Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 31

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Volume 11: Chapter 31 – Returning to the Domain

When I flew from the God Rended Canyon to the Demon race’s plateau, it was still the same desolate place as the first time I came. The only difference was that the boundary of the God Rended Canyon had disappeared.

Suddenly, I was alarmed as I perceived faint trace of the Monster race’s aura with my divine powers. It seemed that the Monster race had already made their move. No matter how pressing time was, I still had to make a trip back to the God Protector Domain.

With my current powers, my skill in using long distance teleportation array should be fairly accurate. I will give it a try, in order to save time. I can still fly back to the base even if the positioning is erred, and I will still have a shorter distance to travel.’ Thinking about that, I secured the Holy Sword and used the God’s Guard on my right hand to draw the long distance teleportation array. The God’s Guard showed its versatility as  it drew up the appropriate magic array with a mere thought. The array was also those kind of complicated long distance magic array that required lots of mental power. The previous me would have spent a long time drawing such an array, in order to rest and recover my mental power to prevent mistakes in drawing the array. But this time was different, I didn’t feel any exhaustion and my mind was in its peak condition as well. I took just half an hour to draw up the enormously complicated long distance magic array. I was quite confident that I should be within a five kilometer radius of the God Protector Domain.

I used my six wings of light to envelop myself before taking a deep breath and entering the magic array.After I took a final look at the now desolate looking God Rended Canyon, I started the chant to activate the magic array. With a flash of light, I entered a seven coloured world. With the protection of the wings, I felt no resistance and my surroundings were rapidly fading away. With the scenery constantly changing, it made me light headed, so I closed my eyes.

After my body lightened, the surrounding pressure vanished. I was now standing on the peak of a lofty mountain. Clusters of clouds passed by that hit my body with their moisture. After noticing my body was bare, I couldn’t help but to chuckle. How could I go and meet up with the rest looking like this? Wouldn’t I be forced out of the domain like this? I retrieved some clothes from my spacial pocket and wore a white coloured light attribute magic robe on my exterior.

When I activated my divine will to survey my surroundings, unexpectedly the God Protector Domain wasn’t far front from my location. However, the domain seemed too peaceful. This kind of situation shouldn’t occur, even at night. I was alarmed. Had something happened?

I flapped the six light wings on my back to fly towards the God Protector Domain. Within a few blinks of an eye, I was above the God Protector Domain. The interior of the domain was pitch black. I could only feel a minority of human presences, when compared to the previous 10,000 plus people in the domain previously. Could it be that the Monster race had attacked this place? It shouldn’t be, there wasn’t any lingering aura of the Monster race here!

I withdrew my wings and landed on the ground. Anxiously, I rapidly activated the river-like divine power, making intense light rays to light up the domain.

Nothing had changed. The mountain range and sentries were the same from when I left previously. The stone houses were also still in their original positions.

I used my divine power to call out, “Is anyone here?” An enormous voice surged towards the sky, vibrating the surrounding stone houses. I was also shocked at such an outcome because I didn’t use much divine power!

My voice constantly echoed. Every living being in the mountain range should have heard my call. I was too lazy to go on a man hunt because I quickly wanted to know what was happening here, so I used the most simplest method possible. Expectedly, once the sound weakened, a couple people from the domain gathered towards my location.

I withdrew the wings from my back to return into my body, because seeing such a sight would be universally shocking.

Ten black shadows surrounded me like lightning. ‘Their power seems so little. It’s as though that I can eliminate them just by moving my fingers. When did the brothers of our domain become so weak?’

After I realized who had come, I couldn’t help but to doubt my thoughts.  The leader of the crowd was Jian Shan and his cultivation wasn’t weak. ’His power couldn’t have deteriorated, right?’

“Who are you? What’s your motive in intruding my God Protector Domain so late at night?” Jian Shan was shocked as he saw the divine light emitted from my body when he queried. It was probably because I was wearing a mask that resulted to his failure to recognize me.

I smiled wryly. “What? I hadn’t seen you for a few days and you don’t know me anymore? I’m Zhang Gong!”

Jian Shan looked at me warily, but his suspicious expression changed to elation after a while. He said in a shaky voice, “Zhang Gong? Zhang Gong, is that really you? You’re finally back.” He abruptly charged in front of my body to grab onto my shoulders. But when he was a meter away from me, he suddenly stopped and struggled for a while. He frowned and asked, “Zhang Gong, what did you do?”

I was stunned as I hadn’t cast a protective barrier! How did this happen? I scratched my head and explained, “I didn’t do anything! It must be due to the too rapid increase in my powers, I haven’t fully grasped them. Jian Shan, where is everyone? Why is there only so few men in the base? Where’s Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest? Where’s Mu Zi?” In the middle of my speech I tried my best to withdraw the powers emitted from my body. Only then was I able to embrace Jian Shan.

Jian Shan’s body shook slightly. He was obviously excited as it had been sometimes since we parted from each other. Jian Shan complained, “You left without saying a word and also gone for such a long time. Do you know that the continent had undergone so many changes that the heavens and earth had flipped upside down?”

I asked, stunned, “I’ve left for a long time? How long did I left for?”

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