Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 44: Autopsy Clues (Part 1)



Why did Prime Minister Lou madam’s complexion like this? This style of her dress? Also why did she appear inside the main hall? Everything made people doubtful, but the two people were holding hands at the main hall. Prime Minister Lou was gazing at the female tenderly, not leaving his gaze for a moment. Even if Xu Xun Si’s heart had more doubt, he also could not question the status of the woman.

Prime Minister Lou’s madam would do the autopsy for Seventh sister personally, what could he still say? Xu Xun Si could only answered: “Since it is Madam Lou, Ben wang (I) naturally did not have any objection.”

Slowly releasing Zhuo Qing’s hand, Lou Xi Yan’s soft voice said: “Go, ok, I will wait for you.”

This much ‘gentle and soft’ expression of him, she still could not bear this!! Zhuo Qing nodded quickly and walked to Dan Yu Lan’s side and asked: “Where do I examine?”

Dan Yu Lan was just about to open his mouth, Yan Hong Tian’s impetuous and overcast voice coldly echoed: “Just examine inside the main hall.”

Good! Very good! Extraordinarily good! This darn female unexpectedly pretended not to recognize him!! He wanted to see, how could that woman who was afraid of a dead rabbit for half a day do an autopsy!

“Someone comes, pull the curtain covering veil.” Yan Hong Tian faced the palace eunuch who was at the side and muttered a few sentences, the palace eunuch hurriedly nodded, hurriedly ran out.

Inside the main hall……. to do an autopsy?

The many state officials were choking, but the Emperor’s capricious way, who would dare to be so talkative, even Xu Xun Si was also staring blankly and forgetting to oppose. Reacting after, four palace maids were already holding one block of two feet tall white raw cotton silk and walking to the main hall. The four people encircled the corpse of Xu Yan Yun, surrounded in all four directions, but the cloths could only cover half a person’s height, barely enough to cover the corpse that was laying on the ground.

This curtain covering veil was a little too short, ok? Everyone’s heart was wondering, several palace eunuchs once again held up a pair of light muslin (cotton fabric), eight people pulled open the light muslin, encircled the four palace maids to cover the outside of all the four directions, the light muslin was held up above people’s head, two layers to separate it, they already could not see the corpse that was laying on the ground.

Zhuo Qing stood outside of the layer upon layer of curtain covering veils, with a gloomy face, what did they do? This was an autopsy, and not an open masquerade party, to be able to use this much elegant?

Zhuo Qing impatiently lifted open the first layer of the light muslin, Dan Yu Lan’s voice echoed from behind: “Miss Qing, please use these.”

Zhuo Qing turned around, at Dan Yu Lan’s side stood one servant, his hand was carrying a tray, one pair of white gloves and an iron scissor were on it.

She just thought about this problem a moment ago, did not have any medical glove to use, she was in difficulty concentrating on how to do an autopsy. Picking up the plain white gloves, soft and tough texture for her satisfaction.

Behind Dan Yu Lan, there was a small table, one servant who dressed as a young male was holding a pen and paper on his hand, waiting for her.

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, Dan Yu Lan was indeed hateful, but he was also a professional, sure enough, everyone’s success was entirely not without any reason!

Taking the tray, Zhuo Qing lifted open the light muslin, stepped across about half a meter of the tall cotton cloth fence, she finally was in close range to look at the corpse. Half squatting, Zhuo Qing carefully opened Xu Yan Yun’s clothing with a scissor.

The light muslin curtain was down, Zhuo Qing’s complexion was tranquil and cold, could not see any trace of fluster. Everyone also knew in the end, why they wanted to do this two layers of draperies, there was a raw white cotton cloth separation, nobody could see the corpse that was on the ground, but the thin light muslin absolutely could not be used as any barrier, Zhuo Qing’s every movement could be seen clearly by everyone at the outside.

After finishing to remove the clothing, Zhuo Qing’s bright sharp eyes concentratedly watched in front of the corpse, clearly and slightly cold voice echoed in the main hall: “The female’s deceased, age between 16 to 22 years, the livor mortis had not yet appeared and rigor mortis was at an early appearance, time of death was approximately at half a shichen (1 hour). The deceased’s complexion was blueish black, eyeballs were protruded, the mouth was slightly opened, mouth, nose, eyes, all had purplish black bloodstained.”

Lightly lifting up the corpse because she formerly used her hands excessively to exert her own physically and they were stiffed. Looking over afterwards, Zhuo Qing also turned to examine the feet for the first time, she did not let off every little spot, after for a very long time, she said: “The deceased’s skin presented a mild bluish green, fingers and fingernails appeared greenish black, two legs and toenails were mild bluish green. The deceased’s throat had a distinct greenish black stripe, abdomen looked normal.”

Strange, generally, taking poison medicine orally to die, the deceased’s hands, feet and toenails colors would definitely identical. Moreover if the poison appeared to surface on the body’s appearance, besides the throat, the esophagus (food pipe) and the stomach would be the places where the poison stayed for the longest time, so there should be more obvious appearances that surfaced on the body! Could it be that the red scarlet worm’s venom was relatively exceptional? She did not have any venom analysis report on her hand, so troublesome!

No real evidence, Zhuo Qing could only guest in her heart, the hand also did not stay idle, lightly turning over the corpse, Zhuo Qing concentratedly and carefully examined the corpse’s back every tiny spot of the skin afterwards, continued to answer: “The back did not yet appear abnormal, the skin’s surface did not have any distinct injury.”

Preliminary determination, the snake venom’s neurotoxin inhibited the respiratory center and vascular center, which caused the respiratory and circulatory failure, cytotoxic (toxic to cells, cell-toxic, cell-killing) caused red blood cell lysis (lysis refers to the breaking down of the membrane of a cell), tissue necrosis (a form of cell injury which results in the premature death of cells in living tissue, is caused by infection, toxins or trauma), resulting in the death of the deceased in a short time. But Zhuo Qing always felt somewhat fishy, half squatting next to the deceased, Zhuo Qing lightly untied the deceased’s hair that was in a high bun, took apart the golden hairpin on her head, used her ten fingers to extend among the deceased’s hair, pushed aside the hair a little bit to examine the skull.

Looking at her not speaking for a long time, Xu Xun Si was somewhat impatient and said: “Are you done examining?!”

Unfortunately, there was no one who replied to him in the entire main hall, everyone’s eyes were rigidly watching attentively at the vague, serious and beautiful shadow who was inside the light muslin curtain.

Nobody paid attention to him, Xu Xun Si embarrassedly coughed and said: “Fine, since you all finish examining, Ben wang wants to take away Seventh sister’s corpse.”

Xu Xun Si’s speaking voice had just left, inside the curtain covering veil, the bright and shiny eyes played across, a clear and cold’s female voice echoed one more time: “Hold on.”

She finally found it…..


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