Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 29

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Volume 12: Chapter 29 – Star Burst

The seal on my body hadn’t been resolved so I could just stare at the Monster kIng that was in agony. What was happening to him? Ah! Could it be Hai Shui’s will?

Suddenly, halos of green light ray was constantly emitted from Hai Shui’s body, but it still was heading towards me. This sight before me made me think back to when I first met Hai Shui. At that time, we met at the fighting arena and these green halos were the Xin Family’s Absolute Disruption spell that left me at a loss on how to deal with it. The green light halos constantly appeared and tightly enclosed around Hai Shui’s body. The restriction on my body suddenly vanished and the Monster King no longer had the ability to deal with me.

“Big Brother Zhang Gong, quickly….quickly take this opportunity to finish him. Hurry up! I can’t restrict him much longer.”

I looked stunned at the delicate and lovable body that was being restricted by the green halos. Tears flowed uncontrollably as I raised the Holy Sword. My previously steady hands shook constantly. The person before me currently wasn’t the Monster King, but Hai Shui that loved me deeply. How could I kill her now?

“Big Brother Zhang Gong, quickly attack me! I can’t hold him back much longer. Stop hesitating. It won’t matter much if I died solitarily as it’s enough for me for you to continue living well. Just hurry up! It can’t be that you wish for the total extermination of all the races in this world right?” Hai Shui shouted, sobbing.

My heart greatly shuddered. That was right, how could I allow the extermination of all the races due to being soft hearted?! “Hai Shui, don’t worry. I’ll be accompanying you. Ah!!”I shouted and circulated the remnants of all of my remaining power in my body, making the burning of life spell form to reach its limit. The multi-coloured life force regained its splendor, completely suppressing the five divine powers. With my body and sword as one identity, I thrust towards Hai Shui’s delicate body. The silver ray of the Holy Sword intensified. The Holy Sword accurately pierced into Hai Shui’s heart. The originally constant struggling body instantly stopped moving and grey fogs emitted from the wound. I distinctly felt that the Monster King was fighting his death with all his might  against the might of the formidable Holy Sword.

Mu Zi and Xiao Rou immediately flew to our sides and looked at a loss at us. They didn’t know what to say at this moment.

Blood continuously flowed out from Hai Shui’s mouth. The green halos that surrounded her body disappeared. Hai Shui’s small delicate hand touched my face as she asked gently in gasps, “Big Brother Zhang Gong, do you love me?” Tears uncontrollably flowed down my face. I replied shakily, “Love.. I love you, Hai Shui. I always will.”

A satisfied smile was expressed on Hai Shui’s charming face as she said in gasps, “That’s good enough. I’m satisfied with your promise. Hai Shui will now leave without regret…..” Two trials of sparkling and translucent tears flowed down Hai Shui’s face before she suddenly pushed me away and shouted lovably, “Star Burst!”

Teacher Di, who was in the far distance at the fort, stood up abruptly as he looked startled at Hai Shui. “The Xin Family’s ultimate spell, Star Burst, that enables the caster to kill their enemies along with themselves.”

Hong!!!!!!” After a loud explosion was heard, I had blankly looked at Hai Shui’s body and the Holy Sword exploded so intensely, that Hai Shui didn’t leave any ashes nor clothings.

She left just like that. All of the demonic aura emitting from Hai Shui’s body disappeared with Hai Shui’s self destruction spell. The monsters on the land metamorphosed into grey fog as they gradually vanished into mid air.

Xiao Rou suddenly moved in a flash to where Hai Shui had self exploded with peculiar flashing light rays in her eyes.

Mu Zi moved to my side and supported my body. “Zhang Gong, don’t be overwhelmed by your grief. How’s your body condition?”

My divine power was no longer able to keep the other divine powers in my body in place and my life force was burning out. I kissed Mu Zi’s forehead lightly as I said mournfully, “Mu Zi, I won’t be able to make it. You must take care of yourself. I’ll head to find Hai Shui.” Upon saying that, I pushed Mu Zi away and surged all of my powers outward as I soared into the sky. I relaxed my body and freely allowed the divine powers in my body to wreak havoc. I had already accomplished my task so it was time for me to go. I didn’t want Mu Zi to look at my corpse after I died so I must leave.

“No! Zhang Gong, please don’t do this to me!”


Mu Zi and Xiao Rou’s shouts was heard from beneath me, but with their speed, how could they catch up with me? I had chosen to die in the sky as the surge of the divine powers might hurt them.

Mouthful after mouthful of blood flowed from my mouth and feebleness struck my body. I was really tired. I just wanted to sleep now. I hope that when I awoke, I would be able to meet up with Hai Shui.


Mu Zi and Xiao Rou frantically tried to fly after Zhang Gong, but no matter how they tried, they couldn’t catch up with him. Zhang Gong’s body became increasingly smaller in their view. Suddenly, with a flash of white light, Zhang Gong momentarily disappeared.


I gradually opened my eyes to find myself in a hazy white world. The War God’s armour, Sky God’s horn, Titan God’ hammer, Lightning God’s shield, Wind God’s bow, excluding the Holy Sword, laid in my surroundings. Each of the divine instruments were giving off different coloured light rays, similar to the divine wills that Mi Jia Lie had passed to me.

“Am I dead?” I looked at my seemingly unharmed body.

“No, my child, you haven’t pass on.” A familiar benevolent voice sounded.

I was shocked. “Are…Are you the God King?”

“That’s right, my child. You didn’t let me down as you eliminated the clone of the Monster King, resulting in the drastic decrease in the power of the Monster King.  We have also completely obliterated the Monster king’s body on our side with the combined divine powers of my powers with the other gods. Thank you for what you have done, my child. However, you were too reckless. You had used your body to withhold all six divine powers. You greedy bastard! If I didn’t come in time, you would have died. Even though I rule over the gods, I still don’t have the ability to revive the dead.”

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