Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 6

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Volume 12: Chapter 6 – Arriving at the Stronghold

Xiao Jin considered my question before saying, “Currently, the Nature Elves are still stationed on the human’s side, but Father brought my relatives to the fort. They should have met up with Sister Mu Zi. They should be reaching the fort in a couple of days. I heard that the amount of monsters coming out from the gulf is far beyond the quantity of ten monster dens. If it wasn’t for the magic cannons at the fort, it would have fallen into the enemy’s hands. The Demon and Beast races are worse off, their losses won’t be small.”

I slightly nodded. “Alright, I’ll draw the magic array now. Guard me while I’m doing it.” Upon saying that, I started to draw up a long distance teleportation spell for the third time today.

Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou seemed to like the golden aura radiating from my body while they comfortably lay by my side. In this empty space anything could be seen from afar, so I couldn’t blame them for slacking off. 

I finished drawing up the array and set the target close to the fort so I would only have to fly a short distance to reach the fort. After completing the long distance teleportation magic array, I felt a slight tiredness, but didn’t mind it. After receiving the inheritance, I had already cast two long distance teleportation magics, a forbidden spell, and used the Holy Sword’s power. It was inevitable for me to be slightly tired, God wasn’t omnipotent!

I don’t have enough divine power to bring Xiao Jin’s large body along with me in the long distance teleportation spell right now. What should I do?’ Thinking quickly, I hastily circulated the divine power in my body. Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou were astonished as they saw the six wings that appeared on my back. I closed my eyes and relied on their supportive power to absorb the light elements in my surroundings, continuously converting the light elements into divine power, replenishing it.

After a long while, I finally recovered my peak state. After taking a deep breath and opening my eyes, I saw that Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou were about 100 meters from where they had previously lain.

“Why have you two retreated so far away?” I asked surprised.

“Master, it’s not that we wanted to retreat, but your power is so great that it pushed us!” Xiao Jin replied helplessly.

Xiao Rou said, “Thank you, Master.”

I withdrew my protective powers. “What did you thank me for? Hurry over, I’m going to activate the magic array. Let’s head to the fort.”

Xiao Rou bounced excitedly to my side and leapt on my shoulder as she whispered, “Master, after evolving to have nine tails, my power was always stuck at the very last step before the peak realm. After seeing you today, your vast powers have helped me achieve that last step. How could I not thank you?”

I smiled. “We’re friends. What’s there to thank? Alright, let’s get ready. Xiao Jin, quickly come over. Stop dallying.”

Xiao Jin approached hesitantly into the magic array as he asked dubiously, “Master, will this really work?”

I mockingly chided him, “Of course it will. Just use your powers to protect yourself and leave the rest to me.”

“Master, please wait a moment!” Xiao Rou suddenly called out as I was preparing to activate the magic array.”

Stunned, I asked, “What’s wrong, Xiao Rou?”

Xiao Rou lowered her head and muttered, “Master, I have something that I want to request your help with.”

“Say it.”

“Master, I’ve already reached the peak realm of a Demon Fox. I’m thinking that when you have free time, could you assist me during my final evolution?”

I dazed as I remembered Xiao Rou’s previously mentioned transformation skills. “Xiao Rou, didn’t you say that method is a little risky? What form do you want to take?”

Xiao Rou hesitated before her bright gaze resolutely focused on me. “Master, I want to shed my Demon Fox body and become a human, just like Mu Zi and Hai Shui. Master, please accept my request. With your current power, there shouldn’t be any problems with you helping me transform my body.”

I thought, ‘It seems that Xiao Jin’s previous chatter wasn’t a complete fabrication, but her wish isn’t such a bad thing.’ I nodded. “Alright, I promise that I’ll help you gather the things that you need in order to become a human after we eliminate the Monster race.”

Xiao Rou leapt with joy after she heard my agreement. “That’s great! Master, thank you.” She used her fluffy little head to constantly rub against my face. My heart warmed, I could feel her brimming with excitement.

My expression changed after a moment. “Let’s head out now. Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou, prepare yourselves.” Upon saying that, I raised my right hand high into the air as I activated my divine power. The God’s Guard on my right hand instantly released a golden light. The light enclosed us and I glanced at Xiao Rou before roaring out to activate the magic array. Once the light flashed, a human and two beasts disappeared from the empty field.

Even though the interior dimension of the teleportation spell was colourful, we didn’t have the heart to enjoy the view. Long distance teleportation magic was extremely dangerous. If there was something that went wrong, we might appear in an unknown location by the warping of space. Xiao Jin’s body really was too big, I was enduring a pressure three times greater than before. If I wasn’t filled with divine power, I wouldn’t have been able to withstand the pressure.

We finally reached the end of the magic array and returned back to the world after a second flash of light.

Hmm? Why are we constantly descending? Ah! The teleportation magic array actually teleported us in mid air.’ When I looked downwards, I was shocked to see that the place we were at was right above the gulf that the brothers and I previously created using our ultimate forbidden spell. Numerous monsters were constantly climbing out from it. I must have teleported us here from being slightly tired, caused by an error where I drew the portion for the exit location in the magic array. However, it wasn’t all bad, we were still near the fort.

Once I collected my thoughts, I activated the divine power to stabilize my body. Xiao Jin had already expanded his wings to stop mid air. My body floated over above his back before I could survey the affairs in my surroundings.

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