Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 800

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"This… is done by King Hong." Jing Luo answered.

"Huh? Why?" Lin Mu asked looking towards the king who was awkwardly looking at him.

"I guess I should explain it then…

Basically what happened is that a few days after you left and I stabilized my cultivation base and realized that my body was pulling in all the spirit Qi of the area towards me. It was mostly fire elemental spirit Qi and it ended up causing a little chaos.

Once the fire elemental spirit Qi reached a certain level, it started causing random fires around the city. It didn't take me long to figure out that the reason was none other than my physique.

Even if I had stabilized my cultivation base, I had yet to gain control over my physique. The Dauntless Ember Physique is just as its name, and will continue to pull fire elemental spirit Qi no matter what.

I hurriedly asked Uncle Liu to call senior Jing Luo to help out as I thought only someone more experienced could help me with this. While he came here I tried to suppress the fire elemental spirit Qi and gain better control over it.

When Jing Luo finally arrived, he set up the restrictive and isolating formations that prevented the spirit Qi from leaving the confines of the palace. It could enter, but now leave.

This led to another problem, and that was it became a little too concentrated around the place and made it uninhabitable for others that were below Nascent soul realm and the commoners.

I had to send away all the servants and workers so that no harm was brought to them. It was then that Jing Luo suggested me some controlling exercises and I've been doing them since then." King Hong explained.

"I see… but cooking as an exercise?" Lin Mu asked.

"Well the exercise I taught him was related to forging. We have to finely control the flames and the temperature during forging, and that is what helped him. But in his case, he could not just randomly forge anything.

We did try that and went through more things that would utilize fire before finally settling on this… cooking." Jing Luo replied.

Lin Mu nodded his head and could relate how the two things could work, though it was still a bit strange. He then looked at the immaterial cloak that was floating around King Hong and wondered what that was.

"And what's up with the cloak, King Hong?" Lin Wu questioned.

"Ah, this? This is one of the techniques I have managed to grasp on my own. I call it the Ember Cloak and it helps me in additionally controlling the fire elemental spirit Qi. This in combination with the cooking is what's keeping it in control right now." King Hong answered.

"I understand now." Lin Mu stated.

He observed King Hong a bit more deeply and discovered something surprising.

"Oh? You broke though already?" Lin Mu said in a surprised tone.

"I did indeed. With the large amount of spirit Qi approaching me, cultivating was easier and it seemed like my physique was pushing me as well. I broke through to the Child Soul Stage of the Nascent Soul realm last month." King Hong replied.

Lin Mu raised his brows in approval and found it good that the man was getting stronger quickly. The stronger his allies were, the better it would be when the battle against Gu Yao and the northern tribes finally breaks out.

Lin Mu even wondered if there was a way to boost this process and let King Hong progress even faster.

"You can probably do that now. You do have access to the Kong Plane now. With the Dauntless Ember Physique as long as it's in an area rich in fire attribute spirit Qi, cultivating will be a breeze.

At least at the current level." Xukong suddenly spoke.

Hearing this, Lin Mu's eyes lit up, and he knew what to do later. And while he was thinking this, Jing Luo was thinking something else too.

"Lin Mu, did you breakthrough as well? I can't sense your cultivation base." Jing Luo said.

"Senior Lin Mu broke though?" Hua Wu said in surprise.

Both of them knew that Lin Mu was at the Adolescent soul stage of the Nascent Soul realm before he left for the wandering sinkhole. Even if he broke through to the next stage, it was unlikely that they would be unable to sense it.

The only reason this would be possible if he broke through an entire realm.

'But that would mean… he's at the Dao Shell realm now… Heavens! A Dao Shell realm cultivator younger than five hundred years?' Hua San calculated in his mind.

Even a talented Dao Shell realm cultivator in this world took at least five years to break through to that realm. The ones that had accomplished were considered the cream of the crop and were all top disciples of the sects or were now elders.

Anyone that managed to do something like this was a great surprise. It wasn't the same as someone younger than a hundred years or fifty years reaching the Nascent Soul realm. There were still plenty of examples in the world about people who had done that before.

Reaching the Nascent soul realm was easier, as one only needed the spirit Qi for it and resources could help in this factor. It was surviving the heavenly tribulation that killed most of the cultivators.

But once one entered the Nascent soul realm, doing the same was very difficult. Only non stop use of resources could help someone doing that. But it was something even the top sects did not do.

For the disciples that were considered talented, if they rushed ahead, they were told to slow down instead, as it would lead to their foundation becoming unstable. Even Jing Luo was over eighty years old right now and was at the Adolescent soul stage of the nascent soul realm.

Hearing the inquiry of Jing Luo, Lin Mu nodded his head.

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