Wiro Sableng - Volume 4 - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 12

SULTAN was very anxious and worried when he saw the condition of the 212 Fighter that looked really bad . Along with Blue Veiled Goddess, they put Wiro gently on the floor, a folded fabric was put under his head as a pillow .

“Goddess, is… is he…?” Sultan couldn’t bear to finished his question .

“Dewi, apakah… apakah dia…?” Sultan tak bisa meneruskan pertanyaannya .

Blue Veiled Goddess took a deep breath, “It was actually my fault for calling out his name back in the fight,” the lady said . She once more inhaled deeply, “but his wounds weren’t really bad . He would definitely be healed by tomorrow morning . Luckily he has deep and profound martial arts, otherwise his entire innards would definitely had been yanked out of his mouth . ”

“Goddess, you are privy of this young man’s name . Are you two somehow were acquainted before this…”

Blue Veiled Goddess dodged the question with another one back at Sultan, “and how about you yourself… what kind of relationship do you have with him?”

And thus Sultan Hasanuddin recounted the story how he first met and was rescued by 212 Fighter . Upon hearing the story, Blue Veiled Goddess’ pair of eyes shone brightly . This certainly didn’t pass from Sultan’s own attention, making him even more certain that there has to be something between Blue Veiled Goddess with the 212 Fighter prior to this encounter, but he didn’t have the heart to dig deeper into the matter .

“He is indeed plenty mighty, Sultan,” said the goddess . “His attitudes were sometime incredibly hilarious, but at the same time also often offend people . Many people thought that he had something wrong with his brain . But his heart was as pure as a pearl, as white as paper, and honest… Some of the top figures in the martial arts world had already prophesied that one day he would be the one sitting on top of the martial world…”

Sultan Hasanuddin nodded approvingly .

“Sultan, in this case we don’t have much time . I will impart to you several martial skills and also the “Blue Chariot Smoke” technique…”

“My deepest and utmost gratitude to you, Goddess,” said Sultan exultantly .

“Please sit down cross legged and close your eyes,” ordered Blue Veiled Goddess

Sultan followed the instruction . He sat cross legged and closed his eyes . Blue Veiled Goddess then channeled her inner power into Sultan’s body through his shoulder . After he received the inner power channeling, Sultan felt that his body felt so light and fresh .

“I will now teach you two kinds of martial skills . These two martial skills have ever been mastered by four people in total, namely Sabrang Lor (Northern Crossing) Martial Artist, Saint Warajana, and Purple Chariot Goddess . All three of them had passed away . I am its fourth inheritor and upon teaching you this you will be its fifth inheritor! The first technique is the “Berserk Thousand Head Dragon”, while the second is the “Golden Garuda Talon” technique . The two of them are incomparable techniques close to none other in the whole martial world . When you truly believe it and put your heart into it, you can be certain that no ordinary martial artist will be your match . ”

“Thank you Goddess… Thousands of gratitude to you . If it is so, then Goddess was a disciple of the Purple Chariot Goddess…?”

The Goddess nodded in affirmation . “Let us start,” she said .

As Sultan already had a firm foundation in high level martial arts, the two techniques that were taught to him could be easily and quickly comprehended . Blue veiled Goddess was ecstatic seeing his progress . And then she also imparted the “Blue Chariot Smoke” technique . This technique was quite hard to comprehend at the beginning by Sultan, but due to his own hard work, a few hours later he managed to have initial mastery in it .

“Your comprehension was astounding, Sultan,” said the Blue Veiled Goddess . “Tonight, all the way to tomorrow morning, keep on cultivating and practicing . ”

“I shall observe Goddess’ advices,” answered the Sultan . And that night, Sultan cultivated by himself, while Blue Veiled Goddess sat down in meditation . Even though her eyes were closed shut but whenever there were any mistakes in the techniques being practiced by Sultan, she would know about it and even made some inputs!

The next morning…

Outside the cave, birds were chirping left and right, welcoming the morning which was started by the rising light from the east horizon . Inside the cave, Sultan was sitting face-to-face with blue Veiled Goddess .

“Put faith and effort in cultivating these techniques that you now own, Sultan . One day you will be able to prove their usefulness on your own . Now, while the day is new, while the air is fresh, quickly depart to Demak . In my meditation session last night I had a bit of premonition from the Almighty that the reign of the rebels that are now clawing Banten would not be long…”

Sultan nodded . He gazed upon the body of 212 Fighter that was still laying unconscious, How about this good friend of mine, Goddess? If possible, I would like to go with him together on this journey…”

Blue Veiled goddess shook her head, “In the effort to vanquish those rebels, in upholding the just and destroying the evil, the two of you are one in intent and one in heart . But to get to your destination, each of you would have your own ways and means . I hope you can see this, Sultan…”

Sultan Hasanuddn pondered for a moment . What the Blue Veiled Goddess just said was indeed something he also could understand . He once more looked at Wiro Sableng, “Will he be able to come to and be healed soon, Goddess” asked the Sultan .

The Goddess nodded in confirmation .

“About Andjarsari and the Tumbal Wilayuda kris… can you give me some clue…?”

“Andjarsari was kidnapped by the Soul Snatching Devil Cult, Tumbal Wilayuda kris was also taken by them…”

“Then…” said Sultan with his fist clenched in anger, “I shall find their lair!”

Blue Veiled Goddess shook her head, “Not only it is very dangerous, but you must also quickly go to Demak at this very moment, Sultan . ”

“I don’t fear death!” manly said the Sultan . “I am willing to sacrifice my own life to retake the rightful Banten one more time . ”

“I commend your valiant and love to the Kingdom of Banten, Sultan . But do remember, it seems that your way to reach your plan was by following your own whim . If anything went wrong, you will get yourself in danger and Banten will stay at the hands of the rebels and Parit Wulung . ”

“If you advise so, then I shall obey,” Sultan Hasanuddin finally relent . “But before I leave, please allow me to look upon your face . ”

Blue Veiled Goddess shook in denial, “Unfortunately this is not the time for me to grant your request Sultan . My apology . ”

Sultan hasanuddin took a deep breath . He once more expressed his deepest gratitude, “Your help and benevolence shall be remembered, shall be recounted by the people of Banten . One day, I shall come back to visit you, Goddess,” Sultan bowed in respect and then left the place .

Roughly the time for one to finish three cups of tea after Sultan left the Cave of the Blue Veiled Goddess, on the road he walked on suddenly there were three riders . All three of them wore blood red robes and veils . They were members of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult! In mere moments they came face-to-face to each others .

The leading Soul Snatching Devil Cult member opened the conversation with a thunderous shout, “Come clean and quickly tell this daddy, are you that escaping Sultan of Banten?”

Another friend of his threw his opinion, “If we look carefully it seemed to be the case indeed! Come guys, let’s snatch the merit of capturing this runt!”

And the three members of the Devil Cult jumped down from their horses . While jumping down, all three of them also executed the inherited technique from their Cult Head, named “Six Hands Crumpling Lotus” . One pair coming from above, another two coming from the front and the last pair from behind! But the current Sultan was totally different from the Sultan of the previous days . The Sultan shouted once and opened his two hands, followed with some quick, strong moves as if thousands of dragons attacking omnidirectionally!

When they saw this, the three attackers were badly startled . They abruptly canceled their first attack and followed them up with a “Banging Bed Hitting Pillow” technique (TL Note: Yes, that was indeed the name of the technique . You can see now that the author was as “Sableng” as the character)! This is quite a formidable technique . The member of Devil Cult on the air smashed his two palms downwards, while the ones at the front and at the back sent a strong punch to the chest and the back . His hand forced, Sultan immediately executed the technique that he just learned from the Blue Veiled Goddess, the “Golden Garuda Talon” technique!

“Brett… brettt!”

“Insolent! Even in death you still have value when we hand you over to our Head!” barked a member of the Devil Cult . He signaled his two friends . Simultaneously all three of them attacked with their right hands lifted up high . But before the “Soul Snatching” techniques were unleashed, Sultan opened his mouth and a blue smoke droned out to his three attackers .

“Blue Chariot Smoke!” exclaimed one of the Devil Cult members surprised . He quickly closed his breathing line, but his two friends were late . Once they inhaled the cloud of blue smoke that was deadly poisonous, their blood veins ruptured and their lungs burst out . The two of them died on the spot!

“Young man, what kind of relationship do you have with the Blue Veiled Goddess? Are you her disciple?” shouted the living Devil Cult member .

Sultan gnashed his jaw . His body flashed . His two hands lifted and struck with even more power than the first attack and “bang!” the shouting jaw was ripped open! The body of the Devil Cult member shuddered for a moment before turning stiff for eternity!

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