Wiro Sableng - Volume 2 - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 12

When Rara Murni looked to the face behind the opened mask, it turned out that the man standing at the door was a long-haired handsome young man . Though he laughed with guffaws and chortles but his good-looking face tend to look like a childish face . On the contrary, as soon as he saw the man’s face in front of him, Kalasrenggi’s eyes narrowed, he frowned . His brain was working on overdrive, recalling where he had seen this youngster before . The second he remembered, Kalasrenggi growled . The brat in front of him was none other than the youngster who had sheltered outside the Capital last night during a heavy rain and when he was discussing with Werku Alit! This young man was also the one accublocked by Werku Alit! And he also gave this brat one of his kick!

“Remember who I am…?”

“Brother, why the hell did you poke your nose into my affairs?!” Kalasrenggi barked fiercely . His left hand slipped to his waist to reach his sheathed kris .

“Ah…of course I have my own reasons, Brother . First, you went out of your way to gift me your kick last night . Feels good actually . He… he… he… Then, I don’t really like a two-headed snake, traitor as well as filthy rapists like you… Aren’t there enough reasons to settle the score with you?!”

“Hmm…” Kalasrenggi groused .

“Looks like today I’m dealing with an extremely noble warrior, huh?! That’s such a pleasure for me!” Once he finished mocking, Kalasrenggi derided with a snort .

“Give me your name first!” he demanded .

“Why, it’s too courteous of you to ask my name . Mine has been branded on the foreheads of your three minions!” answered the young man . Kalasrenggi smirked in sarcasm .

“This is the first time I met a brat whose name comprises of three numbers . Silly numbers!” The young man laughed .

“Perhaps those numbers are indeed silly! But not as silly as a traitor like you Kalasrenggi!”

“You already knew my name . Why don’t you just scram and keep your life?”

“What? Run away? Then you will resume your disgusting lust to Princess Rara Murni? I’m not that stupid and coward like you think, Kalasrenggi!”

“If you have guts like you said, see how you endure this!” Kalasrenggi ragingly shouted . With one quick jump Kalasrenggi released a bare-handed technique . This formidable technique, however, could somehow be dodged by his opponent effortlessly, even all the while whistling and chuckling merrily .

“Kalasrenggi, if you want to trade punches let’s do it outside, not here!” the long-haired youngster, also known as the 212 Fighter Wiro Sableng argued . It was on his purpose to say that because he was worried that Rara Murni who was in that room will be inflicted with the ensuing battle .

“No need to blab! You must die horribly here witnessed by my dead men!” Kalasrenggi yelled in reply . For the second time, the traitorous captain of Pajajaran army attacked, even fiercer than before . In an instance the opponent he attacked vanished without a trace . Behind him, he heard a whistling sound .

“I’m here Kalasrenggi, why attacking a blank spot?!” Kalasrenggi gritted his jaws . He turned around fast and attacked even more viciously . His arms moved swiftly, sending destructive punches, his legs kicked consecutively . His attacks created a storming violent wind . It seemed Kalasrenggi’s martial skills was not of mediocre levels . From the winds released by his punches and kicks, Wiro was able to estimate his opponent’s level . The young man made a quick movement to avoid any risks . In a short time, three stances have been executed . During the fourth stance Wiro Sableng could see Rara Murni escaping from the temple . While bowing to dodge Kalasrenggi’s jab, Wiro Sableng yelled, “Rara, wait! Don’t leave!”

The girl did not heed his words of course . While tucking up her skirt Rara Murni accelerated her speed . The 212 Fighter had no choice but to throw a right hand punch to the girl’s both legs . A freezing whirlwind blew fast and hard . Rara Murni felt as if her legs were showered with ice water, which made both legs rigid and unable to move . Her escape was stopped abruptly . Seeing the opportunity of his opponent distracted in executing two techniques simultaneously, Kalasrenggi attempted to break his opponent’s defense . The kicks from his right leg and punches from both hands attacked in tight sequences directed to Wiro Sableng’s weakest spots! However, with a war cry and a flashing dodge the three attacks could be avoided by the 212 Fighter . Enraged, Kalasrenggi lunged to his opponent with a series of vicious strikes . This time, when Kalasrenggi sent a right hand punch straight to his face, 212 Fighter abruptly counterattacked with his own punch . Then the clash between the two fists collided! Kalasrenggi wailed . He was thrown backward until his back rammed the temple walls . His right arm that collided with his opponent’s looked bruised and swollen . It was severely painful! Because previously Wiro Sableng confronted him indifferently, it was beyond Kalasrenggi’s prediction that his opponent’s martial skills was of such high levels . Once he massaged his bluish swollen arm and channeled his inner power to the battered section, Kalasrenggi drew a kris from his waist with his left hand . This weapon, apparently a sanctified heirloom, glowed with blue light . Without uttering a single word, the captain of Pajajaran army immediately executed a formidable attack . Kalasrenggi was indeed left-handed and his swordsmanship was of an exceptional level . With the use of his left hand, the attacks from that weapon became surprisingly agile and unpredictable . However, 212 Fighter had already formulated a plan for the two-faced traitor! He purposely dodged and fended off Kalasrenggi’s kris attacks and slashes for a while . The traitorous captain was becoming more furious and desperate . He hastened his technique speed but to no avail, being unable to inflict a fatal strike to his opponent .

“Hold your weapon tight, Kalasrenggi!” 212 Fighter reminded him . Kalasrenggi did not understand his opponent’s nonsense . He even could not see clearly Wiro Sableng’s hands movements . He just knew suddenly he felt the kris was disarmed from his hand . This man gave a muffled scream . He looked in disbelief upon seeing the kris was no longer in his left hand! Wiro Sableng chuckled and jumped forward . His right hand was stretched as if he was gripping Kalasrenggi’s face . The one attacked immediately stooped and tried to send an elbow attack to the opponent’s abdomen . However, this time Kalasrenggi was tricked . The gripping hand was merely a feint attack . With no way to dodge, Wiro Sableng’s two right fingers stabbed Kalasrenggi’s left ribs . In that second, Kalasrenggi’s body became rigidly unmoving . He could no longer move his limbs, but he could still speak, his ears could still listen, and his other senses still performed well . The 212 Fighter purposely accublocked the man in such a way to serve his mischievous plan . While laughing and scratching his head, Wiro Sableng looked upon Kalasrenggi for a while, then this young warrior stepped closer to Rara Murni . He loosened the accublocking which previously stiffened the girl . Feeling she could move her legs again, Rara Murni intended to escape however her hands were immediately caught by Wiro Sableng .

“Let go of my hands!” Rara Murni demanded .

“No need to be afraid of me, Rara Murni” said the 212 Fighter .

“Who are you?!” Rara Murni retorted and struggled to release her hands .

“Who I am is of no importance now . However, are you just going to leave Kalasrenggi quietly without exacting a punishment as he deserved?!”

“I will report his crime to the King . The royal guards will drag him back to Pakuan! He will surely be banished to the Hell island!” 212 Fighter smiled .

“This temple might as well be his purgatory, Rara Murni . Come with me, I’ll show you the most appropriate way to punish treacherous scum like him!” 212 Fighter tied Kalasrenggi’s ankles with a rope . Kalasrenggi, with his accupoint-blocked body could still hear, feel, and speak:

“Bastard! What are you doing to me?!”

“Ah, how can you still say bastard to me, Brother…” 212 Fighter chortled playfully .

“Have you ever seen the world upside down?! To see with your legs up and your head down?!”

“What do you mean?!” Kalasrenggi snapped . However in his heart he could guess what Wiro Sableng would do and he was nervously drenched in cold sweat .

“We will witness what I mean together, Kalasrenggi,” Wiro Sableng replied . Once he pulled the rope binding Kalasrenggi’s ankles, the man crashed to the temple floor . Curses and cries of agony could be heard from Kalasrenggi’s mouth .

“Just shut your mouth, your curses are useless,” commented the 212 Fighter . He looked up to the temple roof and saw a pole stretching under the roof . The tip of the rope he held was thrown over the pole . Once the rope was thrown and twined on the pole, Warrior 212 began hoisting Kalasrenggi’s body . The world gradually looked all dark for Kalasrenggi . Within a few minutes, his face became very red due to the blood flowing down his face . The man tried to struggle free, however his body was immobilized, being hanged upside down and swaying helplessly like a sand bag! Kalasrenggi could only cursed and swore ceaselessly that he tired himself out . The 212 Fighter guffawed like an old man . He turned around to Rara Murni then asked Kalasrenggi:

“What do you think, does the world look beautiful when seen upside down…?”

“By all demons, once I get free I swear to butcher you, f**ker…!” Kalasrenggi snarled .

“Your swearing is high and mighty, Kalasrenggi . But can you release yourself from the strokes of my fingers…?” Smirking in mischief, Wiro Sableng stepped closer to Kalasrenggi . Then all ten of his fingers were directed to tickle Kalasrenggi’s ribs! The man screamed, howled so loudly that his voice became hoarse and sore! Wiro Sableng laughed heartily . Rara Murni herself could barely hold her laugh . And Kalasrenggi kept screaming, yelling, howling and shrieking with such croaky voice!

“Rara Murni, why are you doing nothing? If you want to settle the score with him, this is the perfect chance!” Wiro Sableng said . Her rage was indeed still overflowing for what he had done to her, however lingering there any second longer would only incite Rara Murni’s anxiety . This girl anyhow could not relieve herself from worries over the long-haired young man’s identity, although he had saved her and defended her honor . Therefore without saying a single reply to Wiro Sableng and wasting no time, Rara Murni immediately ran away, leaving the temple . This time Wiro Sableng did nothing to hold her back, he just followed the girl’s escape with his eyes .

“Foolish girl!” The 212 Fighter cursed quietly .

“Does she really think the Capital is close from here!”

When Rara Murni disappeared behind the thick leaves of the woods in Limanaluk valley, then the 212 Fighter immediately moved, secretly chasing after her…

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