Zhanxian - Chapter 747

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In the process of improving the elixir, Tao Junqi also opened a path from the pure yin real fire to the palace. Because Yang Chen was refining alchemy, the girls didn’t alarm Yang Chen, nor went in directly, but waited for Yang Chen to finish refining. Now that the pill is in hand, everyone can finally happily see what good things are in that palace.

Yang Chen couldn’t laugh or cry when all the girls insisted on waiting for him to enter the palace together. The things inside belong to everyone, so what’s the difference if you look at it first and then he look at it later?

However, Yang Chen still accepted the girls’ kindness, took the lead and led the girls into the palace.

For tens of thousands of years, this was the first time outsiders entered the palace. The inside of the palace was very clean, without even a speck of dust, and it seems to be waiting for the arrival of the new owner.

It is said to be a palace, but in fact, the entrance is a huge circular hall, and there is only such a hall. Around the hall is a circle of connected jade platforms, which are filled with a wide variety of treasures, which are dizzying for the eyes. Don’t look at anything else, just look at the color and light, it is enough to make people’s heart beat.

Yang Chen’s eyes did not stare at those items, but directly landed on the surface of the jade platform. There are circles of regular patterns on the surface of the jade platform, some of which were shining brightly, while others were very dim.

While Yang Chen was watching, the patterns on a jade platform flashed with light, and then a long knife that looked good on the jade platform disappeared without a trace. In the blink of an eye, the patterns on the jade platform dimmed immediately, and a disc suddenly appeared on the jade platform.

All the girls’ attention was attracted by the flashing light just now. After observing for a while, they all focused on Yang Chen’s face, waiting for Yang Chen to clarify everyone’s doubts.

“This is the reason why precious materials appear in those places outside.” Yang Chen quickly figured out the mystery, and explained with a smile: “The formation on the jade platform is like the entrance of a storage bag. The formation after absorbing enough spiritual power, it will activate, take things in, and then send it out somewhere.”

All the girls suddenly realized that this Langya Well has been opened dozens of times, and every time people come in there are precious materials, but it turned out to be the reason. Needless to say, the disc that suddenly appeared also fell out of another storage space. Obviously that storage space must be in this hall.

This also means that as long as everyone collects that storage space, nothing will appear in other places in Langya Well. Those guys outside who still want to get some good things from Langya Well by chance will never have to think about getting any good things in the days to come.

The girls soon discovered the storage space, which was on the top of the hall, like a huge qiankun bag. This big qiankun bag also needs the support of spiritual power. Every time the formation below is activated, something will be taken out of the qiankun bag. Therefore, after the long knife disappeared, a jade plate appeared.

“I don’t know how this sect designed such a thing.” Yang Chen also couldn’t figure out what the original sect members of Langya Well thought. If there are good things, of course they are distributed to the disciples of the sect, so what does it mean to hide them and protect them with the pure yin true fire?

If you can’t figure it out, you can’t figure it out. This does not prevent Yang Chen’s family from happily putting away their things first. This time, this big qiankun bag took advantage of the Murong sisters. To open the big qiankun bag requires the spiritual power of the five elements to be complete. Among Yang Chen’s family, only Yang Chen can open it independently, and the others can only join forces. But when it comes to teaming up, who can be more comfortable than the Murong sisters?

The treasures of ancient sects, it just fell into the hands of Yang Chen’s family. Gao Yue and the wives are used to getting a lot of good things when with Yang Chen. But it was the first time for Tao Junqi, Shi Wushuang and the others. Even with their Dacheng stage state of mind, they were still very happy. They have seen a lot of precious materials, but they have not found many precious materials themselves, especially when they got so many at once.

The big qiankun bag is mainly magic weapons, each of which is a precious material that has been carefully refined by masters. Take it out casually, it is enough to be the magic weapon of ordinary masters. The only pity is that these magic weapons need to spend at least a hundred years to refine them in order to eliminate the aura left by the refiner.

No one thinks there are too many good things, but the fact that they can’t use them when they get them made the girls feel a little bit discouraged. Without even thinking about it, Sun Qingxue threw herself into Yang Chen’s arms, and said coquettishly, “husband, help us find a solution!”

There is no need to think about the solution, Yang Chen just asked the Murong sisters to pass the magic weapon to him in the same way, when it was passed it in his hands, and then the girls were surprised to find that all the aura left by those refiners disappeared in a blink of an eye without a trace.

The four wives were okay, not very surprised, but the seven concubines couldn’t believe it. How can there be such a simple good thing? One must know that among the cultivators outside, it took dozens or even hundreds of years to cultivate. Yang Chen actually did it casually, how many incomprehensible skills does their own husband have?

Xiao Tian is actually the most comfortable one. There are so many treasures, each one is delicious to him. He devoured every piece of magic weapon, devouring it with great joy.

Yang Chen passed one piece, and the girls immediately divided up one piece. Of course, it is also very simple for everyone to divide things. Anyway, the grades of the magic weapons are similar. Everyone formed a circle, sat in rows and ate fruits and vegetables. One piece for each person, which was very fair.

“This time, did we take all the things in Langya Well?” It took more than ten days to divide the spoils before everyone finished dividing the spoils. Shi Wushuang couldn’t help but teasingly said with a full qiankun bag.

“It should be!” Sun Qingxue cheerfully put away her qiankun bag, and then replied: “Now I can exchange a lot of good things when I go back, Master will definitely be so happy.”

Sun Qingxue’s words caused everyone to burst into laughter. No one thinks there are too many good things, especially magic weapons of this level, even if they don’t need them, they can still exchange for many useful things for themselves.

“Actually not necessarily.” Yang Chen chuckled suddenly and said, “It’s just a small amount.”

“Anything else?” All the girls came to their senses for a moment, looked at their husband with great vigor, and waited for his answer.

“There are actually a lot of good things out there.” Yang Chen cast his gaze outside the main hall. Everyone looked over with Yang Chen’s gaze, and the blazing Pure Yin True Fire appeared in everyone’s eyes. Thinking of the fourth fire devine thunder that Yang Chen had mentioned, everyone immediately understood what good things Yang Chen was talking about.

“The fourth fire devine thunder is just another part.” Yang Chen lowered his head with a smile, looked at the ground of the hall and said, “The real precious material is here.”


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