Zhanxian - Chapter 751

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There are also some abnormal phenomena that the major sects have not noticed much. Among the cultivators, no matter whether they are dao cultivators, Demons, monster race or rogue cultivators, some of the female cultivators seem to have disappeared a lot in the past hundred years, and the total number was no less than a hundred.

During the cultivation of cultivators, it is really normal for the cultivators to retreat and travel for a while. Cultivation is not behind closed doors, so basically the vast majority of cultivators will go out to cultivate after a period of cultivation. This point, even Yang Chen who has the memory of his previous life is no exception.

When going out for training, there may be accidents sometimes, such as getting injured or being trapped, and it is perfectly normal to delay returning to the sect for decades. Or it is also common to find a suitable place to retreat and cultivate for decades with occasional income from outside.

This kind of thing can be understood by Yang Chen. Going out to practice in the Demon Continent, plus the journey back and forth, counts for more than seventy years. After returning to the sect, within two days, he took his four wives to cultivate again, and it took another hundred years to return. The concept of time for cultivators seems to be much more indifferent than that of ordinary people.

In addition, it often happened that cultivators went out and the sect and could not find their whereabouts. Anyway, as long as the natal spirit tablet left in the sect were not broken, it showed that the cultivators had no worries in life. Generally speaking, if there is no need for help, the sect will not take the initiative to search for the whereabouts of the cultivators.

The most vivid example is Wan Qian of the Blue Cloud Sect. From being captured by Yang Chen to now, the Blue Cloud Sect has never even found her whereabouts for hundreds of years. The only time they asked about it was when Yang Chen was making things difficult for him to participate in the auction at the Blue Cloud Sect, which made Sect Master Lu angry and asked afterward. Later, when he heard that he was going out to cultivate, he let it go.

Judging by this common sense, those female cultivators have not disappeared, at least in the concept of their respective sects and relatives and friends. Maybe it’s because they just went out for training and couldn’t come back in a short time, it’s no big deal.

These so-called missing female cultivators are basically masters at the peak Yuanying stage or in the late Yuanying stage, and there are about a dozen masters in the Dacheng stage among them. The places where they disappeared are also scattered everywhere, seemingly without any connection.

One thing they have in common is that the missing female cultivators are all fairies who are as beautiful as flowers and sought after by countless people. Now no one knows their whereabouts.

Not to mention that no one suspects, even if there is a sect’s intention to search for their whereabouts according to the imprint of spiritual awareness on the natal spirit tablet, it is estimated that they will end up in a situation where they cannot be found at all. There is only one explanation for this situation, that is, the places where they are are blocked from their spiritual awareness.

Li Liheng is now very proud, in just over a hundred years, he has successfully entered the middle Yuanying stage, and his spiritual awareness cultivation base has reached the early Dacheng stage. The cultivation of the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method has become more and more exquisite. In recent decades, even without the pills, he can maintain communication with Senior Liu Fengzi for a long time.

What the majoring of the method has brought about is that some information mastered by the Greatest Heaven Sect has become more comprehensive, and the development of the sect has also begun to tilt in a certain direction, and Li Liheng’s status in the sect has also increased.

Now beside the young sect master, besides those who followed before, there are many more masters. There are even at least a dozen Dacheng stage masters in the sect who have joined Li Liheng’s faction. This group is already considered to be the most promising group in the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Because the sect had to rely on Li Liheng to consult with the seniors in the spiritual world, many core elders, including Sect Master Li, would befriend Li Liheng intentionally or unintentionally. As for those masters who followed Li Liheng, they benefited a lot from Li Liheng, and they were also loyal to Li Liheng. It was not an exaggeration to describe them as dead hearted.

In a very high-grade cave mansion magic weapon that Li Liheng always carried with him, there were hundreds of beautiful and unparalleled female cultivators living in it. Each of the female cultivators were completely naked, living a leisurely life and cultivating in the cave.

If you distinguish carefully, these women seem to have been forcefully hypnotized, almost like female slaves, waiting to serve their masters at any time.

When Li Liheng was alone, his favorite thing was to enter this cave and accept the service of these women. At the same time, they will also be used as cauldrons to cultivate the Free Demon Heart Sutra.

The Free Demon Heart Sutra is not a palliative method. From the beginning to now, more than a dozen female cultivators in the late Yuanying stage have been crippled by Li Liheng. Li Liheng’s cultivation of spiritual awareness has soared to the present level precisely by relying on the Free Demon Heart Sutra.

The Young Sect Master of the Greatest Heaven Sect cultivated the Free Demon Heart Sutra of the demon sect. If this news got out, they don’t know what kind of disturbance it would cause. Fortunately, there are only three people who know about this matter now, one is Li Liheng himself, one is Yang Lan who serves Li Liheng, and the other is Yang Lan’s brother Yang Xi.

Yang Lan is very smart, and knows very well that the more Li Liheng’s affairs are, the faster she will die, so she took the initiative to ask to manage those women in that cave. She is also the only woman who can wear clothes in the cave.

As for Yang Xi, he has completely become Li Liheng’s lackey. All these female cultivators were inquired by Yang Xi through certain channels, and then they took the masters around Li Liheng out to capture them. As for what to do after the capture, Yang Xi wouldn’t say, and neither would Li Liheng, they just told them that these female cultivators had various problems, and capturing them was doing justice for the heavens.

They wholeheartedly voted for the young sect master’s lineage, and these people naturally follow the young sect master’s lead. Whatever the young sect master says is what they do, and no one will pay attention to those female cultivators. In the beginning, it was just female cultivators from the Demon Sect and monster race, as well as some rogue cultivators. Later, many of them were from the dao sects.

Yang Xi leaned against the young sect master, and lived a very nourishing life. Of course, he is still secretly waiting, waiting for the time when the formation will really work.

The effect of the formation is much better than Yang Chen imagined. In just over a hundred years, it has already absorbed enough idle spiritual power. If this trend continues, it will take less than three hundred years to activate that special formation eye.

Yang Xi, who was trying his best, was waiting for the day when the formation eye could be activated, and he already had a series of plans. When that time comes, he will secretly kill Li Liheng who never regarded him as a human being in his heart, and then blame Yang Chen, but himself and his sister Yang Lan can use the power of the formation to improve their cultivation.

Is there anything happier than watching the Greatest Heaven Sect use all their strength to kill Yang Chen, and then survive the tribulation and ascending?


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