Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 3

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Volume 10: Chapter 3 – Telling the Situation in Detail

It was obvious that Big Brother Shan Yun’s mood was extremely heavy. Those calvaries that went to battle and died were like family to him, but so many had died in that short period of time…..

After Big Brother Shan Yun left, we sat down in the room. I said, “Xiu Si and the rest should have arrived here already. Why haven’t they come?”

Zhan Hu asked, “What shall we do next?”

I sighed. “The current situation isn’t good as our coming over was too brazen. The two kingdoms, excluding Xiuda, definitely noticed our entry. If Aixia found out my identity, they definitely won’t take things lying down. What is slightly beneficial to us is that the mages are under the command of Dun Yu Xi. My relationship with Teacher Xi is not bad.”

Mu Zi said calmly, “It isn’t the time to discuss this matter now. Everyone should have used up most of their powers from the previous cross over. We should immediately rest up to our peak state before the troublesome matters comes knocking on our door. We’ll then be able to deal with future matters.”

Everyone was convinced by what Mu Zi said so they sat properly before they cultivated.

Even though I had used a lot of my powers during the cross over, my recovery pace was abnormally fast. I discovered that the three powers in my body didn’t need me to will it to make them circulate and they could automatically recover by themselves. They were individually circulating in different locations in my body, resulting in the rapid recovery to my peak state.

When I woke up from meditating, everyone was still meditating. Mu Zi had changed back to her original look again. While I looked at the gentle contours of her face, a warm and gentle feeling surged out from my heart.

Big Brother Shan Yun’s aide-de-camp walked in and saw that I had woken up. He whispered, “You’ve awoken. Lord Shan Yun had instructed me that if there was anything you need, you can tell me.”

I smiled with good will. “How’s the situation outside?”

The aide-de-camp replied, “We’re currently dealing with the aftermath of the battle. Those that were injured are getting treatments while they can. The situation is very tense as we don’t know when the allied troops of the Demon and Beast races will attack us again.

I instantly thought, ‘If I wanted to convince the three kingdoms, Xiuda will be the first kingdom to convince. If I obtained the support from Xiu Da, it would then be easier to convince the other two kingdoms. I’ll have to meet up with Big Brother Zhan Hu’s father, the prince.

“When will Big Brother Shan Yun return?”

“I can’t determine when he will as there are cases where discussions take an extremely long time. You can have a rest first. I’ll inform you immediately once the Lord returns. I’ll head out now and will let someone to bring you some food later.”

After the aide-de-camp went out, Xiao Rou, who had changed into a squirrel form, came pouncing over. I extended a hand. She used her momentum to leap onto my shoulder, rubbing her fury head on my face. This little fella was too adorable. Everyone should still need a moment to recover. I held Sukrad’s staff in my hand as I walked out of the room. The yard was large. There were a couple of tall trees in my surrounding. When a gentle breeze blew over, rustling sounds of leaves could be heard. Even when some time had passed already, when I thought about the brutality at the battlefield, my heart felt a chill. Even though the previous cross over was extremely dangerous, it had solidified my resolution to convince the three kingdoms.    

I didn’t how the few teachers from Aixia were fairing. ‘Teacher Di, are you still doing well?’ If it wasn’t for that old fellow’s guidance, there won’t be the me today. He must be extremely dejected as I’m not by his side now. Teacher, don’t worry. I’ll definitely work hard for you. Currently, what I’m most worried about is my standpoint in Aixia. With Ke Zha’s rigorous schemes and deep foresight, he definitely wouldn’t accept my suggestion. Furthermore, I’m currently a wanted person by Aixia. However, no one should be able to recognize me now.

Thinking about that, I subconsciously caressed the scars on my face before smiling wryly. What was the point of blaming the gods and accusing others? It had already happened, so I should just settle the matters at hand before considering the others.

“Zhang Gong, where are the rest?” Big Brother Shan Yun returned.

“They’re still in the room cultivating their powers as they had used up quite a bit of them during the cross over.”

“That’s right, Zhang Gong, I haven’t asked you this. How did you get those scars?”

“You can say that I might be born under an ill star. When I fought against the Demon Emperor at the Demon race, I lost and his dark magic powers infiltrated my body right after. You should know that I’m a light attribute so after the light and dark elements collided, it had led to the corrosion of my meridians. It was already great that I still have my life, but my body had turned to this current look.”

Seeing my dejected look, Shan Yun obviously understood the immense sufferings that I had experienced. He patted my shoulder and replied, “Alright, my brother, don’t be so dejected. Brother will definitely find the best doctor to treat you. Now, tell brother what you have experienced during this trip to the Demon race.”

Regarding Shan Yun, I could completely trust him as I admired his noble charisma. I told him what had transpired from the start to the end. Shan Yun was shaken to his core as he listened and his expression constantly changed. Upon hearing that I had actually brought back the Demon princess and was preparing to negotiate with the three kingdoms, he couldn’t help, but to exclaim.

“……That was what happened. It’s as if I was in a dream during this few months.”

“Zhang Gong, even though you had planned well, you should know that it’s highly unlikely that the negotiation will succeed. The couple thousands of years of hatred between the human and the Demon and beast races isn’t something that can be changed by you few people. However, even if that’s the case, I’ll still support you as I also wish that the world can recover it’s peace and harmony. During this period of time, I’m filled with pain and exhaustion as I see my brothers beside me fall one after the other.”

“Big Brother Shan Yun, thank you. With your support, how much will our success rate increase?”

Shan Yun smiled apologetically, “Don’t be too optimistic. My support doesn’t have any importance. The army from Xiuda is under my father. Moreover, there’s His Majesty above my father. Our first task is to convince my father before convincing the rest. During the previous military discussion, the other two kingdoms had inquired who you guys were. I still haven’t replied to them and just said that you’re our allies. I’m also not clear about how things stand so I wanted to clarify with you before replying them. Your current biggest advantage is your God’s inheritor identity. If you want to get the three kingdoms’ approval to negotiate, that identity will be significant.

I nodded and replied, “I understand that. Actually, my disfiguration isn’t a bad thing as at the very least, no one should be able to recognise me now. The other two kingdoms are also not familiar with Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest. Even though I’m currently wanted by Aixia, if I keep a low profile, I shouldn’t be discovered by them. There are still some of my comrades that hasn’t arrive here. They are my friends that participated in the competition with me when I previously returned in Xiuda. After they arrive, our words will be even more confident.”

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