Zhanxian - Chapter 748

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“Here?” Following Yang Chen’s gaze, everyone began to look underground. Soon, all the girls raised their heads, with puzzled expressions on their faces, Gongsun Ling couldn’t help asking.

Although the floor of the main hall is good, it is only good. It is just a neat and beautiful crystal stone floor. Compared with the refined emerald floor tiles of the Dragon Palace, it is not known how bad it is. The girls who are used to seeing the big scenes in the Dragon Palace really can’t think of these floors in front of them as something precious, could it be that these are some unknown treasures?

“It’s not these, but something underground.” Yang Chen smiled and explained softly. His spiritual awareness has penetrated the floor, entered the stratum below, and saw the mineral vein below.

All the girls were not stupid, so they immediately follow the gourd and draw a ladle, and their spiritual awareness went down. Soon, the girls also had the same discovery.

Below the main hall where everyone is located is a large jade mine, and a few huge topaz can be found very close to the surface. Although they haven’t seen what it looks like, but they think the quality is still good.

“These yellow springs jade?” Gao Yue couldn’t help frowning. Although the quality of the topaz under their feet is not low, it is not something worthy of everyone’s attention. There is another name for these topaz, which is Yellow Springs Jade that Gao Yue mentioned. In the mortal world, not to mention cultivators, even ordinary mortals may not like it.

“It’s top-quality yellow springs jade.” Yang Chen added an attributive to describe it with certainty, smiling all over his face. The difference between ordinary yellow springs jade and the top-grade yellow springs jade is not one or two points, the value is completely different.

It’s no wonder that all the girls have incredible expressions. People usually don’t like these yellow springs jade, firstly because of the name, and secondly because this so-called topaz has a very strange smell, which makes people very uncomfortable. No one would be happy to smell messy when wearing a jade pendant.

To put it more clearly, the smell of the yellow springs jade is a bit like the smell of decayed coffins that have been buried in ancient tombs for many years. The reason why the yellow springs jade got its name is also because of this smell. People thought it was a stone from the yellow springs, so it was named yellow springs jade.

Yellow springs jade is indeed a pile of garbage in the mortal world. It is estimated that no one would want it for anything, and no one would be willing to make building materials from it, even the most top-quality yellow springs jade.

Ordinary people don’t like it, and cultivators don’t like it either. No matter how this yellow spring jade is refined, it always has a nasty smell. The material is not suitable for refining, it is also not sensitive to spiritual power, and is completely a rock.

Apart from the delicate stone quality and the nicer color, these yellow springs jades can be said to have no merits. The girls really couldn’t figure it out, how could their husband say that these things are treasures?

If you can’t figure it out, you can’t figure it out, but no one will doubt Yang Chen’s words. Yang Chen said that this is a treasure, so it will definitely not be garbage. But everyone still looked at Yang Chen curiously, waiting for his explanation.

Yang Chen couldn’t explain it, he couldn’t tell everyone. These top-quality yellow spring jades have ascended to the spiritual world, are they precious materials that everyone can’t grab?

Ordinary people can’t use it because of the limitation of the environment. The cultivation base of the cultivators is not high enough, and the spiritual pressure from the outside world is too small, so they cannot play the role of yellow springs jade at all.

In the spiritual world, this yellow springs jade that people hate has another name, it is divine dwelling jade. Its greatest function is to allow cultivators to separate a ray of soul to live in it, as long as this piece of jade that entrusts a thread of soul will not be destroyed. Even if the cultivator body is killed, it can still be resurrected by relying on a ray of primordial spirit in this piece of divine dwelling jade.

Of course, the price is not low, and the cultivator who is resurrected with the divine dwelling jade will have a sharp drop in cultivation. The primordial spirit would be damaged, and it will take at least thousands of years to make up for it. However, no one would care about this price compared to the death of the soul. If there is a piece of divine dwelling jade, it is equivalent to one more life.

However, this kind of divine dwelling jade is only produced in the mortal world, not in the spiritual world or Immortal world. Moreover, not all yellow springs jades of any quality can be called divine dwelling jade. Only the best of the best can be qualified to become the divine dwelling jade. Of course, it’s just a qualification, to truly become the divine dwelling jade, it needs to be refined by masters with great effort.

The most amazing thing is that the real use of the yellow springs jade has never been handed down when the consciousness clones of various sects in the Immortal world are separated into the lower realm. All memories about the yellow springs jade will be completely forgotten in the lower realm. So much so that there is no record of any divine dwelling jade in the mortal world.

There is only a little bit of divine dwelling jade in the spiritual world and Immortal world, and it was discovered and used by some extremely lucky guy who happened to bring a little bit of divine dwelling jade on his ascension. It can be said that every piece of divine dwelling jade is invaluable after being brought up.

As much as a cultivator’s life is worth, this divine dwelling jade is worth as much. It’s no wonder that Yang Chen regards these rubbish in everyone’s eyes as treasures. It’s a pity that Yang Chen couldn’t explain all this to the girls, he could only make them feel unhappy.

“Do you really want to dig this stinky thing?” Sun Qingxue pouted her lips and asked, her little face full of displeasure. Not only Sun Qingxue, but even Gao Yue and the others looked at Yang Chen with displeasure, waiting for his answer.

The yellow springs jade’s smell is very bad. Yang Chen’s wives and concubines are all fairies who love cleanliness. Although no one doubts Yang Chen’s words, if he really want them to dig these yellow springs jade, they may not be able to accept it. You must know that due to the influence of the yellow springs jade, the surrounding soil must also have that weird smell. A group of fragrant and beautiful girls doing this kind of thing is absolutely unpleasant.

“Okay, your husband will do this.” Yang Chen smiled and undertook all the work of digging the yellow springs jade by himself, his words also made all the girls smile.

“Haha, now our family has taken the Langya Well all together!” Shi Wushuang immediately brought the topic to the treasures of the Langya Well, and the girls immediately chattered about it.

All the magic weapons in this secret place were shared equally by everyone, not even the big Qiankun bag was left behind. Moreover, the pure yin true fire outside, and the underground yellow springs jade were not left behind, which can be described as “scraping the ground three feet”.

“Actually, there is only one thing missing to be considered a success.” When everyone was happy, it was Yang Chen who jumped out to spoil the scenery again. However, his words aroused everyone’s interest again. After guessing to no avail, they asked what it was.

“The Langya crystal ship!” Yang Chen reminded with a smile: “You have forgotten the Langya crystal ship, it is the top magic weapon for transportation and protection.”


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