Zhanxian - Chapter 750

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From the three great danger zones in Langya Well, to all the magic weapons that may appear in the big Qiankun bag, to the pure yin true fire, the yellow springs jade veins under the danger zone, if you count the Langya crystal ship, this trip for Yang Chen’s family, people can really say that they have shoveled the Langya Well up to its roots.

Not to mention anything else, once the Langya crystal ship is collected, no one will be able to come here through the weak water. There will be no more legends about Langya Well in the future.

According to this standard, Yang Chen found that his family really looked like locusts, and they didn’t leave any room for the guys behind. Not to mention that they eat meat and they drink soup, there is not even soup residue left.

Since Tao Junqi and the Murong sisters have gained a lot on this trip, Yang Chen was not partial, and directly gave Shi Wushuang a whole Penglai devine wood. As for how she uses it, that is Shi Wushuang’s own business. For these few concubines whose cultivation base is higher than his own, Yang Chen does not intend to give more guidance on cultivation.

The division of labor is very clear, Yang Chen is in charge of getting the yellow springs jade, Tao Junqi is in charge of getting the pure yin true fire, the Murong sisters are in charge of getting the Langya crystal ship, and the rest Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling, Shi Shanshan, Sun Qingxue and Shi Wushuang are concentrating on their cultivation, striving to be able to go further.  Yang Chen’s plan when he came in was that the entire family had to enter the Dacheng stage.

Of course, everyone’s cultivation will never fall behind. Tao Junqi’s collection of the pure yin true fire is in itself a cultivation, and the same is true for refining the pills. The Murong sisters tempered the five-element hook and the natal magic weapon to lay a solid foundation for future cultivation. Shi Wushuang has already decided to refine the Penglai devine wood into her natal flying sword.

When the girls cultivated, they did not forget to take the pills that Yang Chen refined later. Everyone understands the benefits of this kind of tempering, and even in the later stage, they will ask Yang Chen to use the influence of demonic qi to further temper their mood while they are suffering from the pain of refining the questioning inner heart pills.

Yang Chen’s cultivation will never be delayed. After taking the fifth-grade inner sensing pill, the yellow turban warrior body refining technique will be cultivated immediately. While cultivating the yellow turban warrior body refining technique, Yang Chen also had to do another job, which was to dig the yellow springs jade with his bare hands.

The main hall was built on a very hard slate floor, and the veins of the yellow springs jade were irregularly distributed in this large piece of stone. Yang Chen didn’t use any tools, just his bare hands, relying on the strength of his body, and started digging while cultivating the body refining technique.

The great pain brought by the refining pills stimulated the Yellow turban warrior body refining technique to almost reach its limit, and under this stimulation, Yang Chen’s movements seemed to be crazy, he demolished the entire hall on the first day and then started digging like crazy.

Every yellow spring jade was wrapped in hard stones, Yang Chen relied on his strong spiritual awareness to find the location one by one, and then carefully excavated them.

In order to prevent the smell of the yellow springs jade from leaking out, Yang Chen carefully wrapped each piece of the yellow springs jade he dug up with wax, and carefully stored it in a corner of the merit ring. These are all fortunes that have ascended to the spirit world and the Immortal world, so they must be treated with care.

In the desperate land of Langya Well, no one disturbed them, only Yang Chen’s family was busy, and they cultivated without any pressure.

While Yang Chen’s family was cultivating hard, the outside situation was slowly changing. Because of the emergence of the Demon Sealing Formation, many high-ranking cultivators of the sect no longer worried about the tribulation coming, and began to let go of their cultivation.

Small sects are fine, they don’t have masters of this level, but big sects are different. The deeper the sect’s heritage, the more masters there will be and as soon as these people started to cultivate, the spiritual pulse of the sect was used rapidly.

In the past, the high-ranking masters of the major sects just slowly improved their cultivation over time. After all, under the situation of insufficient spiritual pressure in the mortal world, with their base numbers, the range of improvement was very limited. Most of the great masters work hard to suppress and seldom cultivate.

Every cultivator who is too advanced can almost be said to be a master who has surpassed the level of ascension. It is common sense that the more masters take up more spiritual resources. With so many masters letting go of their cultivation at the same time, even for the five major sects, the spiritual power supplied by the spiritual veins seems a bit stretched.

This is an unprecedented situation, something that has never been encountered before, and the major sects have to seriously consider this issue. It is important to be a master, but the power in the mortal world is still dominated by ordinary cultivators, and some contradictions inevitably arise from this.

Fortunately, all major sects have scattered resources. In order to supply the cultivation of these supreme masters, except for a few supreme masters who sit in the sect, the others have all transferred to other places to cultivate. Supreme masters must bring a new magic-sealing formation with them in their cultivation. Naturally, the Pure Yang Palace, which has a large number of formation resources, was sure to make a fortune.

This is true of the Dao Sect, and the same is true of the Demon Sect. Because of the emergence of the demon sealing formation, some demon masters who were not in a strong state of mind all hid in the demon sealing formation to cultivate. The sect masters who did not have the Demon Sealing Formation also began to concentrate on several major sects of the Demon Sect. Simply judging from the number of masters of this level, in the short hundred years since the appearance of the Demon Sealing Formation, the strength of the Demon Sect has been greatly improved.

Dao masters and demon masters of the same realm, in terms of pure combat power, it is obvious that demon sect masters have the upper hand. With the growth of the Demon Sect, some sects of the dao domain began to feel a little worried. Fortunately, as long as they did not invade the other side’s mountain gate, those masters would not easily come out of the Demon Sealing Formation. The two sides maintained a superficial balance.

The changes in the strength of the two sides have led to subtle changes in the relationship between them. Except for the Greatest Heaven Sect who are still unswervingly holding the banner of Dao and Demon not fighting against Demon and Dao, the other major sects have begun to tacitly cooperate with Demon sects.

Because they missed the most critical message from the lower realm of the consciousness of the avatar in the Immortal world, even if the Greatest Heaven Sect rebuilt the reception array later, they only received some news that was passed down later. One wrong step, one wrong step, and what’s even more frightening is that they still don’t know what mistakes they made.

However, compared to other sects who compete for spiritual resources due to the cultivation of the Supreme Elder and ordinary disciples, the Supreme Heaven Sect has no pressure. The Qiankun Wuji Zhenyuan formation has been quietly used for more than a hundred years, and the sect’s spiritual power is strong, so there is no worry at all.

These hundreds of years have been enough for the Greatest Heaven Sect to gradually smooth out the influence of the lack of disciples of the younger generation brought about by the destruction of the mountain gate. Coupled with the operation of the eccentric hall and sufficient spiritual support, the Greatest Heaven Sect has already left early on a high-speed development road.


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