Wiro Sableng - Volume 5 - Chapter 8.1

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Chapter 8.1

Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 8-1


“Green Scorpion Claw!” exclaimed the attacker who then slashed with his long saber . Red Scorpion let out a shrieking laugh .


The attacker groaned in misery . When he finally jumped out of the battlefield, his identity was finally revealed to the crowd!

This man was a famous martial arts figure from the North monickered “The Mighty Saber” . His face mutilated and bloodied from the Green Scorpion Claw attack unleashed by Red Scorpion . The pain was extremely excruciating . His whole face all the way to the neck felt like it was burned!

“It’s better for you to just commit suicide, Mighty Saber!” mocked Red Scorpion . Mighty Saber responded with silence . His mouth muttered some incantation . Suddenly he shouted really loudly!

“Watch my saber!”

And everyone including the three of Red Scorpion’s martial sisters with skull faces were confounded when they saw Red Scorpion cursing, throwing punches and clawing all over the places all by herself, while Mighty Saber stood still in his place without moving and his mouth continued to mutter some indistinct incantation!

Other than mastering some incredibly mighty martial arts, Mighty Saber also mastered some sorceries as well . With his sorcery in play, he managed to trick Red Scorpion’s perception, making it as if Red Scorpion seeing that the adversary was in the middle of attacking her and then made some quick movements, striking and evading! 

Seeing this, her martial sisters, Black Scorpion quickly shouted in warning, “Sis Red Scorpion, look up! Don’t let yourself be deceived! That bastard is using sorcery!”

When she heard this, Red Scorpion fumed . She stopped her movements . Suddenly Mighty Saber lunged forward, his long saber slashed, while strong hair raising wind was produced with a palm strike from his left hand! Blue Scorpion now shouted the warning! But at that moment it was already way too late for Red Scorpion to dodge! Without further ado Blue Scorpion raised her right hand and made a forward punch in an ambush .

“Cheating bitch…!” Mighty Saber exclaimed . He spun his saber like a windmill, but two green scorpions dashed through the saber defense and struck his face! Mighty Saber staggered and then fell to the ground as a corpse!

“Whoever else seeking death, hurry up and come forward!” roared Red Scorpion . She stepped forward . Grudgingly she kicked Mighty Saber’s body until it was flying off the stage, laid lifelessly amongst the dead bodies of the Fragrant Lake School members’ corpses! Suddenly a strange sigh was audible!

“Your crime has gone too far! It is a sin as big as a mountain that you all have shouldered, but you still even conduct cheating ways in your method! Accursed humans! It is time for you all to meet the almighty!” 

That voice was the invisible man’s from before . But this time, apparently he did not try to hide himself any longer, as when his words ended, the owner of the voice had jumped and stood before Red Scorpion and the other skull faced girls!

When everyone saw the person behind the voice who was none other than an aged martial arts figure named “Angelic Ten Fingers”, everyone’s morale was raised to the top! Who wouldn’t be familiar with the “Angelic Ten Fingers”? for the last twenty years the old grandpa had looked down at the martial arts world in the whole East Java area . And as he was surfacing himself today, it was clear that the four life ripping bastards will be made deader than dead!

But apparently the four girls in skull masks still weren’t aware with whom they were in the presence of . Red Scorpion paid careful attention at the face of the rather hunchbacked grandpa before her . Angelic Ten Fingers had a clean shaven face, his white long hair fell all the way to his shoulders just like a girl’s, his eyebrows, moustache and beard had also turned white! Even his eyeballs were also white as marble! Red Scorpion felt her heart rather trembling when she met eye-to-eye with the old man!

“Hmmm… you finally decided to show your ugly face, huh?” mocked Red Scorpion . Angelic Ten Fingers laughed in glee .  

“Justice shall always rise and vanquish evil…”

“No need to say some nonsense sophistry . Now tell me, what kind of death do you want, old man?”

Angelic Ten Fingers laughed derisively . His mouth only had a tiny crack but his laughter reverberated and caused a rumbling sound to the entire valley!

“Sis Red Scorpion…” Black Scorpion said worriedly with a voice transmission .

“Beware of this old monkey, apparently he had a very high level of inner power! Look at those long fingers on his hands! If I can guess correctly, this old monkey surely is the Angelic Ten Fingers…”

Red Scorpion was startled . She took a glance at the fingers of the old man before her . Those fingers were extremely long, almost twice the length of normal ones! From her master, Red Scorpion and her martial sisters were once told about the major martial arts figures from the Island of Java . One of them was monickered the “Angelic Ten Fingers” that reigned over the martial arts world in East Java!

“Angelic Ten Fingers, knowing your standing and also giving face to your big name, the four of us, on behalf of our master, Green Scorpion Goddess, are willing to give our mercy to you! I hope that you will be willing to declare your allegiance and join our Sect…”

And thus Angelic Ten Fingers roared in laughter . Both his hands were raised up high . Red Scorpion and her martial sisters all prepared to fight at the first sign .  

“Demonic girls, listen up well!” Angelic Ten Fingers opened his speech .

“I don’t really mind entering your Sect, but my ten fingers will surely loath me and are not willing to join me to even follow you in anything, let alone entering your Sect!” 

Red Scorpion was fumed even more, “Then death will be your salvation!” roared Red Scorpion . Her right hand lightning quickly was raised up high and then punched forward! A streak of green light flashed through . Three green scorpions flew swiftly in the air! Everyone present opened their eyes wide, anxious to see what will happen next .

Suddenly Angelic Ten Fingers shouted fiercely! His body flashed to the side, dodging the green streaks and scorpions that passed harmlessly next to him .

“Demonic woman!” Angelic Ten Fingers’ voice was clearly heard from that flash .

“I dislike fighting an opponent that hides their face behind a mask! Now let me first see how you look!” after he said that, Angelic Ten Fingers flashed once more and…


The sound was followed with a muffled exclamation from Red Scorpion! The thin skull mask that covered her face was ripped and fell off! Every single soul present was surprised, including Angelic Ten Fingers himself! Who would have thought that a girl wearing a skull mask with a heart as rotten as a demon would be one with a kingdom-shaking heaven-toppling beauty?!

Red Scorpion was also incomparably surprised . Her face paled as if bloodless, but then her panic and anger started to seep in!

“Bastard Demon! Face your death!” snapped Red Scorpion . The girl shot forward . Her two hands were raised to the sky and slammed down as quick as lightning! Two streaks of green light hurled forward and tens of green scorpions flashed out from Red Scorpion’s two palms!

“You may show off your accursed skill to anyone else! But facing me with it, surely will be your own loss!” mocked the Angelic Ten Fingers . His ten fingers were opened widely and then were smashed forward! Two waves of wind strike like a hurricane struck at the two streaks of green light! Tens of green scorpions that were attacking towards Angelic Ten Fingers were briefly held in the air before whirled back to attack Red Scorpion with even more ferocity!

Red Scorpion wailed loudly!

This much time after they were let go by their master, as they were wandering across the world of martial arts to fulfill the mission assigned by their master, which was to establish the Skull Valley Sect, in her fights against mighty enemies, for that long time she had been spreading death all over, attacking her enemies with the incredibly strong “Green Scorpion” technique! But today, that dependable weapon had instead struck back at her, the one unleashing it!

“Die, accursed demon!” shouted the audience .

“Insolence!” Black Scorpion shouted .

“You dare curse at my sister!” she unleashed the green scorpion technique at the people who cursed at her martial sister and wished for her death! And thus another wave of death wails reverberated in the air!

Meanwhile, despite the initial panic and nervousness, with her high level light body technique, Red Scorpion jumped up seven spear distances away in the air . The green scorpions that were returned in an assault back at her all passed through below her feet . From the air, the girl dived down like an eagle and once again unleashed the Green Scorpion technique to Angelic Ten Fingers, and this time the attack came from behind him!

Angelic Ten Fingers snorted, “Only to other small fries that you can cheat against, demonic girl!” he snapped, “but don’t even think to pull a fast one on me!”

This mighty martial arts figure waved both his hands . The green scorpion that attacked him were all crushed down to the ground . A blink of an eye later, those pair of hands had formed two claws and attacked with a weird move! Even though Red Scorpion still had managed to dodge the claw of her enemy, but she still couldn’t avoid the claws from ripping her clothes!

“Damn bastard!” roared Red Scorpion while trying to cover the ripping area around her  breasts . Both her legs were sent with a kick forward while her left hand made a flick and her right hand unleashed another one of those formidable Green Scorpion techniques . This moves of legs kicking, left hand flicking and right hand punching was an ultimate move that was named “Four Rippers Fighting Over the Dead”

Even the great Angelic Ten Fingers was also surprised seeing the might of this attack . While pushing his hands forward to repel the attack from the poisonous green scorpions, the old man with white hair as flowingly beautiful as a woman also jumped to the left, he shifted both his feet forward, and then while in the air, he launched a kick from the side towards the right ribs of Red Scorpion!

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