Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 29

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Volume 11: Chapter 29 – Inheritance Begins

I was elated. “What about the Monster King? We should be able to use the ultimate forbidden spell to completely eradicate him and the three Great Monsters right?”

Mi Jia Lie replied gravely, “Zhang Gong, you need to remember that you can never underestimate the Monster King. I’m also not sure how powerful he will be, but I can certainly tell you this. Eliminating him won’t be that easy, you must be willing to make some sacrifices. The power that the Monster King possesses is unfathomable, he killed so many of my comrades in battle at that time! Zhang Gong, once you finish inheriting my powers you will notice five floating orbs of power. Each orb is the divine will for one of the divine instruments that your friends possess. You must pass the divine wills to your friends so that they can bring out the full potential of their divine instruments. Only with the six of you, will it be possible for you to eliminate the Monster King. The most horrifying thing to the various races will be the uncountable monsters. The monsters will constantly appear as long as the Monster King has power, so you must kill their source of life in order to wipe them out.”

I seriously nodded. “I understand, I’ll definitely eliminate the Monster King as quickly as I can. No matter how strong the Monster race is, I’ll definitely eradicate them to restore the world’s peace and harmony. This is my promise to you!”

“Great! Great! Great! With this, I can relax. Zhang Gong, during the inheritance, I’ll do my best in passing all of my knowledge to your memory, including the method in using the Radiant Holy Sword and some light magic forbidden spells. You need to remember that even if your powers are tremendous after the inheritance, you will always have a limit. Ah! That’s right, I almost forgot to tell you the most important matter. When you pass the divine will to your friends, they must be at their peak condition. Otherwise, they will not be able to inherit the divine will, which will cause their body to explode from the vast amount of power. You must absolutely remember this warning.”

My heart jolted before I nodded seriously.

Mi Jia Lie sighed. “Alright, I’ve said all that I needed to say. I believe that you’ll achieve the final victory. Alright, let’s begin.”

“Wait! Wait!” I shouted to stop Mi Jia Lie. I currently had a complicated feeling, even though I wished to receive the inheritance in order to save the world, I hadn’t wished for Mi Jia Lie to disappear. This dilemma made me feel exceptionally dejected. I said with difficulty, “Radiant God, I……”

Mi Jia Lie let out a light chuckle. “Enough, stop being childish and toughen up. Let’s begin.” Upon saying that, the light figure that I could only faintly see suddenly lit up. “Accomplishing the task in eliminating the Monster King will be the best repayment to me.”

Just as I wanted to say something, Mi Jia Lie shouted, “Focus! We’re starting.”

My entire body jolted. My eyes flushed and tears started to flowed out involuntarily. My sacrifices were nothing as compared to Mi Jia Lie’s. I clenched my teeth to control my impulses and gradually calmed down. My mind slowly focused as I focused on Mi Jia Lie’s silhouette.

“I, in the name of the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lie, will be passing the divine inheritance to the person before me. He will then be able to inherit my divine position and the lifelong mission to become the next generation’s Radiant God in order to rule over the powers of light. Zhang Gong Wei, are you willing to take on this responsibility?” Mi Jia Lie’s voice was domineering and consisted a feeling that rejection wasn’t a choice.

I took in a deep breath and answered emotionally, yet full of resolution, “I….I’m willing. I promise that no matter what difficulties I face, I’ll accomplish the Radiant God’s mission to annihilate all sinister beings.”

Mi Jia Lie replied benevolently. “Oh great Radiant God, with the guidance of the blades of moonlight and using the spirit of heaven and earth, let the battle angel of God awaken!”

My sight suddenly lit up, everything in my surroundings became an ocean of gold. The light figure disappeared and I was no longer see my body. A tsunami of power surged towards me from all directions with lightning speed. Since I was in my meditative state, I couldn’t feel the expansion of my powers. I only felt that my consciousness was steadily expanding. The constantly growing consciousness was rapidly absorbing the powers from the surroundings.

When my consciousness cleared, there were three dazzling items before me. On the left was Sukrad’s staff, and on my right was the silver Ice God’s mask. They were emitting gold and white lights respectively. Between them was an exceptionally magnificent silver-coloured long sword. The sword was about 1.5 metres long and four fingers wide. The ridge of the sword looked straight, but with detailed inspection it seemed to have an peculiar arc. The arc looked completely natural, as if it was heavenly made. The hilt and the blade came together like a cross. The hilt was made from two circular shapes that curved slightly downwards to form a fifth of the sword’s total length. There were dense spiral veined lines and a transparent rhombus-shaped gemstone, which was indistinctly giving off a rainbow coloured glimmer, at the center of the hilt, where the  handguard and blade intersected. The divine silver aura constantly emitted from the sword to the surrounding in waves. This should be how the Holy Sword originally looked.

I tried to extend my hand to grab onto them, but I couldn’t find my body, nor could I control anything. The three divine instruments simply gave off divine light as they just floated before me.

Mi Jia Lie’s voiced out, “I’ll help you by changing the shape of Sukrad’s staff for it to be more convenient while using all three divine instruments.”

On the left, the Sukrad’s staff suddenly gave off intense light. The transparent gemstone was giving off an abnormally dazzling white light and was intercepted by the gold light ray from the staff. Under my astonishment, the Sukrad’s staff gradually dissolved being engulfed by the white and gold light, finally forming a white and gold ball of light.

The light from the light ball intensified and after a short span the Sukrad’s staff disappeared. What substituted it was a golden glove with many small transparent gemstones on the back. The small gems should be formed from the essence of the initial circular gemstone from the staff.

“Goodbye, my child.” Mi Jia Lie’s caring, but mournful voice suddenly voiced out. Without waiting for my reply, the powers in my surroundings suddenly increased by one hundred fold, surging frantically with me as its center. The enormous amount of power constantly struck my consciousness, forcing my consciousness to bundle up, resulting in the loss of my consciousness.

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