Chapter 535.1: Chapter 535.1 - Fully Confident (Part One)

Chapter 535: Fully Confident (Part One)

Xu Cheng saw how they still wanted to quarrel and was too lazy to continue with them . He waved his hand and said, “Whatever, I will just do Haber a favor by not continuing the beef and killing the fun . If you guys want to play, then wait until the ship’s in international waters, and we will have some fun, how about that?”

That Blackwater bodyguard sneered, “Sounds good . ”

Young Master Lee glanced at Xu Cheng from the corner of his eyes with contempt and said, “I’ll remember you now . ”

After that, Xu Cheng didn’t bother with talking to this Young Master Lee anymore and just leaned on Haber’s chair and watched them play .

Haber exchanged for 500 million in chips . The five people at this table were all worth more than 10 billion, so 500 million was a figure that everyone was comfortable playing with .

Xu Cheng could see all the cards on the table, not just Haber’s .

Haber wasn’t that good, and he was playing very casually . After all, in comparison to that Young Master Lee, his greed for money wasn’t as visible . That Young Master Lee purely came tonight to win money from the others, or he wouldn’t have come here just to gamble instead of going to other normal casinos .

From the way Young Master Lee seriously shuffled his own cards and the amount he was placing, Xu Cheng could tell that he was a very emotional man .

And Xu Cheng loved it .

In one round, everyone else had folded, and all that were left were Haber and Young Master Lee . Haber’s hand actually wasn’t too good, just a pair of Aces, but the biggest combo in Young Master Lee’s hand was also a pair of Aces . Luckily, Haber got the Ace of Spades .

Although this combination wasn’t considered big, it also wasn’t small and people could be willing to give it a gamble since it still had a considerably high chance of winning .

When there were a lot of people playing the round, it would be very difficult for straights, same suits, triplets, and others to appear . So, with a big pair of doubles, it was pretty decent .

Young Master Lee knew how to play the psychological battle more than Haber, and with the pair of Aces in his hand, Haber began feeling that Young Master Lee had a bigger hand, at least a triplet or something . So, when the other people folded, he was also beginning to think about folding .

Young Master Lee asked, “Mr . Haber, are you following?”

Haber hesitated briefly and was about to fold . At that moment, Xu Cheng patted him on the shoulder and said, “What are you scared of?”

Haber showed Xu Cheng his hand . “You think I should continue?”

“Yeah . ” Xu Cheng took a sip of his wine . “We are playing for fun, aren’t we?”

Haber laughed . “Yeah, then we will just keep on playing for fun . ”

Xu Cheng: “What’s so fun about adding one million at once? Just toss five million in to calm our tits . ”

After all, Haber brought Xu Cheng onboard to entertain him, and after getting the medicine, Haber couldn’t be happier . Five million? Piece of cake . He just pushed the chips into the center casually .

Just now, Young Master Lee saw very clearly how Haber was about to fold . He knew Haber’s hand must not be very good, or he wouldn’t have had the intent to fold that early . This time, he was just cheered into putting up a bigger bet . Although he looked like he was very casual and confident, it was in fact a bluff . Young Master Lee thought he was too much of a pro and would definitely not be fooled by this kind of little trick .

“Normally, it’s very difficult for them to get Mr . Haber to come out and play . Since Mr . Haber’s here today, then we will definitely have some fun together . I follow, ten million . ”

Haber thought about it, and he still didn’t want to just throw free money at Young Master Lee and immediately began to think about folding again .

Xu Cheng dragged him back again and said, “It’s not fun to give up this easily . We gamble for the adrenaline rush, right? If it’s not exciting, then why are we still gambling? Just look at yourself, you are already loaded in cash and wake up in a pile of gold and drive around in gold, what’s fun about that? Try to have some fun, be a bit more capricious

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