Zhanxian - Chapter 754

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Yang Chen has basically been suppressing his cultivation for so many years, and even after entering the middle Yuanying stage, he fell back to the early Yuanying stage because of the suppression of his cultivation base.

The only purpose of suppressing the cultivation base is to make one’s spiritual power cultivation base more pure. Of course, the core matter of the Demon Continent, which has been refining, also restrained at least half of Yang Chen’s energy, even if he wanted to quickly upgrade to a high level, it was impossible.

This time, it can be regarded as a lot of accumulation, and it is indeed something worth celebrating to directly raise the cultivation base to the peak Yuanying stage. Moreover, with Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness cultivation base, coupled with the Yellow Turban Warrior’s body refining technique, there is no such thing as a solid state, a real state.

The body refining technique is also a huge watershed when it is in the realm of sea pouring strength. In particular, the process of Yang Chen choosing the fifth grade inner sensing pill to cultivate his will power is also a process of inner strength in the process of body refining. Yang Chen doesn’t know how many golden immortals are stuck on this hurdle, they have no way to go further, and can only be reduced to ordinary yellow turban warriors.

After all, it is the cultivation method of the Immortal world. After passing this watershed, every small improvement in the future will bring huge benefits to Yang Chen. Now raising Yang Chen’s two small realms at once is nothing more than leisure, if Yang Chen has experienced the baptism of previous tribulations, he will get even more benefits.

With the example of husband, all the girls became more diligent in cultivating. In less than half a year, Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue began to understand each other, and Gongsun Ling received the geographical map of mountains and rivers. After taking Yang Chen’s fifth grade questioning inner heart pill, she began to retreat.

Tao Junqi spent more than ten years refining the pure yin true fire and cleared a quarter of the pure yin true fire. Tao Junqi was also a little tired of maintaining one thing for so long, and it happened that Shi Wushuang’s natal flying sword was refined from a lot of branches and leaves of Penglai devine wood, and planned to go out to fight with those cultivators outside, so the two women simply went together.

The Murong sisters have also thoroughly refined the dismantled five elements hook for more than ten years. Although they have not yet started refining the natal magic weapon, there is no problem in using it freely. At the beginning of the refining of the five-element hook, the Dragon Clan considered the balance of the five elements, and the five girls finally got rid of the five-element magic weapon that was not completely balanced. The five-element formation method became more and more proficient in use, and its natural power was also greatly improved.

Before proceeding with the tempering of the natal magic weapon, the five sisters had to hook out the Langya Crystal Ship first and then go into deep retreat to refine the natal magic weapon. Because destroying the previous natal magic weapon will inevitably bring about a decline in one’s own cultivation, it is better to complete some things first.

The Murong sisters also left the danger zone for legitimate reasons, leaving only Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling here. From the last time she went to the Demon Sect site to collect the Gengjin spiritual liquid, Gongsun Ling rarely spent time alone with Yang Chen. Gongsun Ling was very happy to be alone with her husband again, and didn’t even care about the yellow springs jade weird smell.

Gongsun Ling was originally a model of gentleness and virtuousness. When she was alone, she treated Yang Chen as her own world, and she showed a virtuous wife character to the extreme. Yang Chen was extremely intoxicated by this peaceful and real feeling of home, and wished that life could go on like this and remain the same for the rest of his life.

And only when he was with Gongsun Ling, only Yang Chen could feel this way. Gao Yue is Yang Chen’s favorite. But the master’s character would rather bend. Although she is also tolerant of Yang Chen, she will not condone. Shi Shanshan’s personality is rather cold, which gave Yang Chen a different feeling. As for Sun Qingxue, that needs Yang Chen’s pampering, she can act like a baby and pester others, but she won’t take care of Yang Chen like Gongsun Ling.

The seven concubines are also different. Tao Junqi thinks wholeheartedly about the sect, although now she is very inclined to choose between her family and the sect, but she will not abandon the sect and ignore it. Shi Wushuang is scheming, and she will also play a role of ups and downs in the future. It is true that she likes Yang Chen, but she prefers to control everything. The Murong sisters were relatively calm. As Yang Chen’s woman, she will be with Yang Chen, but she will neither be as warm as fire nor as cold as ice. 

Only Gongsun Ling is different, she is willing to be Yang Chen’s vassal from the bottom of her heart. She doesn’t seek fame or profit, she just wants to be by Yang Chen’s side, watch him, and do everything he likes for him.

Yang Chen likes food, so Gongsun Ling put down her status and visited all the famous chefs in the mortal world to learn good cooking skills, just to let Yang Chen enjoy his appetite. Even Yang Chen’s excessive requests, such as asking Gongsun Ling to act as a sexy concubine, Gongsun Ling would not refuse.

With Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen didn’t feel any pressure. Yang Chen knew very well in his heart that Gongsun Ling was such a person, even if Yang Chen was not a fifth grade alchemist or a genius in cultivation, she would not change if she liked Yang Chen. Yang Chen is willing to be taken care of by Gongsun Ling, which is a kind of peaceful touch that he has never felt in his previous life for thousands of years.

It’s a pity that this feeling didn’t last too long, and was interrupted rudely and unreasonably by a few uninvited guests.

At least ten strangers entered the secret place. Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness of the tenth grade human immortal realm instantly found the traces of these guys. When discovering these people, Yang Chen was also slightly taken aback. The formation outside the danger zone has not changed much. Apart from his own family, is there anyone else who has mastered the method to enter the danger zone?

Gongsun Ling also noticed these guys, and a look of anger appeared on her face. They have only been alone for a few days, and it is really disappointing to be interrupted by guys with no eyesight.

“Good place!” An extremely arrogant voice filled the entire danger zone, with a condescending aura, he praised slowly: “No one has found anything good in other places in Langya Well for ten years. Did it fall into your hands, Grandmaster Yang? Grandmaster Yang, your family eats meat, and you don’t even leave us some soup, isn’t it a bit too much?”

When the other party opened his mouth, he aimed at Yang Chen, no need to ask, he must know Yang Chen’s identity. Hearing that arrogant tone and unreasonable accusatory tone, Gongsun Ling was furious for a moment, and was about to strike.

Yang Chen grabbed Gongsun Ling’s slender waist with one hand, preventing her from making a move. He is now a little interested in how these guys got in. Could it be that there is another Patriarch Hall in this danger zone that can reveal the map of entering and leaving the danger zone?


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