Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 8

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Volume 2: Chapter 8 – First Class

“Students, starting from today, our class will have two new students.This is this year’s entrance exam’s top ranker, Zhang Gong Wei and this is Ma Ke Sai. Let us welcome their arrival.” The classroom resounded with applause.

Today at dawn, the education department’s teacher assigned me to this second grade’s A class. I didn’t expect that Ma Ke was also assigned to the second grade, as well as the same class as me. From yesterday, I recognize Boss’s green hair. He’s also in this class. In the future, it seems that I will experience hardships.

As I was continually contemplating, I basically didn’t hear anything of what the teacher said and soon class was over. After finishing class, the teacher told me and Ma Ke about the academy’s educational system. In the afternoon is self-practice. Both the students and teachers are surprisingly flexible. The students can follow their own preferences in how they practice. If they don’t understand something, then they can ask the teachers or go to the library and consult some books. This is completely different from my expectations of strict, cut-throat students and teachers.

“Boss, where is your dorm room? I’m in room 209.” As soon as we exited through the door, Ma Ke began chatting with me.

“I’m in room 208, so we’re neighbors. Do the students in your room bully you?”

“No way. They’re all busy with magic practice and meditation. They don’t even notice me. Boss, are you still mad about last time?”

“How could I be so petty? I already punished you during the exam. Even if it’s in the past now, in the future, be careful when you speak!”

“Okay, okay.”

Right at that moment, an uninvited guest came. “Little brother, come over here and help me with my daily duties.” It’s the green-haired Boss!

“Who are you to dare speak to my boss that way!?” Unexpectedly, Ma Ke is quite fierce.

“Then who are you? Are you already done with life? He is my newly accepted little brother from yesterday. I let him help me with a small matter, so what?” Green-hair spit to the side as he said this.

”What, you dare to treat my boss like your little brother!? Then wouldn’t I be the little brother’s little brother? Unacceptable, I challenge you to a duel.”

“Who’s afraid of who? If you have the ability, then come. Don’t tell me you’re just a simple freshman with nothing extraordinary about him.” During their dialog, I had a feeling that Green Hair is quite strict. He probably wouldn’t….

“Fire elements, listen to my command, condense into a fireball and annihilate my enemies!” Because they didn’t know each other’s strength, Ma Ke first cast a small magic to test the opponent’s strength.

“Don’t! It’s my fault. Please forgive me. My father is the prime minister. Read about my father in the newspapers (three hundred words have been omitted here).” No way. Me and Ma Ke glanced at each other. It turns out that he really is an oaf. Recalling how this oaf deceived me yesterday, I need to release some stress. Immediately, I signaled Ma Ke with a glance then we yelled: “Flatten him!” We don’t need magic (In fear of beating him to death). At once, we began conducted a beating education for Green Hair.

“Green haired bedbug, how come it’s you again? You are truly the greatest loss of face for this academy. Why are you two lowering yourselves to this bedbug’s level?” This last sentence was directed at us. The former is a second grade student (On the school uniform there is a mark to differentiate between grades) with thick black hair. Although he is only around 10 years old, his face has a steadfast expression. It seems like I’ve seen him before today. I think he is a student in our class.

“Hello, it’s like this….” After hearing my description of the events, the black haired youngster can’t help but laugh heartily.

“So you two are those two new students. The green haired bedbug is one of the highlights of our academy. He is trash that doesn’t know anything at all. He was only able get accepted into the academy by using his father’s reputation granted by His Majesty.”

“Hello, my name is Zhang Gong Wei. His father is the prime minister, yet you all seem to bully him? You’re not afraid of being him retaliating?” I questioningly asked.

“Hello, my name is Wo Ke Nuo Shi, the second grade representative. I major in wind magic. Those who are able to enter the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy are all outstanding talents. Here, only strength speaks. Groan Trash like him… Furthermore, our principle and vice-principal are two of the ten magisters in all of the eastern continent. Within the kingdom, they have an exceedingly high status. In the academy’s affairs, only those with exceedingly high statuses have a say.” Wo Ke proudly explained.

There are still this many reasons. Ah. “May I ask, what is the grade representative?” Still puzzled, Ma Ke asked.

“You don’t even know this? The representative is the grade’s most powerful.” The green haired bedbug hurriedly answered.

“Oh. Then Boss, can it be said that you are the representative of the new students?” Ma Ke said to me.

In Wo Ke’s eyes were a violent radiance. I thought it that if eyes could kill, I would surely kill Ma Ke a hundred times over. Seeing me staring at him unwaveringly, Ma Ke knew that he once again said something wrong.

“You two are actually so strong. Then in our spare time we can spar for a bit.” As expected, a troublesome matter has come. This Ma Ke, in order to ensure my safety, I definitely can’t be with him in the future.

“We’re newly arrived students, how could we be on the same level as senior? Wait for us to study for two more years then we can spar.” Once again, I promptly used the miracle of flattery. Simultaneously, I suggest to Wo Ke that since we are new students, he would be the big taking advantage of the small.

“That’s fine. You two must work hard! Don’t lose face for our A class. Well then, I’ll be going now. Green Hair, you still haven’t gone to do you daily duty.” It turns out he was here to find Green Hair to do the daily duty.

Me and Ma Ke walked around the academy. Everywhere we went, we saw many students. In addition to the newly admitted students, all of the higher grade students rarely make a sound. All of them are quietly practicing magic. This place’s learning atmosphere is truly strong.

“Boss, it looks like we must work hard. Look at these students, they’re all practicing diligently. I reckon those people dressed extravagantly are nobility, yet they are unexpectedly incessantly practicing magic. Indeed worthy of being the Royal Magic Academy.”

I also sighed somewhat. “Yes. Let’s go take a look at the library and look for whatever magic books we require. Then we can properly practice.” The previously always lazy me, felt that I had no choice but to study. Witnessing this ambiance which is so wonderful.

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