Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 8

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Volume 10: Chapter 8 – Large Increase in Power

I looked at him, amazed. “You brought so many people with you? Won’t that be half of our manpower?”

Xiu Si shook his head. “You’re wrong. Our current numbers is no longer 1000 people, but is 3000 people.”

I replied jubilantly, “We’re developing at such a rapid pace.”

Xiu Si sighed. “It’s all due to the five elders. They have recruited the majority of the God Village’s robust males, which reached a thousand of them; they also recruited some of the villagers that have good attributes. In total, it reached 3000 of us. Those that came with me were the elites of the God Village. The negotiation between the Human with the Demon and Beast races is extremely crucial. We should first settle the conflict between the races before we’re able to fight against the Monster King, that’s why I’ve brought so many people over. The five elders continue to train the rest at the base. Our base had already shown signs of formation. With so many experts building it, currently, it looks like a small castle. Once you return to the base, you won’t be able to recognize it.”

I became much more confident in dealing with the Monster King after hearing what Xiu Si said.

Xiu Si continued, “With our current power, it shouldn’t be hard for us to charge out from the Ström Fortress. If we want the three kingdoms to agree to negotiate, we’ve got to display our might. What you have written in the letter is very accurate, we’ll need to use our God’s inheritor’s identity. When we get the opportunity, we should display our powers in public to let them understand that we’re really God’s inheritors. After that, we’ll act as a go-between, and when conditions are right, success will follow naturally.”

I replied smilingly, “I’ll need to trouble you in directing our group from now on. With the wise and farsighted Big Brother Xiu Si around, little brother is willing to follow and accept any errands you need me to do.”

Xiu Si knocked on my head before saying with a sly smile, “You brat, are you trying to shirk from your responsibility? Don’t forget, you’re our leader. If you want to push all of your responsibilities on me, it’ll be impossible. I, at most, can be your good-for-nothing adviser to give suggestions, but for the specifics, we’ll need you as the leader of our brilliant team to direct us.Hehe!

My thoughts were caught on by him. I smiled wryly, “You don’t need to be so crafty. Won’t it be the same thing if you lead us?”

Xiu Si continuously shook his head. “Don’t even think about it. To be truthful, not many of our brothers want to be in power as we love our freedom. After the important matters are settled and we’re still alive, let’s roam the world. I want to go and check out the Demon and Beast races to experience their different cultures.”

Xiu Si had thought about the same thing that I was thinking. “That’s great, I also have the same thoughts. It’s decided then. But don’t you push away your responsibilities. We’ll have to work hard to achieve that kind of lifestyle.”

Xiu Si smiled bitterly. “Do I even have a choice on whether I can push aside my responsibilities or not?” Upon saying that, the two of us broke into laughters.

Gao De and Xing Ao walked over. “What are you talking about to be so joyful? Zhang Gong, is that girl the Demon’s Princess? She doesn’t look extremely beautiful. Did you become wanted by Aixia for her?”

Xiu Si glared at Gao De. “Stop touching Zhang Gong’s sore spot.”

I sighed. “She’s Mu Zi, the Demon’s Princess. Her current look isn’t her original look as she has changed her appearance. Our relationship is finished. How can I meet people with my ghostly looks?”

Xing Ao suddenly laughed out loud.

Xiu Si saw that I was frowning and pulled on Xing Ao, before he fumingly said, “You brat, what are you laughing for? Don’t you know how much suffering Zhang Gong is currently feeling?”

Xing Ao replied smiling, “I’m laughing at his idiocy as he placed you, the peerless Divine doctor at his side, but is still constantly sighing. It can’t be that your Sky God’s horn can’t treat his scars, right?”

Xiu Si and I simultaneously lit up. Xing Ao, who was usually slow witted, had unexpectedly gave me a chance to reborn.

I looked at Xiu Si, filled with anticipation. My heart beat frantically. If he could cure my scars, I could get back with Mu Zi again. This enticement was too big towards me.

Xiu Si nodded. “If nothing goes wrong, it should work.”

I leaped with joy. “What are we waiting for? Let’s quickly start!”

At that moment, a big person came in from outside. It was Lei Yun. He walked towards me and shouted, “Brother Zhang Gong! You should keep your dragon  to stop making the people worry at the fortress. Father has already settled the matters with the two kingdoms.”

I replied politely, “Big Brother Lei Yun, Thank you.”

Lei Yun smiled candidly. “What’s there to thank for? You’re my brother’s brother so you’re naturally my brother.”

I stood at the center of the courtyard and raised the Sukrad’s staff and mentally started to call out to Xiao Jin. Gold light rays rippled around me, with me as its center. Lei Yun said, dumbstruck, “Magic is really mystical.”

Since we were near to each other this time ‘round, Xiao Jin quickly felt my calls. A clear and joyful dragon roar could be heard from the sky. A gold figure appeared in the  blue sky, which was giving out gold light rays, making it seem as though a small gold sun had appeared.

I hollered in excitement, “Xiao Jin!”

Xiao Jin’s body gradually magnified in our vision. It was obvious that he was charging downward towards the manor. When he saw the courtyard of the prince’s manor, Xiao Jin stretched his wings open, decreasing the speed of his descent. I knew that he was doing the same thing as before to glide onto the ground. When everyone saw his startling speed, they immediately dodged to the side. I also flew towards the entrance of the building, giving it sufficient space to land.

However, his landing speed this time was really too fast. Even though his wings had decreased his momentum, the momentum was still too strong and he didn’t control it well. ‘Hong!’ Xiao Jin heavily landed on the ground.

I anxiously called out, “Xiao Jin!” as I dashed towards him.

Xiao Jin flapped his enormous wings twice before he slowly climbed out from the ditch. The soil and dirt on his wings were scattered all over me. He wobbly walked out from the ditch and used his front claws to scratch his head, shaking his large head. It was obvious that he was dizzy from the fall.

I asked concerned, “Are you alright, Xiao Jin?”

Hearing my voice, Xiao jin’s neck straightened. He excitedly chipped out, “Master!” He moved his two large wings, momentarily covering me within. A sudden immense power had made me unable to breathe; my entire body’s bones were being grinded by the pressure that he was giving out. I hastily used circulated my battle spirit to withstand the pressure. Xiao Jin found that something wasn’t right so he hastily released me.

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