Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 16

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Volume 12: Chapter 16 – The Dragon King Appears

The expression in the Monster King’s eyes instantly became very disorderly. ‘Ah!’ He screamed as he placed his hands at both sides of his head. Hai Shui’s well developed body shook violently. I was excited as it seemed that I had guessed right.

“Hai Shui, do you still remember the time when we studied together at the academy, you learned water magic and I learned light magic? When I lost my position in the Kingdom, you risked your life to save me. I was really grateful for what you did. You’re such an exceptional girl! It’s my fault for not treasuring you in the past. Please give me a chance. I’ll make it up to you.”

The Monster King shouted, “Stop talking!” His body morphed into an ashy haze, abruptly charging towards me.

My mind was completely lost in thought so I was unable to defend myself from this attack. Even if I could, I wasn’t a match for the Monster King. At this moment, three bluish-gold lights suddenly charged over to meet with the Monster King’s attack. My mind cleared and I shouted, “No!” It was the three elders who had reached the Sword Saint rank that charged towards the Monster King. They had charged towards the Monster King with all their might to save me.


After a loud sound, the three elders vanished, leaving nothing but a bloody mist. A Sword Saint’s power was already the peak martial artist’s cultivation in the continent, but up against the Monster King it was useless. With a slight delay in his steps, the grey light still glimmered as the Monster King continued to charge towards me.

I quickly guarded with the Holy Sword. Just as I wanted to resist, the Monster King suddenly stopped three meters away. Using Hai Shui’s body, the Monster King clutched her head and bitterly struggled. Hai Shui’s love saved me at the very last second. A huge dragon roar was heard suddenly. It was definitely not something an ordinary dragon could give off. The sound filled the air and shook heaven and earth.

The Monster King glared at me with an intense hatred, kicked off the ground, and began to morph into gray fog once again. “Brat, just you wait! After I have full control over this vessel, in two days time, it’ll be your humanity’s demise.” The grey fog suddenly moved and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

My entire body slumped to the floor. Even though my injuries weren’t severe during the conflict, the pressure I felt in my heart was unbearable. In just a few minutes’ time, Big Brother Zhan Hu and the brothers were knocked unconscious, Mu Zi was also severely injured. Even worse, the remaining three elders sacrificed their lives to save me, and Hai Shui, who was deeply in love with me, had been possessed by the Monster King. Every single event that happened would be unbearable for anyone. Yet all of them happened to me simultaneously. Mu Zi! How was Mu Zi? I moved to Mu Zi’s side and embraced her before activating my divine power to check her body’s condition. The Monster King didn’t seem to mind her, even though he sent her flying. She was severely hurt, but it wasn’t life threatening. As my divine power forced the last of the Monster King’s aura out, Mu Zi’s eyebrows relaxed and she fell unconscious.

Just as I wanted to check on big brother Zhan Hu and the rests’ conditions, the sky suddenly darkened. The dazzling sunlight was completely blacked out. I was afraid. Had the Monster King returned? I raised my head to look upwards. ‘Ah!’ It wasn’t the Monster King, instead there were a few hundred dragons hovering in the air, covering the sunlight. Both a large and a small gold dragon flew over to the courtyard. The smaller golden dragon was Xiao Jin, while next to him the enormous golden dragon with dazzling golden rays emanating would be Xiao Jin’s father, the Dragon King.

Their flying speed was extremely fast, as in a quick second the blink of an eye they had already landed in the courtyard.

“Master, what happened?” Xiao Jin asked anxiously after seeing the unconscious crowd.

My heart hurt as I smiled wryly. “It’s the Monster King. It’s finally appeared.”

“Zhang Gong, that grey fog that just left should be the Monster King, right?” The Dragon King deeply asked with his resounding voice.

I solemnly nodded and quickly informed him of what had previously happened.

The eyebrows of the Dragon King knitted and a flash of golden light, he used his dragon powers to enclose big brother Zhan Hu and the rest within it. I knew the powers of the Dragon King. In terms of recovery, he were much stronger compared to mine.

Looking at the Dragon King’s tightly knitted eyebrows, I asked anxiously, “How are they? Can they still be saved?”

The Dragon King sighed. “According to what you said previously, the Monster King had broken through the Holy Sword’s boundary. That in turn saved their lives. The boundary helped them to block the majority of the attack. And with their divine instruments, the Monster King wasn’t able to kill them off in one go.”

Hearing that big brother Zhan Hu and the rest weren’t in any mortal danger, my heart momentarily calmed down. “Uncle Dragon King, when will Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest recover by?” The Monster King was going to attack again in two day’s time. At that time he would have the assistance of the Three Great Monsters. I really wouldn’t be of any help if I couldn’t rely on big brother Zhan hu and the others’ reinforcements.The Dragon King shook his enormous dragon head. “Their injuries are really severe so I could only stabilize their body conditions. It will at least take a few months for them to fully recover.”

I cried out, “What? A few months’ time?! This….This…..” My heart became disconcerted as I looked around at my brothers as they hovered in midair under the Dragon King’s power. I could wait for a few months’ time, but the Monster King wouldn’t! He would control Hai Shui’s body and immediately invade the fort. With solely my powers, how could I resist the Monster King by myself? To the Monster King and the Three Great Monsters, ordinary soldiers wouldn’t hinder them in the slightest. Even if I added the Dragon King and the Dragon race into the mix, it would still be unable to deal with their devastating powers!

The Dragon King muttered an incantation in the Dragon race’s language, resulting in the intensification of the light boundary surrounding the five of them. I knew that the Dragon King was trying to heal them with all his might. Currently, I could only wait.

Even though I had only made a few exchanges in battle with the Monster King, my divine power was actually halved. His power was much more than disastrous than what I had originally thought it would be.  Even the power I possessed after inheriting all of the Radiant light God’s inheritance was useless against him. The Monster King’s power was extremely frightening. My heart sank as I sat crossed-leg on the floor, focusing on recovering my divine powers.

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