Wortenia Senki (LN) - Volume 4 - Chapter SS

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Bonus Short Stories

A Day in the Life of Asuka Kiryuu

It happened several months before Ryoma Mikoshiba disappeared.

“Whoa, cold.”

It was a winter morning, slightly before the sun rose. Having packed her things for school, Asuka Kiryuu opened the front door to her house and prepared to leave at the usual time.

“Have a good day today, Asuka. Tell Uncle Kouichiro and Ryoma I said hi.”

“Sure... I’m off. I’ll stop by their place before I go home, too.”

Asuka replied to her mother, who stuck her head out of the kitchen, and walked down her apartment building’s staircase, leaving the light pattering echo of her footsteps in her wake.

“Good grief... She left the door open again.”

Watching the open front door slowly swing shut, Asuka’s mother muttered with a sigh. The reason for her exasperation was clear. From her own unbiased perspective, Asuka was a wonderful, good girl. She was bright and active, but that didn’t detract from her feminine charm. Her beauty and dignity created a certain balance that drew the attention of boys and girls alike.

When it came to academics, no one could find any fault with Asuka, either. She kept her grades high. The one topic she struggled with, science, was a bit lower than the others, but even that one was above the class average.

The same could be said about her handling of the chores. Cooking, sowing, cleaning— Asuka was even more proficient than her mother in all those fields.

Her daughter was essentially perfect, but there was one flaw that served as the exception to that rule. Her attitude whenever Ryoma Mikoshiba was involved.

I can only hope this teaches her to be a little quieter and more relaxed.

Going out to pick up the newspaper from the newspaper box, Asuka’s mother turned a glance at her daughter as she walked down the street. Even if her mother was at home, Asuka would normally never leave the door open and leave it unlocked. In fact, even when she went out to hang out with friends on weekends, she always locked the behind her. And she did so regardless of if someone else was at home.

But for some reason, when she went out to the Mikoshiba estate, she sometimes forgot to close the door behind her. Like a child so preoccupied with hurrying to meet a friend that they neglect to notice anything else around them.

I do understand how she feels, though.

But no matter how mature and responsible Asuka may have been, to her mother, she would always be her daughter. She could tell what feelings she held in her heart, and she also knew the girl was aware that they wouldn’t come to fruition easily.

And she isn’t as upfront with her emotions as she could be...

Both sides’ feelings were important for relationship between a boy and a girl to develop, but nothing mattered more than timing. And in that regard, Ryoma Mikoshiba and Asuka Kiryuu had been near one another since they were toddlers, meaning they’d grown too close.

And while, legally speaking, nothing prevented them from getting married, their blood relation did form a major obstacle between them.

Given Asuka’s personality and feelings, it was unlikely she’d ever act on her feelings, which made it even harder for their relationship to advance into the next stage.

Well, whatever will be will be, I suppose...

Heaving a sigh and shaking her head for a moment, Asuka’s mother silently closed the door. All she could was pray for her precious daughter’s happiness.

A Day in the Life of Hideaki Saitou

The Empire of O’ltormea was the greatest military power of the continent, and their most leading and elite unit was the order of the Succubus Knights, led by Princess Shardina Eisenheit. They boasted overwhelming martial prowess, and while they were knights, they also dabbled in covert operations like intelligence and counterintelligence. Among the dozens of knight orders spread out across the empire’s territory, they ranked among the highest and most elite, alongside the imperial guard and the emperor’s personal escorts.

As vice-captain of the Succubus Knights, mornings started early for Hideaki Saitou. He rose before sunrise and fixed his appearance, leaving his room in the castle in a fast stride through the castle toward Shardina’s room.

One of his subordinates waited for him attentively, hurrying to his side in a light jog as always.

“Good morning, vice-captain.”

This was a small part of his morning routine that always took place before he met Shardina.

Today’s workload is thicker than usual...

Furrowing his brow at the small pile of documents the knight held in his arms, Saitou returned the greeting as always.

“Yes, good morning. Is there anything urgent?”

“Nothing in particular.”

“I see. That’s good.”

Without stopping his stride, Saitou reached his hand out to the knight.

“Yes, here are the documents that require the princess’s approval. And here are the reports submitted by the spies dispatched across the other countries.”

This exchange was routine, and the knight replied in a practiced fashion. As he nodded lightly at the knight’s words, Saitou quickly browsed the report.

Nothing’s changed at Helnesgoula... The skirmishes along the southern border aren’t stopping. They’ll need to be resupplied... I’ll inform Sudou about this.

He flipped through the documents one by one. As he did, he mentally sorted them into information he would need to leak to the Organization, and information he would need to report to Shardina.

He may have held the post of vice-captain, but as a man summoned to this world, Saitou only saw the empire as a useful pawn to exploit. Though he may have been treated better than most of those who had come here from Rearth, he was still essentially a slave.

But even that plays in my favor.

The most confidential, top secret information in O’ltormea was within his reach. And in a way, he could only do that thanks to the cursed mark carved into his body. It bound his heart and body, preventing him from rebelling. It was indeed a powerful weapon in the hands of his dominators. After all, were anyone carved with said seal to try to resist their orders, they would automatically be assailed by agonizing pain and eventual death.

However, that last resort would have no meaning whatsoever if it was secretly removed. The empire’s trust in the seal only ensured Saitou’s freedom and safety.

“Very well. I have a grasp on the overall situation.”

After asking a few questions, Saitou gave a small nod. That stood to mean he was prepared to give his report to Shardina. At those words, the knight bowed his head and turned around, heading back from whence he came.

Sneaking a glance at the knight as he walked away, Saitou resumed his trek toward Shardina’s room. He soon made his way into the most highly secured sector of the palace. After taking a few turns through the corridors, a familiar door appeared before his eyes.

“Your Highness, it’s Saitou. May I?”

“Yes, come in.”

After gently knocking thrice on the office door, the voice of a young woman replied to him from inside. Obeying those words, he opened the door and bowed before his mistress, who sat at her desk as she always did. Even while he kept the hatred brewing in his heart concealed...

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