Wiro Sableng - Volume 3 - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 3

Gagak Kumara’s last effort to defend himself was to parry the attack by crossing the kris in front of his face . The broken Azure Demon Sword slashed, both weapons hit violently, shooting sparks when they clashed and Gagak Kumara’s kris was snapped in two while his opponent’s weapon cut his face!

The eldest disciple of the White Lotus School staggered backwards . Blood spurted from his face split by gaping, horrible wound . Slowly, his knees bent and his waist buckled . Gagak Kumara fell to his knees before he collapsed, breathing his last while he still managed to throw the broken kris in his hands with all his might to Kalingundil . However, the futile attack could be easily dodged by Kalingundil .

Kalingundil chuckled . The blood stains on the broken Azure Demon Sword was wiped off with his shirt and sheathed back to behind his waist . Then the man turned his body around . With lustful eyes, he observed Wurnimulan and Nyiratih’s face and body who stood paralyzed due to his accublocking attack .

“He… he… he… there’s no need for you two to die quickly…,” Kalingundil said . He stuck out the tip of his tongue to wet his lips . He approached Wurnimulan . His left hand moved and “rippp!” The girl’s martial arts attire was ripped off . Her breasts popped out wide open, white and firm . Kalingundil burned with seething lust . His left hand moved, never stop groping…again and again…

MEANWHILE at the top of Galunggung Mountains…

In his meditation which had lasted for nineteen days suddenly Wirasokananta’s mind could not get focused . His senses gradually were disturbed one by one . His efforts to concentrate his mind and soul power and close off all of his senses in the end were in vain . Everything was dispersed . The harder he tried to meditate, the more difficult it was to gain his focus . In the end, the martial arts master that had reached half-a-century-old age had to open his eyes, which he had closed for those last nineteen days .

His eyes looked far away, glancing at the cave entrance where he meditated . Everything he saw at the moment, the wilderness, rivers and hills, the sun, the bright sky spotted with clouds… everything looked the same as when he arrived at that place, no apparent changes happened . Nevertheless, he felt something was not right, his instincts led him to a restless feeling which made him anxious . Even when there was no physical change from the things he could see at the top of Galunggung Mountains, the old martial artist, battle-hardened and well-versed with countless experiences knew that something had happened in the outside world there . He wiped his face with both hands . After contemplating for a while, he slowly descended from the black rock where he previously sat to meditate . The part where the old man previously sat was indented . This could indicate the might of Wirasokananta’s physical as well as inner powers .

He wiped his face again . “Probably something happened at the School…,” Wirasokananta mumbled in silence . Using his “Thousand Winds” light body technique, in one movement the old man’s body flashed from the cave entrance and was seen running downhill the top of Galunggung Mountain with speed comparable to the wind itself!

In his disbelief, at the front gate of the school Wirasokananta stood motionless for a good few seconds! The rigid posture then changed into whole-body trembling .

“O Merciful God… who had done this terrible crime?” he murmured . “What sins have we committed that we deserve to receive this kind of punishment…?”

His disciples lay scattered on the ground . All of them lifeless and drowned in their own pool of blood . Yet what grieved the Master of the White Lotus School most was seeing the condition of his two female disciples, Wurnimulan and Nyiratih . Both of them lay dead on the floor without a single thread covering their bodies . The kris that belonged to each of them was pierced to their throats and blood soaked all over their body, from their neck to their breasts and crotch…

Wirasokananta closed his eyes, unable to bear any longer the sight of what lie ahead of him . No matter how he tried to brace his aching heart, tears still shed from his closed eyes . He held the sob in his throat, trying hard not to . For years he had trained his eight disciples, for years they fought together to uphold righteousness and destroy injustice, for years they stood united to annihilate evil deeds, debauchery and depravity . However, today his disciples’ met such tragic end . They were butchered mercilessly beyond Wirasokananta’s belief .

With his eyes closed, the Master of White Lotus School tried to think and guess who the perpetrator behind the brutal atrocity befallen on his disciples, but to no avail since as long as his memory served him right he never forged enmity with anyone in the world of martial arts .

Wirasokananta opened his eyes again . At this moment, his teary eyes stumbled upon a big book of his own writing which was nailed with one of his disicple’s kris! A sentence – written with blood – was penned on the book cover .

To the Master:

“White Lotus School”

If you want to take your revenge on the deaths of your disciples, come to the top of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain on the day 13 of the 12th month .

Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter


Wirasokananta’s tear-stained eyes narrowed, flowing the remaining tears down his cheeks .

His memories went back to the past few decades: Once, the martial world had been in great upheaval caused by a prominent figure of unrivalled might . This figure who had dominated the martial world for years was known as Granny Sinto Gendeng, a female martial artist armed with a magical weapon called The Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 . Her name had been held in high regards among the white faction martial artists because the 212 Fighter was a crime fighter and defender of the weak . On the contrary, for the black faction martial artists she had been a major menace, greatly feared and hated!

During the time of 212 Fighter’s renowned actions, Wirasokananta at that time had not yet established his White Lotus School, however given the state that they came from the same aligned white faction it was natural that there had never been strife nor enmity between 212 Fighter and him .

Today the bloody tragedy happened, a massacre ended with a letter of challenge left as evidence, and the name of “Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter” was mentioned in the letter! It clearly did not make sense for Wirasokananta . And what was the meaning and relation to that name “Wiro Sableng”?!

The Master of White Lotus School tried to envisage .

His thought came back to the time of tens of years ago . At the time when the martial world was shocked upon witnessing the might of 212 Fighter, she suddenly vanished without a trace! Of her disappearance, many figures in the martial world had theorized, it was possible that the 212 Fighter exiled herself purposely to seek peace and serenity from the martial world, or she met her death in unexpected ways, although this assumption was uttered with doubts .

But now with the massacre inflicted upon the White Lotus School, Wirasokananta gradually was convinced that there must be something happened to Granny Sinto Gendeng, the figure he knew as the 212 Fighter . He came to a conclusion that during a ferocious battle unknown to the rest of the world, 212 Fighter was defeated by the hands of a newcomer called Wiro Sableng . It was highly possible that 212 Fighter was slain by that Wiro Sableng, who then seized the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 and wandered in the martial world while taking on the name of the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter!

The Master of the White Lotus School resumed his thought to explore the possibilities of figuring out the identity of this Wiro Sableng . It was a new name to him . However, even when he could not recognize someone with that name, Wirasokananta believed that both he and his disciples of the White Lotus School never provoked any hatred nor enmity to deserve such deep-set vengeance! The reason of such slaughter upon his disciples was still a complete mystery for Wirasokananta . Whenever his eyes looked at the writing of blood declaring that challenge, he felt incensed with rage! Month 12 was still nine months away from now! Should he wait that long to confront him directly and settle the score with Wiro Sableng? Or should he leave the School in that instance and hunt down that merciless murderer?

However, Wirasokananta knew what was necessary at the moment was to bury his eight disciples’ bodies in the front yard of the School .

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