Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 49: The Murderer Was You (Part 2)

Another loooong chapter. Over 2,500 words. Finally the end of the palace banquet but unfortunately, we’ll still be in the palace… until Chapter 55 which will conclude volume 1 of this book.

This chapter was edited by Din2.


Who was the murderer after all?

When all is said and done, this bracelet was or was not the murder weapon?! This bracelet did not have any unusual condition at the moment, how could he prove that it was the concealed weapon?

Dan Yu Lan was still holding the bracelet, sinking into a deep thought, Dan Yu Lan kept silent. Hu Xi Ang raised his cold eyes, also did not say anything, was only urgently anxious to get back his bracelet.

Zhuo Qing was massaging her somewhat sore legs due to her crouching during autopsy a moment ago. Other people might think that she seemed to not paying attention but was actually chatting with Mo Bai, only her voice was somewhat loud: “I remember that you say the red scarlet worm’s poison is Qiong Yue country’s distinctive poison, and it is not the same as any other poison, is it right?”

Mo Bai faintly perceived that Zhuo Qing already thought of a way, he responded to answer: “Yes.”

Zhuo Qing shrugged her shoulder, looking at Hu Xi Ang’s complexion that was already changed slightly, and said: “So in this way, even if you are unable to solve that the bracelet is the concealed weapon, as long as you can prove that the bracelet has the quantity of red scarlet worm’s poison that is sufficient to be a mortal poison to kill someone, General Hu only needs to explain properly.”

That was right, ah! The murderer chose this special poison in order to entrap Qiong Yue, this unique and unmatched nature would also be easier to expose itself at the same time. He only thought about finding the concealed weapon, in fact, he could also start from the venom! Looking at the bracelet that was on his hand one glance, Dan Yu Lan brightly called out: “Someone comes, bring up a basin of fresh water.”


Very quickly, a palace maid came to bring a basin of fresh water, Dan Yu Lan erected a silver needle to enter the water, did not have any change, continued on to lightly throw the bracelet into the water. Soon, the thin bracelet’s dense texture, slowly exuded a faint red trace, very quickly blended into the water, and the silver white long needle that was in the water, also changed into black slowly, a faint fishy smell exactly like the smell from the poisonous wine cup.

Taking the basin softly to push it in front of Hu Xi Ang, Dan Yu Lan coldly said: “General Hu can explain this, why does the bracelet that you wear have the red scarlet worm’s poison, you will not say that the wine splashes it up, right?” He did not believe that he would use this clumsy excuse to provide an explanation.

Hu Xi Ang’s complexion was somewhat white, but did not appear to be panic, also did not explain, tranquilly answered: “This matter is already so far, I have nothing to explain properly.”
He admitted it?! But what was the motive? He would not kill somebody without no cause or reason, right, nevertheless, it was his own country’s Princess!

Evidently, this question, Xu Xun Si was the most anxious to know, casting an angry look at Hu Xi Ang, Xu Xun Si severely reprimanded and asked: “Why did you do it, if Qiong Yue and Bei Qi become enemies, what would you benefit?! The Old General Hu (Hu Xi Ang’s father), for all his life, for the country and the people, sacrificed himself for the sworn brotherhood. You did this way, how could you let him down?!”

“You, shut up, you all, Xu’s family did not have any qualification to mention my father’s name!!” The original tranquil and intellect’s Hu Xi Ang suddenly looked like he was exposed a little, Xu Xun Si’s words stabbed Hu Xi Ang’s most sensitive heart like a bow string. Hu Xi Ang pressed on towards Xu Xun Si, his tall and and sturdy figure, pair of red eyes that showed anger, made Xu Xun Si a little frightened and retreated one step.

Staring to look at Xu Xun Si, somewhat sneering, somewhat unwilling, filing more with heart filled with rage and hatred, Hu Xi Ang raised his voice and said: “My father was too pedantic, did not agree to form an alliance with Di Nu, insisted to serve the court, insisted on this so called bond, what was the outcome? He fought Di Nu for a length of time, what did you all, this hypocritical royal family do? You did not send a reinforcement, cut army provisions, made him suffer under the enemy, finally died tragically under the enemy’s arrows. This was precisely what you were saying about sacrificing oneself for the brotherhood, you all only knew about civil wars, could only criticize the court, in spite of the people’s suffering, regardless of the soldiers who labored, absolutely unworthy of my father’s loyalty and devotion.”

Xu Xun Si’s brows tightly wrinkled together, did not dare to believe and asked: “So you deliberately killed Seventh younger sister, destroyed the alliance between Bei Qi and Qiong Yue, both countries became enemies, and would also let Bei Qi suffer under the enemy?”

“You were correct, I just wanted to look at you all’s near death appearances!! The best way was to let you all experience the feeling when the arrows pierced through your heart!!” Hu Xi Ang was on the verge of being mad when he laughed heartily, his entire body was full of hatred, made all of the people were frightened and unconsciously gasping.

Hu Xi Ang’s madness made people had this bad premonition, Yan Hong Tian’s clear voice shouted: “Somebody comes, hold Hu Xi Ang in temporary custody.”

“No need to be inconvenient.” His laughter finally stopped, carrying a hoarse voice, Hu Xi Ang seemed to be somewhat exhausted, faintly sighed and said: “Nothing more, the matter already fell through and was exposed, I would just accompany my tough character’s old man (his father) properly.”

Still speaking, he picked up the silver needle that was inside the basin with his hand, faced his own temple (on his head), he ferociously pierced the needle in it……… Everything happened so fast, the moment everybody reacted, his tall silhouette already collapsed in the main hall.

Dan Yu Lan hurriedly went to look over, only saw him twitching almost after he went down, unexpectedly was also motionless, complexion showed greenish black, hand and foot were stiffed, the two eyes were protruding outside.

Dan Yu Lan slowly got up, lowly answered: “He is dead.”

There was another one that was dead?!

No one would have thought that holding a welcoming reception dinner would turn like this in the end.

Su Ling’s eyes flashed through a touch of sadness, he had met the Old General Hu, also completely admired his personal character. Hu Xi Ang did not understand, maybe Bei Qi’s royal family was really unworthy of the loyalty and devotion, but the Old General Hu protected not only Bei Qi’s royal family, even more so, he protected Bei Qi’s common people.

The party delegation of three people, unexpectedly he was the only one left at the moment, Xu Xun Si only felt sorrowful and humiliated, for himself and for Bei Qi. Deeply breathing, Xu Xun Si suddenly half kneeling, in a low voice requested: “This kind of matter that happened today was really Bei Qi’s sorrowful, as a result, it became a misunderstanding. Requesting Qiong’s Emperor to permit me to take the remains of these two people back to Bei Qi.”

Lightly raising his hands, Yan Hong Tian did not embarrass him more, clearly said: “Granted. Somebody comes, send off the Third Prince to return to the post house. Official Dan, I will hand over the matter here to you.”


Yan Hong Tian finished talking, soon after, hurriedly got up, taking large steps to walk out of the palace hall, he had not looked one glance at Zhuo Qing again from the start to finish. Zhuo Qing was breathing relaxingly, Yan Hong Tian towards her, wrong, towards Qing Feng, seemed to reveal all kind of moodiness, showed that they surely had some entanglements between them, and she did not want herself to get caught up into this tangled situation.

Zhuo Qing raised her eyes to look towards a not far away place in the direction of Qing Ling once again, but only saw the three palace eunuchs who were looking after her before, there was no Qing Ling’s shadow inside the main hall for a long time.

Could it be that the Empress took her away?! Zhuo Qing was somewhat anxious, but after thinking it again, even if the Empress really took her away, what could she do anyway? Unconsciously, Zhuo Qing’s gaze changed direction to Lou Xi Yan, just in time to bump into Princess Chao Yun’s tearful eyes unexpectedly, her misty eyes were concentrated with deep emotion and hidden bitterness. Zhuo Qing could not help to frown her eyebrows, she could not become somebody’s imaginary enemy, withdrawing her line of sight, Zhuo Qing avoided Lou Xi Yan to walk towards the outside of the palace hall.

Just before Zhuo Qing passed him, he stuck his shoulder and her hand was captured, slightly cool sensation, did not need to think, she already knew it was him, not waiting until Zhuo Qing turned her head around, a gentle whisper next to her ear echoed: “Go to the chariot and wait for me first, I will come in a moment.”

His voice was just barely fading, Zhuo Qing did not need to turn around, she could already feel that scorching stare behind her.

She could not go out of the palace on her own anyway, if she did not wait outside for him, where could she still go? He was surely doing this on purpose!! Fortunately, he already released her hand that was pulled by him, Zhuo Qing lazily obtained his nonsense, as to save her explanation in the eyes of other people’s conspicuous thinking to deny his philandering way.

Zhuo Qing walked confidently and at ease, Yan Ru Xuan’s heart was nevertheless aching, looking at Lou Xi Yan who was still gazing at that woman’s face. Yan Ru Xuan heard her own voice and trembled: “Do you… like her?”

Lou Xi Yan turned back his head, only faintly answered: “The time is not early anymore, Princess should return to the palace early to rest, ok.”

“Do you like her?” She must know today!! This many years, she had already had enough of this lukewarm treatment!

His eyes did not appear to have great waves, Lou Xi Yan was still as before, faintly said: “Chen has already said inside the main hall a moment ago, she is Chen’s madam.”

Clenching her fist, Yan Ru Xuan did not look like her old habit that would choose to escape first, choked with sobs, Yan Ru Xuan insisted on asking: “I only ask you, whether or not you like her?!” She did not care about any madam, any status, she only wanted to know who he liked in his heart in the end?!

In front of the tear stained face of a beautiful girl, Lou Xi Yan’s hand moved, slowly dropped again, only concisely answered with one word: “Yes.” (Awwww ).


Yan Ru Xuan’s brain was blank for a split second.

He said yes?!

The person that he liked, was not her……..

When he had not had any sweetheart at that time, she could deceive herself, that he still liked her, but now, how could she still deceive herself?!

What should she do? She really really liked him ah? She liked him for a long time, during the flower fall season, his very soft smile on his face, as feathery light smile that captured her heart, from that time it was not hers anymore, what did she want to do now??

Yan Ru Xuan’s expression was sluggish, Lou Xi Yan was somewhat concerned, she was a good girl but too frail. This was why, for many years, he had always been abided by a ruler and minister’s etiquette, estranged and indifferent, but he did not dare to speak forthrightly about the reason to her.

Yan Ru Xuan suddenly turned around, slowly advanced to walk out of the palace hall, as if an absent minded’s zombie, made Lou Xi Yan unable to bear not to follow her.

Inside the main hall, the people were already scattered and left, at the gate of the palace hall, the Princess’s personal maid approached. Lou Xi Yan also stopped his footsteps, following Yan Ru Xuan with his eyes and saw her get further apart gradually. On the other side, Zhuo Qing’s inpatient voice was heard to say: “Who are you?”

Lou Xi Yan raised his eyes to look, blocking her path was the Emperor’s personal chamberlain, Gao Jin.

Walking to Zhuo Qing’s side, Lou Xi Yan protected her on his back, pretended to be puzzled, he asked: “Gao gonggong, what is the matter?”

Gao Jin cupped his hands to give courtesy, lowly answered: “The Emperor has announced that Prime Minister Lou and Miss Qing to enter the palace hall.”

There was no end to this!! Zhuo Qing’s face was black, she was extremely tired, what kind of words that could not be said for another day?!

Asking him and her together? Not likely, right, if really intended to ask him, why did Gao Jin go straight to Qing Feng. Based on his understanding to the Emperor, he would not be willing to let go of this matter, but he did not expect it to be this quick.

Lou Xi Yan did not perform an in depth investigation, raised his head gracefully and smiled lightly, answered: “Then I will ask to trouble Gao gonggong to lead the way.”

“I dare not accept the honor.” Gao Jin took along the two people together to walk out of the main hall.

Zhuo Qing’s face revealed irritability, Lou Xi Yan leisurely and quietly comforted and said: “Be at ease, we are merely facing the Emperor, nothing more, you have me.”

How could she be at ease ah, Zhuo Qing had some suffering words, the crucial problem was___________ she was not Qing Feng ah. She originally did not know what kind of relationship Qing Feng and that frenetic and overbearing man had……………..



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