Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 28

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Volume 2: Chapter 28 – Breaking the Magic Seal

Hai Shui let her guard down for a moment and gave me an opportunity to attack her. Although she used a defense spell, I feared she did not receive it well.

Perhaps it was because she felt pain from the blow, Hai Shui wrinkled her cute little nose and her eyes flashed with anger. While she was defending from the assault, her mouth was chanting something. She chanted extremely fast. It didn’t seem to be an incantation and I also had no idea what it was. I continued on with my assault. Wait, something’s wrong. Why do I feel like her speed is gradually increasing? Ah, no! It’s me gradually slowing down. Why is this happening? I began to hear a buzzing sound and it gradually increased more intensely. Is this not Absolute Disruption? Teacher’s description of Absolute Disruption doesn’t match with this one.

It grew larger, like a sea wave pounding against my ear.  My head becoming a bit dizzy. My spells and my movement slowed down.

On the viewing platform, Teacher Di said to himself “This isn’t good.” He said to Teacher Long next to him, “I didn’t expect this young girl to be able to use one of the Xing clan’s three great secrets, the Water Dragon’s Chant, combined with Absolute Disruption. This time Zhang Gong will certainly lose.”

“Right, this student is certainly powerful. Stronger than we were back then. Your disciple is done for, hehe.” Because of Ma Ke’s defeat at Zhang Gong’s hand, Teacher Long took a bit of pleasure at his misfortune.

“You, you, you!” Teacher Di angrily puffed his mustache and glared at him.

At the middle of the stage, I already realized that my situation was not good and hurriedly cast divine protection on myself. It wasn’t very effective but I felt a little bit better.

Hai Shui saw an opportunity arrive and raised her arms in the air, moving them in circles. A green ring of light surrounded me, I knew this was her clan’s skill- Absolute Disruption. Currently I haven’t found a way out. I could only cast defensive spells on myself in hopes that Hai Shui would exhaust her magic power.

I’m finished. My great future prospects, ruined.

Big or small, I don’t know how many spells were blocked by the white halo surrounding me. Currently, I was like a green sphere of light. In the middle of the sphere, I felt an indescribable amount of pressure fiercely charging at me from all directions. The golden sphere within my body rapidly worked. A layer of defense enchantments continuously resisted the invading seal.

Currently, I truly understand how formidable the seal is. My magic power rapidly diminished at a speed far surpassing what I imagined. What am I going to do? I thought of every action I could take, not one of them could solve this predicament.

At this time Hai Shui’s face wore an adorable smile. She knows victory is close at hand. She didn’t continue her magic assault because she was waiting for my magic power to exhaust. Her seal was going to win her the match anyway so why bother expend wasted effort. Therefore she just smiled looking at an enemy that was just about to be defeated, me.

My defensive barrier continuously grew smaller. A burst of intense pressure pushed into the center, cramming me in. In the end, my defensive enchantments were broken through by the seal. A green ring of light bound me like a sticky rice dumpling. It wasn’t painful, only because the light consumed magic power and didn’t think I had any left. The only difference is that I am unable to communicate with the magic elements. I then realized, I already been completely sealed. Looking at Hai Shui condensing a ball of water in her hand, I didn’t feel like conceding. I’m about to lose.

Just when I was about to concede, Xiao Jin unexpectedly woke and stirred strongly within my body. What’s the matter?  I was baffled, because my magic power had already been sealed. Inside my body, Xiao Jin should also have been sealed. How can he be awake and stir so restlessly?

Along with his restlessness, my head felt a sharp pain as if it were a pincushion. The pain grew stronger and stronger, like it wanted to tear my head apart. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I put both hands on my head and let out a mind splitting scream from my lungs.

It was this scream that saved me. Looking at me suddenly change, Hai Shui was startled to the point where the water ball fell apart. (In order to use magic, you must have a highly concentrated mind.) She thought to herself, This can’t be. The Absolute Disruption I cast on him doesn’t have any attack properties, what could possibly have happened to him?

I felt pain as if I were dying. Just when I was on the verge of falling to the ground, I felt an explosion come from within my brain. I felt as if I no longer existed. Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Body, Thought. I felt my six senses simultaneously disappear.

The people present looked at each other in marvel. From my Upper Dantian, a brilliant spot appeared between my eyebrows. Afterwards it gradually spread as a circle of golden light, turning into a halo encompassing me. The golden halo bound the Absolute Disruption and melted it as fast as snow. This breathtaking appearance rendered all the people present stunned. Hai Shui’s small mouth had become an O shape.

Teacher Di and Teacher Long glanced at each other, speaking in unison with different voices, “He broke the magic seal!!!”

Teacher Di said with extraordinary excitement, “How did he do it? How did he break the seal? This is a skill that only the dragon race possesses!”

Dragons 101: The dragon race is the most formidable species on the continent. Possessing a tyrannical body, they all have an exceptionally strong resistance towards magic. They also possess the strongest physical attacks on the continent (second is the Mist Behemoth). Higher ranked dragons can use magic and possess wisdom and intelligence surpassing that of humans. Dragons are a peace loving race and very few of them appear in the continent. There are only a few you could come across and you must be as strong as they are in order to be deemed worthy enough of forming a pact of companionship with one. The number of existing dragons do not exceed three hundred. Dragons can exist for an extremely long period of time, they could live up to ten thousand years or higher. Contrasting this however, dragons find it extremely difficult to reproduce. Not only is the time required to hatch from an egg long, but the amount of eggs are also extremely sparse. The continent’s dragons are also only known from legends. People who have truly seen dragons are very few. As a result, the dragon specific magic presently appearing on my body left the knowledgeable Teacher Di and Teacher Long exceptionally astonished.

As for the others, they were amazed that I was unexpectedly able to get rid of Hai Shui’s sealing spell.

I don’t know how the present circumstances came to be. I could only feel that my body was a space of nothingness, unable to perceive anything. I gradually regained my perception, one by one my six senses returned to my body. I used the magic staff to prop up my own body.  I raised my head to look at Hai Shui, and saw that she still had not recovered from her astonishment. I tested what magic power I had left. I could only use a pitifully small amount, roughly enough for an elementary spell.

I cannot lose. For Teacher Di, I cannot lose. For Xiao Jin, I cannot lose. For Teacher Xiu, I cannot lose. For myself, I cannot lose.

With strong willpower, I gathered what little magic power I had left with difficulty. I then teleported behind Hai Shui and exhausted my body’s strength, tackling into the defenseless Hai Shui.

The defenseless Hai Shui took my blow and dropped off the stage.

“Shameless scoundrel.”

“Truly undeserving of face. Using such a shameless trick.”

“To go as far as to tackle her.”


Countless scolding voices reached my ear, I used my magic staff to support my body. I said to the stupefied proctoring teacher, “Teacher, you still haven’t announced the winner.”

The proctor immediately responded, “Student Hai Shui has left the stage, Student Zhang Gong is victorious.”

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