with seeing the troll beast. Even though he was a panting he still took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a few seconds.

By the time he opened them, the familiar calmness had returned to them. Kong Hutao looked at the corpse and realized that the beast was indeed smaller than the one that he had fought in the past.

"This seems to be the beast of the same kind… but this one is smaller." Kong Hutao said.

"And weaker," Lin Mu added. "When I fought this beast, it was at the Shell Genesis stage of the Dao Shell realm.

Kong Hutao's brows furrowed as he thought of something.

"Did the beast manage to leave behind some offspring back then? Its bloodline has passed on." Kong Hutao muttered.

"Indeed. This was originally a normal beast, but it managed to awaken its mixed Troll bloodline. It is actually not a normal spirit beast, but rather a demon beast." Lin Mu explained.

"Hmm… so they are called as Demon Beasts. I think I've read a little about them before, but the information didn't say much other than they were a different race of creatures." Kong Hutao said.

"Not just that, their bloodline is quite proliferated among the spirit beasts. If some of them are lucky, they might manage to awaken a Demon Beast bloodline." Lin Mu replied.

"I see… then this might not necessarily be an offspring of that pseudo immortal beast. From what I've read, some beasts can acquire bloodline by consuming the other beasts. While the one that attacked us exploded, we did manage to injure hit quite a bit.

The beasts' blood was spilled everywhere and some parts of his flesh might also have fallen around. I remember when I removed this minor plane's anchor, it also pulled in some of its surrounding areas with it.

I wouldn't be shocked if some beast consumed the blood of the beast during that time and this bloodline was obtained by it. Perhaps in all these years, the bloodlines managed to concentrate and fully awaken." Kong Hutao guessed.

"That does seem likely. That is good for us though, if this was just the effect of some blood that a beast consumed back then, it means that the chances of another one like this growing is rather low.." Lin Mu spoke.

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