Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 5

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Volume 10: Chapter 5 – God’s Power

When Lei Yun saw my ghastly appearance, he couldn’t help but frown. “Second and third brother, who is that?”

Zhan Hu turned around before instantly moving to my side  and laying an arm on my shoulder, then said smilingly, “Big brother, he’s my sworn brother.”

Just as I wanted to greet Lei Yun, I found that two cold rays were shot toward me. I was alarmed, and the magic power in my body couldn’t help but automatically release a faint gold protection barrier around me. I was shocked that the two cold rays were from an old man’s eyes, sitting on the leader’s seat of honor.

Even though that old man was sitting, his bold and powerful build was obvious. He was wearing an official robe, with a jade belt at his waist. He wore an eight-jeweled purplish gold crown on his head. A king’s aura surrounded him. When he felt the protective barrier from my body, a glimmer of shock flashed past his eyes, as he retracted his thick icy gaze. It was expected that he had a king’s appearance; it was no wonder that he had managed to guide his three sons to be such outstanding people.

“Are you the light mage, Zhang Gong Wei, who is wanted by the Kingdom of Aixia?” The tone of the prince’s voice was extremely heavy. Even though he looked calm, once he opened his mouth, it naturally gave off a domineering, powerful, yet not angry voice.

I didn’t expect that he would be able to pinpoint my identity. I looked at Lei Yun, who had his brows tightly furrowed, then I puffed out my chest and greeted him. With a respectful, yet not meek bow, I spoke, “My greetings to you, Your Highness. I’m Aixia’s Zhang Gong Wei.”

Zhan Hu added, “Father, my brother is the world’s youngest Magister. His teacher is the Aixia’s Royal Intermediate Magic Academy’s principal, Teacher Di.”

Slightly angwered, the prince said, “Have I asked you? I haven’t yet settled the matter with you running away again, so just stand at the side for now. Without my instructions, you’re not allowed to casually interrupt.”

Big Brother Zhan Hu, who was considered to matchless in the world, was just as Shan Yun had said. He looked just like a kid who had done something wrong. He stuck out his tongue before obediently going to stand in a corner, not uttering a single world.

“Zhang Gong Wei, I have heard about some of your matters from the reports given to my kingdom by Aixia. They said that you were once a heroic genius that would arouse the heaven’s jealousy, but you released the Demon race’s princess due to your personal feelings, leading you to abandon yourself, and was thereby listed as wanted.”

When Shan Yun heard the prince’s ill words, he immediately explained, “Father, Zhang Gong isn’t that type of person…….” He stopped his explanation as the prince looked at him with an icy cold gaze.

I sighed gently before saying calmly, “If His Highness is interested, I can tell you all of my experiences for you to judge whether I’m a traitor to humanity. I hereby swear that if I were to speak any empty words, I’m willing to take on five lightnings that would result in my death.”

The prince glanced at me before replying in a softer tone, “Alright, tell me.”

I took a deep breath and tidied up my slightly unorganized train of thoughts before telling slowly, “What Big Brother Zhan Hu said was right. I’m really Aixia’s youngest generation Magister. My experiences were rather smooth sailing. When I was young, I met with a good teacher that built up my good magic foundation. After that, I successfully got into the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. I became a disciple under Teacher Di by chance. My magic level abruptly improved under that old man’s meticulous tutelage. Finally, before entering the Royal Advanced Magic Academy, I successfully reached the Magister realm. I had a seemingly bright future ahead of me in Aixia, but I managed to land myself in the current situation. To be honest, the majority of the judgements that the Kingdom of Aixia have about me are accurate. I really fell in love with the Demon’s Princess and rescued her from imprisonment. However, it wasn’t that I’ve abandoned myself, but rather, I’ve my reasons in doing so. Your Highness should understand that I wouldn’t just give up my wondrous future just to rescue my beloved woman. If that were the case, currently, I wouldn’t be standing before you.”

The prince nodded, indicating me to continue.

Zhan Hu and his brothers were quietly listening to what I said, but they each had a different expression on their faces; Lei Yun had a curious expression, Shan Yun had a calm expression and Big Brother Zhan Hu had a focused expression.

I cleared my throat before continuing, “Initially, Big Brother Zhan Hu and I met each other in the Kingdom of Xiuda. It could be said that we couldn’t befriend each other without fighting each other. I went to Xiuda under Teacher Di’s order. Xiuda was my first stop, excluding learning from experiences. You should know Teacher Wen from your kingdom’s knight academy. I was his student for half a year.”

The prince replied, “I heard this from Shan Yun. The group they put together was defeated by your hands.”

I scratched my head. “It was just luck.”

The prince’s voice changed. “In battles, there’s no luck. If it was a life or death engagement, victory and defeat could have been determined in a momentary slip. His loss is his loss. You don’t have to flatter me. Continue relating your experiences, those you’ve just mentioned aren’t the main points.”

My face flushed before I replied, “Yes, when I came to the Kingdom of Xiuda, it was to improve my knowledge and to pass the warrior’s training in order to strengthen my abilities. However, that wasn’t the only purpose. My purpose was to obtain the Legendary Holy Sword.

After hearing that, Lei Yun gasped. It was obvious that he wasn’t aware of that matter, but the prince obviously knew about it, as his expression remained unchanged.

“Thus, I invited Big Brother Zhan Hu and a few friends from Xiuda to investigate the location of the Holy Sword in the Kingdom of Dalu. It was unknown to us whether it was our luck or predestined that those Divine Instruments, which hadn’t appeared even once in thousands of years, were discovered by us. At that time, we also met with the will of the God King. The God King told us that the world would face a crisis, the resurrection of the Monster King. He bestowed a divine instrument on each of us, and he instructed us to completely eliminate the Monster King’s clone. If not, it would lead to the eradication of various races. Big Brother Zhan Hu should have told you all of this.”

The prince nodded. “I’ve heard him mentioned this before, but your words are too unbelievable. How am I supposed to believe you only with this magic-like display of armour? You should know that if this matter is genuine, it’ll affect all of our decisions.”

I interlocked my hands in front of my chest, emitting a dazzling light ray that enveloped my body; a white light appeared in front of my chest, and a small silver sword appeared before me. Divine aura permeated the entire stone house. Lei Yun hastily went to shield the prince. It was obvious that he didn’t trust me much, with my current ghastly appearance.

I felt the magic power and battle spirit in my body surge constantly towards the Holy Sword, and fuse with its power in my chest, making it rather effortless for me to sustain the Holy Sword.

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