Chapter 103: Prelude To The Wedding


Zhai Xing Pavilion

Almost entering the autumn, the weather was still warm that could scare people, the bright sunshine with a hot and stuffy atmosphere, it made people to have hot tempered ineffably. Zhuo Qing was leaning on the window lattice customarily, her eyes were looking at the lake that was in a distant away, her expression was completely empty. Even when Lou xi Yan was already entered the inner room and standing next to her, she was still indifferent.

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, his young wife seemed to get caught up in her own train of thought, no one could get her tiny bit of attention. Lightly encircling Zhuo Qing’s waist from behind, and bringing her into his bosom, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said with a soft voice: “What are you thinking that you are so entranced like this?”

The gentle and soft muttering, and the familiar embrace, Zhuo Qing recovered and was not alarmed, rather she was cuddling deeper on the man who was behind her, sighed and said in a low voice: “Does Su Mu Feng must really die undoubtedly?”

Once she and Gu Yun found out that Su Mu Feng had double personalities, they had already talked to Dan Yu Lan and Xi Yan, they did not believe it at first, but finally understood afterwards. They also put the greatest effort on this issue, but soon afterwards, the outcome was still followed in accordance to Qiong Yue’s law, Su Mu Feng would still be beheaded!

As a person who had studied psychology in humanity and a doctor, she understood Su Mu Feng’s psychological and circumstances. Consequently, watching that he was going to get an execution, it was hard for her to accept it yet!

Lou Xi Yan was silent for a moment, he finally answered: “No matter who was the murderer, whether it was Su Mu Feng or that so called Xi Feng, he killed three innocent women, that was a fact that could not be quibbled. If he was not punished severely, how could we justify ourselves to those people who died. Su Mu Feng might be an innocent, but could it be that those women who were in calamity, should die?!”

Lou Xi Yan actually did not wish to argue with Qing-er opinionatedly because of this matter, perhaps, he could understand some of her point of views, but did the legal principle pay attention to impartiality?

Turning her body around, and meeting at Lou Xi Yan’s always gentle but utterly persisted eyes, Zhuo Qing explained: “I did not mean it like that, but Su Mu Feng who was the main personality, was actually in an unconscious state of mind at that time. He was actually a sick person, when he killed those people, he was on an outbreak period. We can not punish a person who is already sick. This matter really does not have anything to redeem the situation?!”

Lou Xi Yan firmly shook his head, he sighed and said with a low voice: “One will pay with one’s life if one kills a person, it is the heaven’s law and earth’s principle, the ordinary people understand this since ancient times and carry on the principle. If because of this illness, one can kill those innocent people as one’s wish, where is the logic? Su Mu Feng killed people, and those deceased were not from the average people, they were loving daughters of those families who suffered because of the losses, and how they could just let him off. Qing-er, it is not that you are the only one who can not help him with this incident, Dan Yu Lan, I, even the Emperor, are all powerless!”

She had already thought about this answer, but hearing what Xi Yan was saying with her own ears, she still felt even more helpless. Carrying on her modern era’s concept was extremely conflicted with the ideal of this world, however thinking it again, the modern society could have this kind of concept of the legal system, was it not evolving due to the many years of history experiences? How could she insist on her concept for Qiong Yue to accept at this moment?

Regarding Su Mu Feng, besides feeling sorry for him, what could she still do for him?

Even though Zhuo Qing did not say anything again, nevertheless, her mood was not so good, lightly patting her cheek, Lou Xi Yan softly coaxed and said: “Ok la, you already strive your hardest, do not think about this again.”

Zhuo Qing slowly nodded her head, but she was still absent minded like that. Lou Xi Yan swept one glance at the red color wedding dress that was on the round table. It seemed that it was already came for some time, but the person had not touched it yet. Leading along Zhuo Qing’s hand to the front of the round table, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said: “The wedding ceremonial robe has been delivered, have you tried it yet?”

Knowing perfectly well that Lou Xi Yan was trying to change the subject, and to make her heart was a little better, Zhuo Qing was also cooperated and her vitality was raised, shaking her head, she smilingly said: “I am not able to put it on.” They delivered the wedding ceremonial robe first thing in the morning today, but she did not have any mood to try it at that time. So she let them leave first, even though it looked like it was simple now, but it was still a big wedding dress that she had to put on, she really was not able to put it on!

Lou Xi Yan was smiling, did she not say that she wanted to make a decision on her own wedding dress? Unexpectedly, she was not able to put it on?! Conveniently picking up the wedding dress to look one glance, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said: “I will help you.”

“Will you?” Zhuo Qing was staring and unable to speak anymore.

Lou Xi Yan indifferently smiled but did not speak, that long of material had to be put on her body, Zhuo Qing could not help but murmuring: “Are you sure that you know how to put it on?!” She remembered that it did not seem to be very complicated, right?!

Lou Xi Yan did not raise his head, seriously gesturing to help the woman to get dressed, strictly speaking, this was also very strange to him, but it should not be difficult, right?!

Smiling to see Lou Xi Yan who was seriously concentrating to look at the wedding dress by her side, a feeling of faint happiness made Zhuo Qing closed her mouth obediently. Spreading out her hand, she let him dress her, in any case, she could not put it on, so she did not have any right to talk naturally.

After a while, Lou Xi Yan finally breathed a long breath, Zhuo Qing lowered her head to see, it looked like there would not be a problem. When they tried to fit this dress the first time, the result was not bad, it should be well fitted more after they altered it, nothing more.

“Is it good looking?” Zhuo Qing lifted her head, she just saw that Lou Xi Yan was standing in there in a daze, gazing at her. Zhuo Qing felt that it was not bad originally, but she was somewhat uncomfortable being stared by him like this. Thinking that she wanted to alter the skirt that did not have many layers, Zhuo Qing knitted her eyebrows: “Are you or are you not thinking that the style of the bride’s dress is too ordinary and it has to be more elegant?” She thought it was somewhat excessive, but even if Lou Xi Yan wanted to alter it back now, there was not enough time to do it, she absolutely did not want to decorate herself like a Christmas tree!

For a very long time, Lou Xi Yan lightly shook his head, smilingly said: “You are beautiful like this.” The wedding dress that was altered, could not be regarded as a wedding dress, it was only a little bit gorgeous than a red cheongsam at most. He had heard in the past that all of the brides wished to put on a luxurious wedding dress, the skirt was falling down on the ground for 8 meters, it could not be better, and his Qing-er was indeed unconventional.

But he did actually not lie, she was really beautiful wearing this dress, the light red skirt set off her elegant appearance, there was no superfluous clothing and ornaments. It completely revealed her smart and beautiful figure, the red belt was bound on her waist tightly, he was not disappointed at all, his hand was still encircling that slender waistline that made him to be infatuated.

Lowering his head to press on Zhuo Qing’s forehead, Lou Xi Yan was in pain and gratified, he lowly sighed and said: “Three days, there is still three days, then you will be mine.” He had never thought that the days would be very long like this!

The strength on her waist was somewhat hurting her, their breathings were mixing together, she could feel that Lou Xi Yan’s mood was rushing forth. Zhuo Qing had a crafty smile, her delicate hands encircled on Lou Xi Yan’s neck, her thin lips were at the side of his ear and she softly whispered: “Do you or do you not want to practice on how to take off the wedding ceremonial robe ah?”

Lou Xi Yan was shaking all over, he lowly roared: “Qing-er–!” She did it on purpose!! The colorful sun was elevating and illuminating, the door to the front courtyard was open wide, she unexpectedly provoked him!! She absolutely did it on purpose!

Zhuo Qing still wanted to continue teasing him, at this moment, a clear and bright sound of a boy came through from the outside gate that was open wide: “Beautiful elder sister, are you here?”

Both of them were stiff, Lou Xi Yan released his hand embarrassingly, his emotion appeared to be in full of trouble and misfortune. Every time he and Qing-er were being intimate, there would always be someone who was interrupting them mysteriously!?

Zhuo Qing got up helplessly, and walked to the side of the door, she only saw an adorable and handsome face that was smiling at her, with a smile that was more brilliant than the sunshine from outside the room. Zhuo Qing did not start talking yet, the boy who was at the gate already had a big shout out exaggeratedly: “Wow, how beautiful oh!”

Zhuo Qing turned around to give a supercilious look, it was not just because of the ordinary red skirt, she accepted generously when Xi Yan was saying beautiful, but why was this little demon exploiting it noisily?!

Bai Yi rotated around Zhuo Qing’s direction, and nodded continuously, he smilingly said: “I also want to marry a beautiful princess consort (wang fei) who looks like you in the future!”

Lou Xi Yan’s expression slightly flashed, but he did not say anything, and just sat on the wooden chair to see if he would be saying more things.

“Oily-mouthed and smooth talking.” Zhuo Qing did not eat his behavior: “What are you doing to come here?!” In the past few days, he would run around to come to her every few days, she remembered that they were not too familiar, right?!

Bai Yi took out a cylindrical gadget from the inside of his sleeve and squeezed it into her hand, Zhuo Qing looked at it and asked: “What is this anyway?” He would deliver a few things all day long, all of the things that a small child liked, she really did not know when was her relationship with him was good like this?!

Pointing at the cylinder model excitingly, Bai Yi smilingly said: “This is very interesting, you look at it first.”

Looking at it helplessly and turning it around on her hand, the cylinder type gadget had transformed into a variety of different colors subsequently. But since there was no mirror, it only used the reflection from the polish and glossy copper, it was not nice looking at all.

Zhuo Qing could not endure it and smilingly said: “What is so strange about a kaleidoscope?”

Bai Yi opened his eyes big, scratched his head, and smilingly said: “Is this called kaleidoscope? That boss said to me that it was called a thousand spirit mirror, I thought that it was very interesting so I bought it.”

Looking at the the un-useful thing on her hand, Zhuo Qing did not want to attack a child’s enthusiasm, she could only give a hallow laugh and said: “Thank you ah.”

Bai Yi’s vigor came back immediately, he said with a chattering manner: You are welcome, I will look for something that is better to buy for you next time! Oh right, I have been going to many areas in the capital in the past few days, I still buy many things to bring back and give them to Imperial father and mother! Qiong Yue is really a vast territory with abundant resources.”

Zhuo Qing awkwardly laughed while nodding, it had been a long time since she was touched by a ten years old, it was a little unbearable feeling!! Requesting for help, she turned her head around to look at Lou Xi Yan, Lou Xi Yan slowly got up, smilingly said: “Seventh Prince, you are having a lot of fun times.”

“Prime Minister Lou?!” Bai Yi surprisingly looked towards Lou Xi Yan, lowly called out: “You are also here ah, I do not pay any attention!”

It was a deliberate neglect, right! Lou Xi Yan slightly smiled, but he did not point it out bluntly, his eyes flashed through some crafty expressions, he could still see it very clearly.

Entering the inner room, Bai Yi leisurely sat down next to Lou Xi Yan, he said smilingly with a curious face: “I see that the Prime Minister’s manor already put many lanterns these days, when is the day of the wedding ah?”

“In three days.”

Clapping his hands lightly, Bai Yi happily smiled and said: “I come this time around, not only that I can have knowledge and experience in the big celebration, but I can also have the wedding feast with Prime Minister Lou and beautiful elder sister!” In between his every moment, he was just a child who did not have any scheme.

Lou Xi Yan as always, exchanged a conventional greeting and said: “When Seventh Prince first came to Qiong Yue, Lou mou could not receive you properly, I ask to please forgive me.”

Bai Yi leisurely waved his hands repeatedly, and smilingly said: “Prime Minister Lou does not need to be polite, it was me who was disturbing you……”

“Stop!” Zhuo Qing coldly interrupted the conversations of the two of them that did not have any substance, then she said with a cold voice: “I have to trouble the two of you to chat slowly outside, I want to change my cloth!” This was a hot day, but she was wearing two sets of clothing ah.

Bai Yi hurriedly got up obediently, he smilingly said towards Lou Xi Yan: “Please, Prime Minister Lou.”

Lou Xi Yan also answered: “Please, Seventh Prince!”

One big and one small people showed consideration for the other afterwards, and finally got out of Zhai Xing pavilion, Zhuo Qing was somewhat in between laughters and tears.

Closing the door, she took off the wedding dress with great difficulty, then a sound of knocking of the door echoed one more time.

“Who is it?” Zhuo Qing was puzzled, who would also come?

“Sister in law, it is me.” Lou Xi Wu’s voice sounded dispiritedly from outside the door. Zhuo Qing opened the door to see a dispirited and downcast face.

Pulling her to enter the inner room, Zhuo Qing asked: “What is wrong?”

Leaning forward on the round table defeatedly, Lou Xi Wu scolded and said: “I am furious with Jing Sa!”

Lightly knitting her eyebrows, Zhuo Qing mockingly said: “Are you two not…… having a good development?” They already ate each other’s saliva, it should be on the right track next, right!

Zhuo Qing’s face clearly showed a smiling expression, Lou Xi Wu’s complexion was slightly red, battling her cry, she answered: “It is a little better than in the past, but…… but he has not sought marriage to elder brother ah!” Jing Sa’s attitude towards her was indeed different than in the past, sometimes he would still bicker with her, and call out her name angrily. He would absolutely not do this in the past, but…… marrying was just marrying, why had he not sought the marriage?! It really made her very anxious ah!

The young girl’s mind was written on her face without exception, Zhuo Qing laughed heartily and said: “Why are you so eager to marry ah?”

“Sister in law!!” She was ashamed and angry, Lou Xi Wu was glaring at Zhuo Qing, her eyeballs looked like they would come out quickly!

“Fine, fine, fine, I will not laugh.” Lightly coughing, and covering her smiling expression with great difficultly, Zhuo Qing comfortingly said: Jing Sa is not a person who does not have any plan and sense of responsibility, he has already accepted you gradually, you have to give him some time.”

“En.” Grievingly sighed, what sister in law said, it could only be like this. Looking one glance
at the red wedding dress that was on the bed, Lou Xi Wu suddenly approached Zhuo Qing’s side, lowly said: “Oh right, sister in law, Dad has already returned to the Prime Minister’s manor last night, but he still seems to be angry, but you do not need to worry, elder brother is determined to marry you. Even if Dad is angry but he really can not do anything to you, after the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, he will surely return to Xi Bei (northwest) immediately, so you can be at ease to be a bride, ok!”

Zhuo Qing actually did not have any worry, but she wanted to marry Xi Yan after all, Lou Mu Hai did not like her and could not get his parents’s wedding blessings, there would be a slight flaw inevitably. Thinking this, she was also thinking about her own parents, they unexpectedly could not make them see her wedding ceremony, her heart felt sorry inevitably.

Pulling Zhuo Qing’s hand, Lou Xi Wu seemed to be more excited than her: “Only three more days oh, are you or are you not excited?”

Zhuo Qing nodded her head, faintly answered: “A little, ok.”

Pouting her mouth slightly, Lou Xi Wu called out: “What is this ‘a little’? Can it be that you are not looking forward to marrying my elder brother?”

Casting a sidelong glance at Lou Xi Wu, Zhuo Qing returned the compliment and said: “Wait when you are marrying Jing Sa, you will know the term ‘looking forward’ or ‘not looking forward’!”

Lou Xi Wu stared blankly: “Why do you always change the subject into different topic with me ah. I am leaving, I do not want to speak with you!” Angrily speaking, she also ran out.

Zhuo Qing took a long relaxed breath, it was finally quiet, Lou Xi Wu was noisy like this, regarding the wedding in three days, she was really somewhat…… excited, looking forward too…… and nervous……
The season had changed in the Qing Xuan Palace Hall, however things had remained the same even though the people had changed.

Was it the time for the pear tree to be fruitful again, even though it was still young but the fruits were already sweet. When it was in the previous years, it was the most happiness time for the Princess, now…… Xiao Lian was in pain looking at the thin and haggard figure who was by the side of the window, her heart was scolding at Lou Xi Yan and Qing Ling again. These kind of people could prepare for their wedding happily, but the Princess had to accept the torment, this world was really not fair!!

Yang Zhi Lan was standing behind Yan Ru Xuan for a very long time, then she was caressing her hair lightly, and asking tenderly: “Xuan-er, it is almost autumn, do you want to go to the hunting field to have fun ah?”

Her eyes were always staring at the pear tree that was outside the window, Yan Ru Xuan shook her head stupefyingly.

Her hand was caressing Yan Ru Xuan’s thin cheek lightly to turn her face around so she could look face to face with her with great difficulty, Yang Zhi Lan said hurriedly: “If you do not go, then those Emperor’s relatives would hunt carelessly, we will not know how many animals will suffer any calamity.”

Xiao Lian also stepped forwards immediately, half kneeling at Yan Ru Xuan’s feet, she urged softly: “Princess, go, ok, did you still remember that you saved the deer near the river bank last year? Did you not say that you wanted to visit it every year!”

There was still three more days before Lou Xi Yan’s wedding, the inside Imperial palace was a-buzzing, even though nobody dared to tell the Princess, it was difficult to guarantee that one person would let her hear it accidentally, nobody knew how the Princess would take the news when the time came!!

Yan Ru Xuan had not frowned her eyebrows for a long time, what they were saying, she seemed to hear it a little. Striking while the iron was still hot, Yang Zhi Lan continued to say: “Go, ok, Imperial mother will arrange it for you, you will set off early tomorrow, ok?”

For a very long time, Yan Ru Xuan finally nodded her head, Yang Zhi Lan could finally set a side a big stone in her heart (stop worrying), she felt relieved and said smilingly: “It is already noon, you are also tired, take a rest, ok.”
Obedient daughter, when you came back, Imperial mother would let you see Lou Xi Yan’s down and out appearance!!

Inside the Imperial garden, Yang Zhi Lan was walking slowly within the cluster of flowers, there was only one momo who was following by her side.

“How is the arrangement of the matter?” Her hand was stroking the delicate flower, Yang Zhi Lan lowly asked.

The momo was half lowering her body and walking behind Yang Zhi Lan, her face was full of confident smile.

“There will absolutely no careless mistake this time, even if we can not pull Lou Xi Yan down, we will make him eat the responsibility completely.”

Yang Zhi Lan coldly groaned and said: “He is indeed a one hundred percent fox, you must execute this carefully this time.” He discovered a lot of clues last time and provoked many inconvenient, there should absolutely no mishap this time!

“Empress Dowager, please do not worry, there will absolutely no mishap this time!”

“Good!” Yang Zhi Lan plucked one chrysanthemum flower that had not blossomed yet, and threw it away on the ground.

Lou Xi Yan, Aijia wanted to see, whether or not your wedding could still be held!


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