Chapter 583.1: Chapter 583.1 - A Brand New Diesel (Part One)

Chapter 583: A Brand New Diesel (Part One)

“Look at those [email protected]’ faces, I really facking want to go into the third phase and take them out during the military practice!” a soldier chewed the gum and cursed .

The captain was someone about 1 . 9 meters in height with a buzzcut . He looked at the satellite map and asked his team, “Which mercenary corp do we go after first?”

“It’s obvious . Of course we have to go to the biggest one in the area, take care of Black Cat and then report to HQ . We will also show others just how little time we need to take care of a large-sized mercenary group . ”

“What’s the other one called?”

“You mean Deviant? We don’t have to worry about it . It’s just one that gathered all the left-over mercenaries in the area probably just to survive against us . Just leave it for last . After Black Cat, we will go and find Falcon and take it out and let the Polar Bears know, rubbing it in Russia’s face . ”

With that, the team reached a consensus .

At the Deviant Corp’s campground, they could hear gunfire and explosions in the distance, and they were all a bit worried .

Only Xu Cheng was sitting by the edge of the bonfire roasting beef .

He looked at the other mercenaries preparing defenses and being on guard at their respective sentry positions .

The sun was about to go down, and their advantage would get smaller and smaller . It would soon be dark, and by then, without advanced equipment, it would be a lot harder for the sentries to spot enemies .

The 15 team captains sat in a circle with Xu Cheng, and Diesel was still in the basement, unconscious .

Xu Cheng said to Mario and the others, “You guys seem to be pretty scared . ”

Luo Yi and Li Wei were actually very calm . They were top-tier special forces soldiers back in Huaxia, so they weren’t very nervous when faced with the special forces of other nations . Besides, they even had the Dragon King here, why would they be nervous?

But, the other people are indeed concerned .

“The scouts we sent out today got some intel; the country dealing with our area is the M Nation!” Vala said worriedly, “When their military plane landed in the safe zone, our people saw it . It was very clearly the flag of the M Nation . ”

“Of the countries from all over the world, the M Nation is the most militarized and technologically advanced . Their equipment is all top of the line . If we fight them head-on, we will be at a very big disadvantage,” Mario said .

“Big Brother Cheng, how about we retreat? We aren’t scared of death, but we don’t want to die in vain . ”

Xu Cheng glanced at Vala and asked, “How many people do they have?”

Vala: “I don’t know the specifics, but there should be more than 30 . ”

Xu Cheng took out a cigar .

Seeing how worried these guys were, he said, “Want me to give you all a cigar to help calm yourselves?”

The others all shook their heads and didn’t dare to accept .

Now, the situation was that Big Brother Cheng was even scarier than those M Nation special forces troops, so everyone thought it would be best to not offend him .

Xu Cheng snorted, “They can send however many they want, and I will kill them all . It had always been them going around and killing people, why can’t they be killed? I will just give them a taste of their own medicine . ”

Just then, Diesel, who disappeared for two days, actually walked out of a building and came over .

He sat down, appearing very calm .

Xu Cheng asked him, “The M Nation’s guys will be here; our sector got assigned to them . Are you scared?”

“If it was two days ago, maybe I would be,” Diesel said, “but not anymore . ”

Xu Cheng smiled . He knew this kid’s gene fusion was successful .

He pointed at a piece of roasted beef and said, “Cut a piece for me . ”

“Alright . ” Diesel nodded . Then, from the tip of his finger extended imperceptible sharp white blades, like white claws . It was very difficult for people to see at night by the bonfire .

He just moved his hand over the meat, and a piece of it just fell onto the plate as if it was cut swiftly by a sharp katana .

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